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  1. Good One Moggie... slick is well behind you now!! His ryhming is slipping! ha ha Barclays weren't represented and it appears that the judge is representing them! (I'm sure he has a blankety barclays cheque book and pen!!!) - this is me trying to make light of my complete farse of a case! Didn't attempt to get it thrown out as it was a iracle to get it adjourned - judge did this on the basis that I was half way through settling with Barclays... this was before rob saunders did a huge u-turn and backtracked on what he said... So its adjourned til next batch of bank charges at court. Come on Judge Dont be a grudge Give me some leeway before i jump on the freeway Speak soon guys Jo Jo
  2. Nice to meet you too Zoot... have been trying to contact Braclays but with no luck.. i think they've all packed their cases and gone to Spain! Have you heard if anyone has got in contact with them to date? Thabks again for Monday Jo Jo
  3. Hi Slick and all those who are following my progress. So I was in court on Monday... very nervous but thanks to GaryH and Zootscoot for the input. I met the famous Judge.. who agreed to adjourn until next sitting of bank charges... he asked me what contact i had with Barclays and i explained that i'd agreed settlement but not received or heard anything.. I think he agreed to adjourn on the basis that they still might settle... very doubtful though now... or has anyone agred a settlement since the OFT test case was announced? I'm now hoping that when i next appear i will get a stay until the test case results come in, although i'm not too optamistic as the girl in court before me lost her case against barclays. Not much else to tell on it really, feel abit deflated with it all so more poems may cheer me up slick!!! Jo Jo
  4. Okay Gary, Look forward to meeting you tomorrow Jo
  5. Hi Gary, I'm sure your very busy at the moment so no worries about not geting back to me. My hearing is at 11am. Probably wont bring my bundle then as because of the short time scale it wasnt as well presented as i wanted it. What is the minimum i need to bring (just my court letters?) Thanks Jo
  6. I'm in my final preparations for tomorrow, used the court bundle from here, didnt send it to court.. so will be taking two copies with me tomorrow.. wander if i'll be ***** for not sending sooner? I spoke to barclays lit team on Friday and although two days previous they had agreed to settle, they told me that they will not be settling now due to the test case.. i'm happy with this in the long run as it will make a differance long term. Do you think Barlays will turn up tomorrow? Jo
  7. Notice of hearing dated 14/07/07, hearing 30/07/07 at 11am in front of District Judge Cooke Ta Jo *already dealing*
  8. Sorry i dont know how to PM, can you give me some instuctions on how and will send you my email address. Thanks GaryH
  9. I know i am becoming a pain in the arse with this... but just been reading some of the stuff saintly sent me to understand what went wrong in the lloyds Victory... alot on that thread talks about being prepared and so on... so having sorted all my court bundle etc out and all the reading i am doing on this site... why am i still not feeling like i can justify my case in my own words... what if i get asked questions that is in terminolgy i dont understand or i genuinly dont know the answer to without looking on the cag website (note to self to take laptop connected to cag!). I know i am going to get very flustered in there and dont want to look like a complete plum! Ta yet again Jo Jo
  10. Just been reading another thread and someone mentions that you can look at some notes on why that bloke loast in his case again lloyds... does anyone know where this is, as considering i have the same judge on monday i would like to start getting prepared.. although i am heavily pregnant (and look like sh**) so he make take pitty on me!! (doubtful i know but let me dream!) ta Jo Jo
  11. My bubble is burst then... he said he was going to ring me tomorrow so if i dont hear anything i'm going to start stalking him! Thanks for info though Jo
  12. Yeah how weird! i've read about the lloyds win and i have the same judge who ruled in their favour so absolutely crappin myself! My paperwork is going to be late getting to court but phoned them today and they said fine just to get it to them asap, going to take it in tomorrow! Hope i get some luck with Barclays before then. Jo
  13. Another question....just been looking at Mazza's thread and she mentions a court buddy... can anyone tell me whats one of these? A curious Jo
  14. sorry to but in on this thread but i am right in thinking then that everyday they dont settle i keep updating my spreadsheet and give Barclays revised figures? Ta Jo Jo
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