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  1. Yes your rightMy Card transactions still get imported into the company expense system, and the company name is on the card. Bit weird heh but there you go.
  2. Hi sorry but this is not strictly true in all cases. My firm use's Amex for its expences its a corporate card and you apply throught the company but the owness is on the holder to claim expenses incurred back and pay the card on time. This has been changed in the last year to this new system and apparently it the way all companies are going. To use the system as you describe above means the company in question has to lodge an amount of money to guarantee the outlay my particular compamy (44000 employees worldwide) had 30 Million lodged. On a more positive note the credit check made when I applied was only a basic check on my identity and not a full credit history check. Also I was shocked when the company annoused this decision by the amount of poeple whom came forward because they where in the same boat as the OP. It not such a stigma these days to have a bad credit history.
  3. Wow thats intersting; thanks for the response. Not sure how I feel about that really.
  4. Hi Not been on here for a while but thought I make a general comment sorry if its been made before. I have an outstanding debt which is in dispute and I very rarly hear anything new or get any demads; BUT every now and again I check my Credit Reference file; only every 6 Months or so but everytime I do I get a new letter from a DCA. I send off the usual " I don't recognise this debt send me proof" and nothing cames back. Its been over a year since I have heard anything Then last month I check my CRF and behold another letter within 2 weeks. So what I am asking is do DCA's know when we check our files? are they allowed this info? I am pretty sure its not a coincedence.
  5. Some movment on this. I have recieved a letter returning my previous letter which basicly said I would be open to an F&F Offer so long as they qualify it (see post #54) they have asked me to sign it. In the envelope was also a copy of the assignment letter; but still no readable original agreement. I am wary of signing the letter because of some horror stories I have read on here so I thought I would use a loaded signiture that I could trace back what do you think? Also I have now got the assignment letter which was mentioned in the POC but still not Original Agreement which was not mentioned in the POC. where do I now stand? Thanks very much. Mike BTW do they time these things on purpose for maximum impact on your personal life (new years eve)
  6. Just Recieved this from the Court... ******************** Case Number xxxx DCA Name -v- Me I acknowledge reciept of your defence. A copy is being served on the claimant (or the claimants solicitor). The claimant may contact you direct to attempt to resolve any dispute. If the dispute cannot be resolved informally, the claimant will inform the court that he wishes to proceed. The court will then inform you of what will happen. Where he wishes to proceed, the claimant must contact the court within 28 days after recieving a copy of your defence. After that period has elapsed the claim will be stayed. The only action the claimant can then take will be to apply to a judge for an order lifing the stay. ********************** To my untrained eye this looks like a normal letter.... Couple of queries.... If the claimant received the defence today then by my reckoning he has 5 days from then is service plus the 28 days giving a date of 15th Jan to proceed; are my calculations correct? If the case gets "Stayed" I presume he would need a good reason to lift the stay or is it just a procedure? Do you recomend I do anything at this point ie send another request for documents etc.? Thanks for all your help with this, it certainly makes things easier and much less of a worry.
  7. Well I did send them a 31.14 with the court details. I have sent the letter above in post #54 bet I don't hear anything back.
  8. Which is why I said I would consider it. I want a more clearly worded letter before I start to haggle.
  9. Response leter.... Dear sir. Thank you for the letter offering a settlement of 50% on the amount you allege I owe. I would like to clarify a few points on the offer. You state that if I accept the offer you would “remove my name with the relevant credit reference agencies” I am a bit confused as to what is meant by this. It is not possible to remove my name with any Credit reference agencies; what is possible is for you to remove any entry that you have added to the relevant report; if this is what you are meaning to say please say so. Also by remove I presume you mean delete and not update with a flag of satisfied; again if this is the case please say so. I would be prepared to consider a FULL & FINAL Settlement – without Prejudice - if you can agree the above terms in writing. Please contact me at the above address.
  10. Interestingly I have received another offer for settlement this morning. It basicly says..... We are disspointed you have not yet paid. We wish top avoid the necessity of enforcement action we will accepot 50% of the amount (which is diffrent to the figure on CCC) and remove you name from any CRA's Please ring with payment. I have drafted a response which I will post for review. Thanks for all your help I feel much better this morning.
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