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  1. I agree. We have no idea what others are going through and a kind word is never out of place.
  2. Quite rude. Oh well, one day I'll find my 1986 Barclaycard statements and take us all out for a slap up meal when I reclaim my £5 charges and 34 years of unlawfully applied compounded interest!
  3. Well done for having the courage and resilience to see this through. Excellent news.
  4. I would send any letters you send "Signed For" posted at the Post Office at least and keep the receipt and tracking number very safe.
  5. I never actually sign anything. No legal reason why you must or should, its just a convention. No point giving them any ammo to fire back at you. You could put some XXXXs if you like, it wouldn't make a scrap of difference. I just end a letter: yours, blah. noomill060 (Note gap where you would sign a letter normally)
  6. As it now clear that microfiched data can be retrieved, and are not destroyed after 6 years I will now reopen my claim against them for my 1986 statements. It now appears I settled my claim in 2007 based on false information provided by Barclays and the ICO.
  7. Yeah baby, now screw them for everything including 20 years compunded interest at the contractual rate!
  8. I would not like to be in your ex's shoes when the Police come looking for him. Dropping you in it like this is despicable.
  9. If they ask for costs they will be disappointed. Costs are not awarded in Small Claims. Fear not.
  10. No reason to give them any good news just yet. I'd just let them stew until you have the data and you are happy with it.
  11. If this is in the Small Claims track they can pursue all they like, they wont get any.
  12. You can make an application for an order to comply with your SAR through an N1. It would most likely would be heard in Small Claims.
  13. I know I have a few £5 penalty charges from 1986. Would dearly love to nail Barclaycard for them. I did try but ran up against the microfeche barrier, which was supported by the data commissioner.
  14. I went down this route. Got stuck when the ICO accepted Barclay's word that no accessable credit card personal data pre-6 years existed. (Good grief, I joined CAG twelve years ago this month!)
  15. Thanks ganymede, thats all I wanted to know. My N.Ireland solicitor knows all about vicarious liability, but cant do anything for me in the English courts as its a different juridiction.
  16. Have seen a solicitor for advice about vicarious liabillity, I do know what I'm on about. He said ask for £5000 and leave the amount awarded to the judge. Just asking about N1 forms and protocol- no experience of E/W claims. Thats all. N.Ireland has a much easier to use small claim system, but as its an individual in England I'm chasing, I cant do it through the N.Ireland court system.
  17. Also took photos at the time, father grinding away on welds. i'll put it up here when I remember how!
  18. I intend to sue the householder. They have VL due to the father acting as their agent or servant, not as as an independant contractor. The negligent act occured in England. I was walking on the public pavement, the welder struck the arc without warning or consideration. No idea if householder has means to pay, happy with whatever judgement I get, if any. Need justice, cannot let this go unchallenged. Have doctors report from a&e with diagnosis and diagram of injuries to eyes. Understand that court will hear case in absence due to expense of attendeding. If I attended it would add several hundred pounds due to travel- ferry/ fuel or flights, accomodation/ meals etc
  19. No win no fee sols not interested. Award would be less tha £1000. More bothered about eye injury. Both heads of claim would be included in one claim
  20. Both, but primarily damages for personal injury. I contacted a no win no fee company, but was told award would be less than £1k so they werent interested. Suggested N1 and small claim. Just a bit awkward doing a claim in England through English system whilst in another UK jurisdiction. I sure it can be done. Just wont be able to attend the court myself.
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