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  1. After reading the above threads (thank you guys:)) I have issued a complaint with the FOS. It is being printed out as we speak and will be posted tommorrow morning. I have basically advised them that I believe abbey has breached the waiver...and that I would like a refund of all the charges levied on the account. Is it worth giving abbey another ring, or shall I just let the OFT do their stuff?
  2. Evening moonlightvella and thanks for getting back to me. First things first calm yourself down, there is honestly nothing to worry about:) It appears from the information that you have just given me that Halifax have applied to the district judge (DJ) to have your claim stayed which basically means put on hold. The notice you have received is exactly that, it is the court advising you that Halifax have applied to have your claim put on hold, which in light of the testcase is nothing out of the ordinary. The photocopies are for your files and again is pretty standard stuff.
  3. I s'ppose all we can hope for is that the banks and the oft come to some mutually agreeable 'universal price list' for charges and that we are all refunded accordingly...even those whom still haven't asked for their money back yet. Whether that will be the case or not know one knows. Fingers crossed hey;)
  4. Well done for making it to court and more so actually being able to argue your case:) Whether the DJ stays your case or not, it was certainly worth the effort. As for the Cobbetts rep issuing you with a copy of their argument I would have thought that it would have been polite to have done so. Saying that, if the DJ didn't mention it, then maybe it's something else that they can get away with not doing.
  5. I am no expert, but it just might be worth having a look on the forum http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/capital-one/
  6. That my friend is entirely up to you. Things are bound to be rather delayed due to these postal strikes, however, the likelihood of Halifax actually dealing with your request anytime in the next iceage....well your guess is as good as mine. IMHO I'd give them a call and make your decision based on that.
  7. Hi andybars, It might pay to read up on a whole thread hun as I am way past this stage in my claim against Halifax:) Even after putting in an application to have my stay lifted the DJ has still said no which is a big fat bummer and was a shot in the dark, but well worth the effort had it have paid off. Sitting on thumbs time, as good 'ole stonedecroze puts it:razz:
  8. Believe me I am trying, but I could REALLY do with the blasted money. Car is unwell and is going to cost more than we can possibly afford, I've got my sons 4th birthday party on the 20th which is more money that we dont have, rent needs to be paid the list is endless:( buggers have really stitched me up good n' proper I can tell ya!!!!!!
  9. Hi there moonlightvella, Just had a look at your post in the following thread Smiths V Nationwide - Nationwide Paying Up!!! Yipeeee!!! as it appears that you haven't started your own thread detailing exactly what has happened with your claim. Before I can give you, or better still help you to locate, the information you need in order to prepare for court, it might be an idea to post a new thread entitled moonlightvella v halifax detailing your claim, this way you can be advised properly. However, and providing I have understood correctly, you have filed an Allocation Questionnaire an
  10. Fantastic news JM. You'll be an inspiration to us all, well done:D
  11. Thanks guys. Yep, to be expected but a right pain in the rear non-the-less. DS, hope your DJ is nicer to you than mine was;)
  12. Heard absolutely jack from abbey with regards to my LBA, so I contacted the complaints dept to check on the progress of my omplaints prior to filing a claim against them. I reminded the nice lady on the end of the line that although my complaint is asking for a refund of the charges imposed on my account it has nothing to do with the testcase as the money taken is derived from benefits and are inalienable. The lady advised me that they are aware of this fact but 'all complaints relating to charges have been put on hold until the end of January, and it is entirely up to me if I wish to commence
  13. Had a letter back from the court this morning with regards to my application to have the stay lifted. Unfortunately, nasty ole DJ Hurley has refused my application:sad: Ah well, I guess I'll just have to sit this one out...it was worth a try.
  14. Hi shu, 'cos of the urgency I'd pm zoot directly and ask her for the samples, after all the thread does say 'samples to follow', she's probably just not got there yet. Failing that put in a search for them and see where that gets ya. Good luck.
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