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  1. Bump = Apologies - Work took over. Not a bean back since the 5th May for the CCA and SAR. Next? postggj - can you advise?
  2. I simply cannot beleive the charges being applied on that statement.
  3. Ok not a bean back from our mates at Welcome. Both on the cca and sar. Next course of action should be.....? Any help? Thanks peeps
  4. lilly - you are probs best starting your own thread on this. You will get some help.
  5. Thanks Caro. Also thanks for that link as well. It makes very interesting reading. Do we know when the judge is due to pass verdict on that case in Scotland?
  6. 5th may i sent cca and sar - nothing back either.
  7. Hi All, Been in Dubai so not been about. However a freind of mine submitted a PPI claim for me on this account. A letter has come back from Welcome saying that no Insurances were taken out. Would someone please tell me what the £1440.00 insurances on my agreement are that are on Page1 of this thread?
  8. I also have had a default added to my credit file, prior to receiving the DN and termination letters, which they have now decided not to pursue as they have reset my DD back up.
  9. Let me get this straight. You told Welcome via a letter you were charging THEM £20 a day for storage? Absoloutley PMSL Thats superb
  10. Ding Ding, Im back. Correct me if Im wrong, but I am now hearing that I can claim all the way back to 1995 now? Is that correct. If so, I can claim for 1995 - 2001, following my success using this site from 2001-2007 Charges. Here was a summary of my win last time. £3553.77 Prelim letter sent 14/9/06 lba sent 22/9/06, MCOL Sent 10/10/06 MCOL Notice of Issue Rcvd 12/10/06, MCOL Acknowledged 17/10/06, 02/11/06 - £929.00 Offer Rcvd, 03/11/06 - Rejected, 09/11/06 YB Defended, 10/11/06 Transferred to Local Court, aq Returned:wink: 30/11/06 Copy of Banks aq Received, 1 month extra asked for by Clydesdale, 09/01/07 £2140.00 Offer Rcvd, 09/01/07 - Rejected, 11/11/07 Allocation To Small Claims Track, Court Date Set - 05/03/07, 15/01/07 £2590.00 Offer Rcvd, 15/11/07 - Rejected, 07/02/07 £3773.77 Offer Rcvd (FULL), 12/02/07 - Accepted, 21/02/07 Chq Received for FULL AMOUNT. So, am I good to go again, I see Caro is still about....
  11. Can I also just add this in. Even though they have gone back on their decision, I have just checked equifax, and they have also defaulted me In February. It is also showing as no payments for Feb, Mar, Apr, May and June even though they have taken them????
  12. Hello. Sorry I havent been on, some urgent family business had took priority. Well since my last update, I have had no contact from anyone, apart from another letter re-confirming my direct debit details. I have had nothing back from the SAR and CCA requests I sent 3 weeks ago. And for the record they have taken yet another payment out, however this now suits me for now as a slight change of circumstance means I could do with the car a while longer yet... postggj - I will however get those figs to you. Just to be sure. Are the ones on Page 1 of this not suitable as they are all the originals I was given. Thanks
  13. I am expecting this to happen too. Ive been served a dn, then a termination, then they phoned to say they arent repo'ing, they sent me a new DD confirmation (even though I havent cancelled payments myself).
  14. Got to be letter, surely? Recorded delivery.
  15. Sorry postggj. Been so busy with work. Ive had nothing from Welcome apart from a confirmation of my direct debit. Ive not cancelled this as of yet as I had a perfectly good credit score before all this and dont want to blemish it. So since they started all this malarky ive made payments of nearly a grand more. Lol. Im still waiting for the CCA and SAR confirmation of receipts as well.
  16. I had the same. (See my thread) I was out when they came to repo. He then called me to ask why they hadnt got it back. I then told him the facts and figures briefly and that the CCA and SAR were en route. He said he would send me a statement. No statement received however one of his monkeys phoned up and informed me that they are no longer repoing the car and sent me a new dd confirmation letter LOL
  17. Yes. It may be when I get home though. My boss is in hover mode....
  18. Thanks. Bare in mind i have made 2 more payments of 386.70 since the agreements were posted on here
  19. By who. Them or people on here. If its people on here - yes - a few - and all concur Ive paid more than a third. - The SAR and CCA have been sent. So ill know for sure then. But i presume that they also realise that, hence the sudden switch of tactic.
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