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  1. Cheers people! its good to know that i have these clowns on the back foot! just another question - what happens to the interest while I prapre all this? Can they keep accruing it? Also, what should i do about maintaining payments ( its a bit of a problem at the moment). I'll start with the SAR and charges - see what happens. So, the general concensus is dont write to them and advise them that they arent complying - jst wait for the time limit to elapse and take it from there? Cheers again for the support! Don
  2. Hi all, just an update. So, 2 days ago I finaly recieve my barclay card statements, well, what is obviously their internal account statements of my account ( however I'm not sure if this set of documents is 100% complete?). I quick look-see shows that I'm looking at getting back about £500 in charges ( maybe more - I havent even calculated the interest). So, purely out of interest I decided to send Barlcaycard a CCA request on the 21st March - I had a reply from them yesterday. Dear Don-e, Reference: SECTION 78 of the Credit Consumer Credit Act 1974 I write furt
  3. THANKS - cheers for the advice. I cant really afford the money to keep them off my back...well, not until Friday next week, which is a bit shy of the deadline. I have written a letter stating that the account is in dipute and that they should desist in any further debt recovery action. Quoted some consumer credit act ( thanks). I also wrote to Barclaycard reminding them of their legal obligations with regard to the SAR. I'll write off to the other agencies once I've had a look at my credit report. I may just punt off a CCA request anyway - might be an interesting r
  4. Hello, Dated 8th March 2007 - I didnt receive this until Wednesday. Cheers, Done
  5. Hi Rosie, This is the thing, its not clear. The letter is headed "Default Notice served under Section 87(i) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 It does say "To correct this, you must make payment before 22nd March 2007" But that is after its gone through loads of debt recovery talk. My SAR makes reference to disputed sums contained within the outstanding balance, it may not be explicit enough perhaps? Would a clear reiterration be enough to suspend this default ( if it hasnt already been done?) I dont want to fill in an N1 without sending Barclaycard another reminder
  6. Cheers for that Jeff, I'm going ti whip a couple of letters of today, after looking at some bits on the Banking Code - it states that debt revoery cant start while an account is deemed in dispute. I'll write to them and remind them of that, purely for a bit of fun, I'll write off to TS, the ICO and the OFT. In this context, how would I play the CCA thing? I'm a bit sketchy on these. Is tit the case that I could just turn around and deny all knowledge of this money, and say they fail to provide a CCA could I simply ingore the debt? What would happen to my credit record the
  7. Hi All, Just a quick question regarding a default notice that I've recently recieved. Mercers acting on behalf of Barclaycard wrote to me this week informaing me they had applied a default notice to my credit record. Stating that I wasnt meeting my minimum payment. They give details of the outstanding balance etc etc. This was a day after I had a letter from Barclay card offering a a 75 cedit to my account if I made a payment of £150 in the next week. This letter states a different figure - about £120 difference. I make regular payments that are just a little shy of t
  8. Cheers for the words of support. I guess all I can do is remind people that they too could face court action if I do lose ( the letting agent and the first corgi plumber). The reality is kicking in now and the prospect of having to sit oppostie this guy while he twsits the truth is a little un-nerving, and the fact that this cat can do this with little or no risk is a bit sickening. The court date is May 2nd...seems a long way away at this time. Question: If the tenant fails to prove anything, would it be possible to sue him for worry, stress - wasting my time etc ( not t
  9. So the ex-Tenant has proved unrelenting, and it seems he's going to see this thing through. I submitted a defence just after x-mas and filled in all the usual allocation forms. The court served us with the evidence notice about 3 weeks ago stating that our evidence had to be submited to the court by 04/03/2007,, on friday i received another note form the court with a revised date of 09/04/2007...which I was thankful for as the statements I ruequested from certain parties hasnt exactly been forthcoming ( My co-defendent and myself decided not to summons any witnesses, rather than to
  10. Hi, With regard to charge certs, how much can they deviate from the guidance on: http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/roads/tpm/lacircular195/partivhowtocollectpenaltycharges Where is tates "Select A, B or C" for the reason for the charge cert being issued. i have a charge cert that simply states they they issued an NTO at DDMMYYYY at HH:MM in respct to pcn ********** I replied to the NTO, and sent the forms to NPAS ( who I have found have lost/never recieved my defence). They make no mention of this on the charge cert. Thoughts? James
  11. Hello, So, I was just looking at some PCn's have. and I was wondering. where there has been a ticket issued for overstaying on a free parking space, it is reasonable to only put the times on the PCN just as this: Your car blah blah blah Was seen in: Location: From: 09:21 To:10:42 By Parking Attendant blah blah Sig..... who beleives that a contravention occurred blah blah Say the parking restriction was for 1 hour no return. Should the PCN state when the contrvention occured? Should the PCN read "Time of contravention"). As duri
  12. Just a quick couple questions about a PCN. If it states that: "Parking Attendant 1781 has reasonable cause to beleive that a penalty charge has been incurred: Parked for longer than permitted" Code: 30 Shouldnt the ticked be accompanied by a table of code, corralating the Contravaention code to a description of the contravention. Also, when the tickets concerns a waiting period. Should it state the first time in which the car was seen and the time in which the contrvsention was beleived to have occured. Also, does it definetly have to have the cou
  13. Cheers for that! I'll do that today! Question - if they write back to me saying that there were "legal" charges associated with my account - is this permissable? Thanks again for the help! James
  14. Hi, I'm just after some advice with regard a debt I have or had with Vodafone. I would have taken the straight forward route reaging my situation, however my naivety 12 months ago may have made the situation a bit complicated. Background if at all relevent About 14 months ago I was on a bog standard Vodafone contract with a phone...i was bought a PDA - all singing, all dancing phone - which i switched too without chaing the contract...anyway, this new phone was a bit WAP hungry, without worrying too much I started to use the email sycn function and recieved emails and pictur
  15. Sorry, I was joking. I'll do as you advise....hopefully the the length of time it took to issue "official" NtO and that the first ones they issued didnt offer the advice with regard to the appeal process they ought to of. Cheers for the guidance, I'll let you know how I get on. James
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