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  1. I'm absolutely livid! They were actually bargaining with me in the bank. The bare faced cheek! I hope someone can help!
  2. Hi Hope someone can help! I have two accounts with nationwide. A flex account and a cash builder savings account. I have been charged £300 in charges on the flex account. I have recently sent a subject to access letter showing my intention to claim these charges back. I have just been to the bank to withdraw money from my savings account. The machine swallowed my card! I went inside the bank to ask what was going on. They have said they will not give me my money from the savings account. However, were willing to give me £20 of my savings if I put the rest of the savings into the Flex account to clear the overdraft of charges! I told them that I am currently claiming the charges back. Basically, not only are Nationwide charging me for an overdraft made up of overdraft charges. But now they have stopped me accessing my savings and telling me I have to pay these charges with it. Surely this is not legal. They are two separate accounts in my eyes! Please can someone help me so I can get my savings!
  3. Hi I'm currently pursuing my grandmothers endowment shortfall. From my understanding you have three years from the date of the 'red letter', that all companies must have sent if there is a high risk of a shortfall. But evidence of a shortfall is not enough. You need to prove one of the other grounds. Its definately best to go at it alone. The endowment companies usually charge a 25% fee plus VAT!
  4. I would suggest, you also obtain copies of your credit file from the other CRA's just in case. I think you've hit the nail on the head. I have obtained my credit report from equifax. I'll have to check with experian next. I have also noticed that there is an entry from the Gone Away Information Network (GAIN). I was a student at the time the debt was incurred and moved around alot. I have no idea what the consequences are of this entry. Can anyone shed any light?
  5. Thanks for all your advice. You've given me some hope.
  6. I have now checked my credit file with equifax. I assumed that I had defaults against my name because I cannot get credit. But the only untoward thing on my file is the DCA have left footprints on my credit file. So now i'm assuming this is the reason I can't get credit. All my debts are now settled. I am trying to make my credit rating better but with no avail. How long will it appear on my credit record that a DCA was involved? And does anybody have any tips on making my credit record better?
  7. Thanks for the advice. I have never been in contact with Barclaycard because i'm so scared of how much I owe them now. I don't mind paying the £400 back that I used. But I estimate that if they have added their usual charges it will be near to £1000 that I owe. I'm going to be brave and contact them!
  8. Hi Everyone I'm very new to this so forgive me if this has already been answered. I have a Student Barclaycard which when I last looked was owing £400. I haven't made a payment for at least 2 years. They haven't sent me any letters asking for the money. I bank with Barclays so thought I would have received something by now. I haven't made any attempt to contact them. I am presuming that they have applied a default notice against me as I cannot get any credit whatsoever.:-| What would be the best thing for me to do? Get in contact with them and pay it off. Or continue to ignore it until the 6 year period has passed. And if I did ignore it and six years had passed, would I not owe them anything or would I still owe the money and the default would have simply been removed? I look forward to hearing from people!
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