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  1. hi, i have read the whole of this thread. Our loan was just a securred loan but we issued a SAR request in October 2011, I'm completing the N1 form tomorrow but a little stuck where you write in costs as it is a non money claim - i would have thought you put 0.00 in but want to be 100%. I'm also involving the ICO as they did the whole we acknowledge your sar request but want proof of ID and we have been received correspondents from them during this period.
  2. Hope it all goes well for you Gilly, i'm just starting my fight with Welcome, they have ignored my SAR also and did the whole asking for proof of identity thing, i'm now trying to read up on how i submit a court claim I have the N1 form but just need to be 100% i'm completing it correctly x
  3. are there any updates on what happened with this?
  4. Hi IMS21 thanks for replying, Can you have PPI and x2 life cover policies crossing over with each other? I know you can have one of each but why 2 life covers? I'm searching on the courts website now to issue a non money claim
  5. Well just a quick update, the 14days notice letter was issued and sent recorded delivery and the 14 days is up tomorrow with no paperwork received. I have however discovered through the lady who is now our account manager that there was a default applied to my account that should have been written off and it wasnt. This is now a new complaint as im claiming back the charge, the interest which they have charged me and 8% that i can charge welcome. In addition to that i discovered that there were life cover policys added to the account which I/we knew nothing about. If anyone can provide me with infomation of whether these can be claimed back through the FSCS i would be very grateful Loan 1 - taken out 29/11/2005 in joint names both PPI and Life cover policies were added to the loan without us knowing in both names Loan 2 - taken out 08/01/2007 top up loan, for some reason was only put in my husbands name, this also had life insurance and PPI added to it We have since claimed back all the PPI that was added to the loans but my questions are 1) If we were not aware of the life cover policies can we claim these back (especially since the policies did not cover the life of the loan only 5 years) 2) Can you have 2 policies running at the same time?
  6. that even though there are how many complaints on here regarding Welcome and the associated alias's that no one of a legal back ground or something has lodged a full investigation of the company and their business dealings? there are countless things which seem a little off but then no one can enforce the errors to claim back money or get their loans sorted it doesnt make sense to me at all!
  7. letter is going tomorrow Special Delivery, I have marked in my diary the 14 Days and will post again! Many thanks for all your help so far! Just finished reading that thread very inspirational!
  8. brilliant thank you again now i need to start to research what i can exactly claim back, and to find out what legislation they have to follow with secured loans and i'm already aware that there are some things in my name only and parts only in my husbands, along with the fact that we do not recollect ever receiving paperwork when he topped up the loan = so how was it signed for by us?
  9. oooh excellent thank you so much! do you happen to know what fees i would have to pay to go down the court route? and is there a guide which i can look at to ensure i follow the correct processes? Sorry i have been trying to do this for so long and this is always the point where i have become stuck so any additional advise would be excellent! what kind of outcome could i expect? as when i started this process i wanted to check that the correct procedures etc had been followed so im unsure what i could exactly expect - from reading many other posts from them not a lot but need to know what to aim for
  10. Hi thank you so much for replying. Yes the request was a subject access request under the data protection act of 1998. The payment was a 10.00 postal order and believe it was cashed. I have just looked at my statement and can anyone explain what capilisation is? i also have some interested on a default fee which i was not aware of so is it still possible to claim back unfair charges? many thanks
  11. Hi All Just wondered if anyone could please give me some advice? We have a Welcome finance loan and have had one for many years. It has always been paid on time and we have previously claimed back out PPI on the loan. Our concerns came when we looked at re-mortgaging our property last year and the mortgage advisor noted and brought to our attention some discrepancies which he found on our credit file etc - he advised us to check the legality of the loan etc. Since last year (Jan 2012) i have been writing to them trying to obtain copies of our documents, but got the run around. It was then in September that i managed to track down the actual branch where our loan was managed from as our account had been passed around many places??? the lady advised me to write another letter as the previous letters remarkably had not been recorded and send a 10.00 fee which i did. I did question at the time why this was not the usual 1.00 fee but was told this was welcomes fee. In October 2012 we then received a letter confirming receipt of the payment and that our request could be processed once we sent off our documents of identity which i did straight away. In November 2012 we received a letter to state that our request was being processed. January 2013 still no paperwork or letter received from welcome other than our yearly statement, so again i wrote to the head office to the contact who had sent the previous letter. Today i have received 2 letters one to me and one to my husband, the one to my husband states again that they are processing his request for the documents, my letter is now requesting for more copies of the identity documentation which i have already sent to them. I'm getting to a point now where i'm questioning if there should be a time period within which we should have received this documentation and where do we go next?? I dont want to suddenly stop paying for the loan and wreck our credit report incase everything is cosha but i really do not believe it is and if its not i want to claim back what ever money we can from them! Could someone please also advise is ASU - accident, sickness and unemployment another insurance which was added onto loans like PPI which can be claimed back?
  12. i have had the letter to say unless i can come up with an alterrnative poistion i will be made redundant this week
  13. lol i would but it would be hard to follow it as i have 2 line managers! this is an account of everything which has happened from start to finish with them.
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