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  1. Start QUOTE='owdoUdo;3666352 Finish /QUOTE When you quote someone, you will see the above enclosed in [ ] at the start and finish of their comment. If you want to quote seperate parts, just copy and paste (highlight with a mouse) the relevant start and finish at the start and finish of the section you want to quote, not forgetting to to keep [ ] Why is this so easy to do but do hard to explain... In my mind, I can just do it but with words no way lol... Have a play around with it... You can't do any damage
  2. Thank you It's nothing really.. Just seemed seemed strange the list of people they were sent too, weren't in alphabetical order or anything, it was sent to you and also alan... Goes straight to my spam box now, so nothing to worry about
  3. Hello all Has the list of consumeractiongroup.co.uk email addresses for members ever been provided to 3rd parties or been compromised in someway ? As an example on 3 January 2012, I received an email from prime winners with the title '300% Bonus on your first deposit.' This email was also sent to 9 others all with consumeractiongroup.co.uk email addresses including sales, donations, bankfodder, alan and sequenci. My consumeractiongroup.co.uk emal address is not my cag username - tbern123 but my actual real name. So I am unsure of how it was obtained by a third party. Also I
  4. Any update on this IS IT ME? Please excuse my impatience, as you might know in the past we have been promised everything from an opinion of a Barrister to a report from a Forensic Auditor and nothing ever comes of it. I will amend the long post, when I have the opportunity later to include the new books, I have come across which further confirm the equitable sale by the mortgage provider and the subsequent equitable ownership by the SPV.
  5. Surely, it can be said that a way in which to help consumers defend themselves is to identify and highlight flaws in suggested defences so that these flaws are identified here (and possibily overcome) rather than in a Court, at which time it will be to late... Surely, it can also be said that it is equally important not to use the wrong defence as it is to use the right one ?
  6. Could you also ask this some one to take a look at these books too, as these should be added to the other sources previously provided... Much obliged, thank you IS IT ME?
  7. To strengthen an argument with regard to unfairness, I would play a little game of chess. I would write four letters to the lender and in each one individually ask (1)extending the term of the mortgage; (2)changing the type of a mortgage; (3)deferring payment of interest due under the mortgage; or (4)capitalising the arrears You want them to respond to each request, thus demonstrating to the court your willingness and the unwillingness of the lender. Even putting securitisation to one side, you could then demonstrate for whatever reason the lender is not complying with 7.1
  8. I do sense a certain animosity towards me in your posts since your return. There is no real need is there Superslueth, You believe in one argument and post what you think is the correct postion, Where as, I believe in a different argument and post what I think is the correct postion (with supporting evidence). Hello again IS IT ME? you appear to be someone else that has a fixation with Suetonius. I left because it was a sunny Saturday and I went to a bbq. I look forward to you writing up later, the errors in my "long and thankful" post. I trust that any arguments will
  9. In addition to not being Caro or Andrew1, I am also not tifo... Just wanted to make that clear before I am accused.... No offence Tifo, it is just if anyone says anything similar to me, it is suggested it is me using a different username...
  10. Good Morning ANW My posts about s.140 were incorrect.. The only exception to s.140 is a regulated mortgage agreement.. So any mortgage before 31 Oct 2004 (introduction of mortgage regulation) is unregulated... Thus s.140 applies.. So anyone who has had a mortgage for more than 6 years (pre 31 Oct 04) can use it... And as you have previously posted in the prospectus it is suggested that securitisation restricts the lenders/ 3rd party administrators ablilty to convert from repayment to interest only etc, this could be used... As you also say, s.140 places the burden of proof
  11. Thanks Caro and I have learnt so much since I started using this site... CAG is like the University of Life..
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