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  1. I havent posted on here for a while but just recently things have changed again so I would like to ask for some advice. I am currently unable to make the minimum payment on my catalogue. I continue to make a monthly payment each month but not as much as the minimum. I get charged an extra £12 a month for not making the minimum payment. I am a stay at home mum to 3 and my husbands work is sesonal hence why we tend to struggle a bit at this time of year. Does anyone have any advice, this is just the first payment where i havent paid the minimum but know it will spiral out of control if i don
  2. After refusing half of the amount of bank charges owed we decided to take them to small actions court (Clydesdale Bank) myself and my husband were very nervous about the prospect of this but after reading all your info etc on the website was fully expecting them to cancel court at last minute. They did NOT and my husband was in court today, he said it wasnt a very pleasant experience with lots of language etc being used that he had no idea of the meaning. The court querried whether such a case regarding the law on charges was worth fighting?! Anyway there has been a hearing date for April gett
  3. Yes OK Shaz Im new to all this so was genuine mistake!!!!!
  4. I was claiming just over £900 for bank charges, my bank gave me a cheque for £429.50 and i declined, and opened a case with my local court. I said in my letter that I would take this as part payment but still pursue for the remainder.The bank has now be in touch and offered me £430. Ok they havent paid me any interest etc but I am prepared to accept this so long as they realise that i will go ahead and bank the other cheque too. Not sure what to do as could bank the first cheque (was told if i did that then i was accepting that as final payment) and they could disregard the £430. I have forms
  5. I would prefer to do it online but because of the Clydesdale address being Scotland cant, is there another address for Clydesdale that I can use to enable me to use this service, thanks,
  6. Hi Im another Newbie so please be gentle with me!! My situation is this: After two letters to the Clydesdale SCOTLAND I received a cheque for half of the amount owed, after advice from this forum I was told to accept cheque but say that I would still persue claim for full amount. The letter stating this was sent saying that if i failed to receive/hear within 14 days I would proceed with claim, 14 days is now up so going to proceed, went to do this online but says that organisation has to be in England/Wales, so whatwith Clydesdale being in Scotland couldnt proceed. Help!!
  7. Is there anyway I could email a copy of the letter to you? Thanks your advice is much apreciated
  8. Ok, do I cash cheque asap or wait till the whole thing resolved? Are they correct in saying they could take me to court for breach of terms and contract? as I dont wont to go down that road!!
  9. Thank you, i think thats what i'll do. As i said their letters make it sound as if im totally unreasonable for asking to be refunded for charges which were applied through my fault, but then why pay anything then?!
  10. After sending my second letter re claiming for unfair bank charges I received a very long detailed letter and a cheque for £433-half of the amount I was claiming for. My querry is do I just accept this or do I fight for the whole amount. I was expecting a letter offering me this amount first and not the actual cheque. The letter sounds like I should accept as states that i could take them to court but likewise They could do the same to me for breach of contract in failing to adhere to to the terms and conditions of the account. Any advice gratefully received.
  11. I have sent away the first letter to my bank claiming unfair bank charges, received letter back saying not entitled etc along with a leaflet Addressing your complaint (Im with clydesdale bank). I therefore am unsure what to do next, do I send the second letter to my branch (like I did with the first one or send to head office) Also is there a template available for second letter? Any help very much appreciated!!
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