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  1. Timeline below: We signed and posted back contract #1 to agency 3 weeks ago. The contract is made on 9 Mar and start date is 21 Apr. We paid 1 month deposit in advance and secure deposit 3 weeks ago. 1 week ago, we received a new contract, with one new minor clause. We haven't signed it. I don't know if this is categarised as new contract or alternation. So far, we don't have any copy of contract, and don't have receipt of my payment. Agency ignored all my question requesting contract in email, and when face to face, they refuse to give me contract by all sorts of excuses. Today,
  2. Fact: I signed contract and posted back; I don't receive a copy of contract with both parties' signature. I quit the agreement in writing before I receive copy of contract with both parties' signature. Some law expert says "If you sign an AST document then you are locked in immediately." Does it mean even if landlord hasn't signed yet, I am still locked in?
  3. The latest update: I signed and posted contract back to agents in early March but have received nothing back. So far I don't have contract with both parties' signatures, and don't have deposit receipt. Am I bound in this case? I have taken entire afternoon in agent's branch office arguing with them about contract issue today. Before I went there, I sent 2 emails asking for original contract with both parties' signatures. The question in first email is ignored but they answered my other questions in the same email. The second email is totally ignored. It gives me first impression that
  4. By the way, there is one clause saying: "In the event of the Tenant vacating the Property prior to the expiration of the Term, the Tenant shall be responsible to compensate the Landlord any sums paid to the agent as a form of commission for the remainder of the Term. The Tenant agrees that the Landlord may deduct the said amount from the Deposit without further notice." I asked another estate agency. They say under no circumstances should there be such clause in agreement, either landlord takes the loss or agency find a new tenant. What is your opinion on this clause?
  5. Hi, I signed tenancy agreement which starts in future (April 2012), landlord sends me a revised agreement for me to sign. But before I sign the revised agreement, I changed mind and want to cancel the tenancy agreement. I have paid 1 week holding deposit, agency fee, 1 month rental for first month from start date (including the 1 week holding deposit), and dilapidation deposit. What is my option now and what will I get back? If I don't sign the revised contract, do I fall back to original contract, and is original contract still valid and binding? Thank you for any advice.
  6. @Vermillion, I think I begin to experience exactly what you experienced. Today I received second letter from them claiming that my ebay transaction summary is not proof of value. I have to provide proof of value of selling cost, which is what I paid for the stock and labor cost, not what I sell for. You are right that they try to escape most cases because most sender wouldn't have good proof of cost. Anyway, I will try to produce proof and see what will happen.
  7. @buzby, thanks for advice. They didn't even mention how many days I have to respond. I phoned them this week and someone told me the case is reopened and I will receive their next letter within 10 days. But I won't rely on this answer because I think you are right. I will follow up with another letter to them, including with my photocopies, and request compensation formerly. Hope I can get good result.
  8. IdaInFife, It gives customer service number. I dialed today but very busy and didn't get through. I will call later.
  9. Hi, I didn't receive stamps only a letter I mentioned. My post is Packet about 400 grams, and worth about 40 GBP. I see that 1st RD may compensate up to 41 GBP. I've included my certificate of posting, and item purchase receipt. How can I get compensation?
  10. Hi, all: Royal Mail lost my 1st class Recorded Delivery item over 1 month ago. I filed compensation claim with all required documents. Today I received letter from them saying sorry for the failure and "I have, therefore taken the following action: * Logged and reported the full details of your complaint * Passed these details to my colleagues in our delivery operation I hope that the action and explanation above resolves your enquiry and concludes this matter." What does this mean? Are they going to compensate me or not? Anyone experienced same situation and knows what next
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