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  1. lol. I have a court date at skipton for wednesday the 19th of april. How do you know who is doing the case. Like I posted earler I spoke to somebody called Tom and he had all the figures and said a letter was getting sent out to me and that was wednesdy this week but still nothing in the post this morening. Sorry for asking on this thread but would you be worried now or not??? Thanks
  2. which bank was this with please???
  3. thanks for that. They said the letter was in the post but still nothing. When do most people actually get the letetr. My court date is the 19th of April next Wedenesday less than a week awway...
  4. Hi I do not post very much but my courst date is in skipton on the 19th. I have submitted everything I should have nd spoke to a man called tom hicks at barclays 2 days agao and said he is willing to pay everything claiming for. He is going to send a letter to sign and return to him. Anybody else had this??? Thanks in advance
  5. oh good luck for the morning. I have court case on the 19th. I spoke to barclays yesterday at churchill place and said they are not sending court bundle and will be sending letter out to sign and date.. Any how sending you massive vibes for the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck
  6. Hi I told my freind that I would be able to get her bank charges back. It is buiness account and when they went into barclays they said because the account was closed they were going to charge £10 per statemnet.. is this correct or not and can they send the data protection thanks
  7. just to let you know I have there accounts with ge money and they paid up in full after the first letter.
  8. can you claim for this please as when I was pregnant six years they told me the insurnace was valid and then while I was hospitalised tehy issed e a ccj and tons of charges. Appprecite it very much
  9. mine is about the same as well so I will be watching as well. GOODLUCK TO US ALL!!!!
  10. I have a halifax card and just wanted to know if I could ask for the monies to be put back in my halifax bank account. Much help appreciated
  11. I know I thought that to but I suppose if there is any chance at all of areult it will be worth it. I am going to try and submit the moneyclaim.. Is there a template as what to put in the money claim do you know? Thanks
  12. how do you put details of your claim below your post please. So sorry for butting in but would love to this.
  13. Hello there well I have finally joined the group and think I am going to take action against Barclays. The story so far is that my freind has been helping me and I have done quite a bit alreday. I am now at the stage to file a claim against them. I am claiming £2700 plus interest. From reading the thtredas which I have been reading for weeks barclays seem very hard to get monies back. I have so far been offered £1000 as full and final settlement. Well I guess that is all for now but will be watching and reading for tips and advise. I wil aso donate once won my charges. I did not b
  14. Hello just would like to say hello and ask a few questions please. My freind has claimed all her Halifax charges back and I intend to claim my visa charges back and barclay bank charges back also. I have spent ages redaing through all the threads and thought I would finally post and start action. So far I have all my staements for the banks and have sent letters before action to both. The barclays account I am claiming £2500 plus intertes and the Halifax Visa one I am claiming £600 charges. I would just like to ask a quick question aslo please can I ask the hlifax visa to pay my c
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