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  1. Kind of, but not really. Currys agreed to have an independant assessment of the washing machine. I have however been unable to find someone to certify it as faulty. No-one is prepared to certify something as faulty if the insurance company they are contracted to didn't ask them to do it. It's not insurance related, but they don't care. Does anyone know where I can find someone in the Swindon area who would be prepared to certify the washing machine as faulty?
  2. The duration of the repair starts when you first submitted it for repair. So the 28 days or whatever isn't each time you bring it back. Only from the first one. Once the 28 days is reached their own policies require a replacement. But these are in addition to your rights not instead of. Obviously it would save everyone a lot of hassle if they just exchanged it now instead of you getting so annoyed with them that you end up going for a refund (if you're prepared to issue proceedings of course as DSG are highly uncooperative until they're served papers) One trick a friend of mine h
  3. It's actually Mastercare (don't get me started), who have a 6 week repair policy. Odds are that this is who Currys have outsourced their repairs to, so even though you don't have a Mastercare policy (I hope) it'll be Mastercare dealing with it. Their policy from that if it's not fixed properly within 6 weeks, they will write it off. I know this because I've invoked the clause before. I no longer have the paperwork so I can't check the small print which included more favourable terms if you had the product for less than 12 months. Invoking the 6 week rule can have a down side of it t
  4. Yes, Trading Standards, Which? and American Express were informed of the issue quite early on. I've amended my letter to include some of points mentioned (such as quoting the Sale of Goods Act). The main focus though is on the omission of key facts in the technicians report. Hopefully they will accept that I'm prepared to obtain an independant report should they not want to take my word for it (and of course, this is added to the costs). I'll send it special delivery tomorrow to their register offices in Hemel Hempstead as I usually do. I should probably send a similarly worde
  5. I received a letter from Currys on the 4th October trying to fob me off in the direction of Siemens with "They need to issue you with an uplift code". Unsurprisingly I didn't accept this and sent a reply reminding them that the contract of sale was between myself and Currys and not Siemens. Furthermore that any lift codes they need are none of my concern and entirely their responsibility to obtain. Apparently this didn't cut any ice as I've got another reply dated the 20th October telling me that the technician's report didn't warrant a replacement. This being the same technician w
  6. To my amazement a letter from DSG arrived yesterday. Alas, it was not in response to my letter. It was a letter confirming a part refund that they'd actioned several weeks ago. When the faulty washing machine was purchased, I ordered an installation service. They were unable to carry out the install and I had to do it myself. I was told the install costs would be refunded ... after several weeks I called them about it and finally they did it. This letter was just telling me what I already knew. Ah well.
  7. Nothing back from Currys yet, just an update on where I'm at. 20/9 Stopped using faulty washing machine (in order to reject it) 25/9 Moved faulty washing machine out in preparation for the new one I ordered from somewhere else arriving the next day. 25/9 Prepared letter to go to Currys 26/9 Verified my legal position with Which? (not that there was any real doubt, but I always like to check these things) 26/9 New washing machine arrived, fitted and working. This is an identical make and model - none of the issues with the faulty one are apparent on this one. 26/9
  8. I would tend to agree with okonski. The annotation is only useful if a person is reviewing your credit report. The Data Protection Act is your friend on this one. While I can't quote it verse for verse, the company holding the data (data controller) has an obligation to keep it accurate and private. Most companies are allowed to share your details with credit reference agencies (as they usually write it into your contract), so you can't get O2 on that one. However, if they fail to keep the information accurate and you suffer as a result (like they pass incorrect information to another co
  9. While ultimately, your credit record is wrong because of O2, it's possible to get notes added to your credit record. Simply write to the credit reference agencies in question with two things, one is a note to say that under the data protection act, they have incorrect information about you and it needs to be updated (they will then send a standard response telling you that they need proof). The other note will be you asking them to annotate the entry with your explanation until such time as O2 issue a correction. This needs to be brief, factual and not derogatory to any parties
  10. Yesterday I phoned Currys and almost got somewhere. I got someone who sounded like he wanted to help, but needed to call another department. He took my number to call me back and I still haven't heard anything. So, today I phoned Currys - it wasn't pretty. I asked when it would be replaced, the bloke was more interested in some uplift code which the technician hasn't supplied (yet?). I asked again when it would be replaced (had to give them one last chance) and again I get some fob off about an uplift code ... blah ... needs inspected ... blah ... I told them I'd arrange to have it
  11. Well, the technician was out today to have a look at the washing machine ... Things were off to a good start when the washing machine entered one of it's fault states before he arrived. Then when he did arrive, he was shown the movie clip of the other fault. However, what he wrote on the report made no reference to witnessing either the fault state upon arrival or the fault on the movie clip. He did replace the "module control" to see if that would help, but that isn't what I wanted (or needed). I was under the impression he was to witness the faults and certify the unit as fau
  12. In August our old washing machine packed in so we bought a replacement from Currys telesales. As it turns out, that was our first mistake. A couple of weeks ago a few intermittent faults surfaced. It would sometimes stop before it had completed and the safety lock would sometimes engage when it shouldn't (like when it had finished after you had already unloaded the washing!) Called Currys last week to ask for a replacement as it's well within the 28 days they talk about in their exchange/refund policy - so shouldn't be a problem, right? Well, they logged the issue and gave me
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