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  1. i'm about to send of a lba but i'm unsure as how to actually complain to the oft via the cca 1974. is this hidden here somewhere or do i need to contact them direct. many thanks in advance:D
  2. hi all, i've recieved the standard we're not unfair and so be it letter and i'm just about to reply with the lba but im unsure as how to actually submit a cca complaint to the oft. is there another template hidden in here or do i need to contact them direct vai a landline/letter.
  3. posting prelim letters to lloyds for sole and joint accounts tomorrow morning:)
  4. see what i mean, did'nt think i sent the first post
  5. hi sarah, im new ,started last week. please read all the links people send you they are excellent. im new...v.lloyds/tsb and slightly confused. and ive been given alot of good links. by the way im cant get my head around how to post new threads ans personnel messages either. good luck im sure you'll win
  6. hi sarah im in the same boat, not quite sure what im doing either. all i can say is that the links people send are excellent, i tried to go straight into things and thats why i got confused. spend time looking into the site and read other theads and either take notes or add to your favourites so its easy to get back in. by the way im still struggling to post new threads and set up personnel messages. anyway all the best....you will win
  7. i keep struggling to find where to post new threads and how to send personnel messages etc... any inside info on this
  8. tell you what im struggling to re-read threads and how to post new threads, im sure its staring me in the face but any hints???????????
  9. cool,getting my head around all of this now, its not that complicated so you simplify things
  10. yea cheers mate, have spent a couple of days between shifts at work and the kids and i generally know what to do know,thanks for your time:)
  11. hi all, i've just collated my figures ( scary ):o and thought i knew what to do but the more i read the less sure i am. :confused:i believe i need to send a data protection act letter followed by a preminlary letter. i would appreciate any advice/help by anyone already fighting back.
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