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  1. Hi all, had a very similar case with the ombudsman for the past year. I have to say that it has been a complete waste of my time. Egg registered 2 defaults against me, could not produce any evidence that they had sent them, messed up all the paperwork even ADMITTING that they may have sent them to a wrong address. FSA still ruled in their favour saying Egg acted in good faith! Absolute quality. Having also dealt with the FSA on other occasions I have yet to see/ hear of them ever ruling in favour of the customer, as in my opionion they are scared of the banks. Oh yes - and why is it this country is in such a financial mess.........
  2. Refuse it - if it is not too late. If they have already refunded then tell them that you will only accept this payment as part settlement and press on with your action. This is a common ploy by Banks. I have had similar and I have still gone on to reclaim the difference (less the refund) Good Luck!
  3. Hi, just to update you - I've recieved a letter from Barclaycard saying that they have taken over the case and hope to 'resolve matters' by the 5th December. Not holding my breath!
  4. Hi, Problem is - I have written and after recieving prompt responses in the past, havent heard anything from them in 3 weeks. I've got no way of knowing if they are getting my letters, authough I have got recorded delivery recipts (printed)?
  5. Hi, hope I am not deviating too far off the subject but I am in the process of dealing with Goldfish. We have reached the stage of offers being sent out and to be honest they are pretty close to what I was claiming anyway. Problem is - they seem to have disapeared following their merger with Barclaycard. The offer of settlement letter says it should be sent back to a PO Box address in Glasgow, but the telephone number given is now disconnected, and when I ring Barclaycard all they say is they cant help and I'll have to wait until my case migrates from Goldfish? How long will this take? Does anybody have a contact number for what was Goldfish customer Liaison Team (a Mr Steven Porter)? Does it still exist? Thanks
  6. stormstorr

    Gaz V Egg

    2nd offer recieved today - £1239.71 Thats better Now were talking. Still £500 short of my origional claim, so off goes the 2nd rejection. Let you know what happens.....
  7. stormstorr

    Gaz V Egg

    Thanks, I'll reply using the normal rejection offer letter. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks again
  8. stormstorr

    Gaz V Egg

    The more I read the quote from the OFT in the reply above, the more I'm getting confused. Is that a good thing they said or not????
  9. stormstorr

    Gaz V Egg

    Thank you, will reject offers using template letter and add in the bit about the OFT ruling. Many thanks
  10. stormstorr

    Gaz V Egg

    It was an offer of £100 on one and £16 on the other. For every £20 charge they are offering the difference to £16 i.e. £4
  11. stormstorr

    Gaz V Egg

    Hi, had some sucess with my Bank Charges but not having much joy with Egg. Reclaiming just short of £2000 for 2 Egg accounts. Had a few letters sent to and fro recently and got an interesting one back today which I'd appreciate some advice with please: Paragraph 1. quotes about my credit card agrrement 2. They do not accept that the charges are penalty charges as I have alleged. 3. Quote from a recent OFT case against Egg when the OFT set a threshold of £12 as a default level of intervention charges???? 4. Quote from above OFT case saying that no futher action would be taken agaist Egg as they had reduced their charges from £20 to £16??? 5. Offer of refund of £116.00 Whats this all about then? What should my next move be as I'm obviously not going to accept this offer Thanks
  12. Had a phonecall last week from Abbey regarding the next claim I started to process. Wanted to settle both cases together to 'save defence costs'. Offered £7700 plus costs and I'm happy with that.
  13. Ha, would you believe it, offer of full settlement recieved in the post this morning. It just goes to show you've got to hold your nerve as long as you can!
  14. Cheers Nick, I guess they are snowed in with these. I'll submit my court bundle anyway, just in case, and see what happens before the 30th. I read elsewhere on the forum somebody with a court date of the 25th got an offer yesterday. Keep us upto date with yours!
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