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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I will do that, although my bank has never let a payment go through that takes me significantly over my overdraft limit. Anyone else experienced similar from PDUK? They are not trying to contact me by phone or email and I can no longer access my account.
  3. Thanks renegade - yes, I understand that. And negotiating is exactly what I am trying to do now. There is no money in my account for them to take and I am in the process of getting a parachute account sorted. Are they just playing hardball by not replying to my emails? Is there another email address I can use to contact them? They seem not to be bothering to call me, and as mentioned, I can't access my account on their site and they sent me a survey email today asking about my experiences with them! Do you have any idea what they might be up to?
  4. Hi, As with many on here, I've got myself into a mess with a number of payday loans. I have successfully negotiated repayment plans with nearly all of them, with the help of a good deal of reading this forum, except for PaydayUK. I originally took out a loan back in December 2011 for £390. I have "rolled over" every month paying them on time except at the end of August when I could not make any payment to them. By rolling over the loan each month I calculate that I have paid them over £720 to date. I have sent them two emails since defaulting at the end of August and have r
  5. Not a parking or traffic offence, but I have seen a number of similar threads in this section so I hope this is ok. This morning I received a FPN for the alleged offence of dropping a cigarette butt on the pavement outside a railway station. I have read a number of threads on this forum stating that the information on the FPN does not have to be 100% accurate as it is merely offered as an alternative to a court summons. The text on the FPN reads: "I [name].................... an authorised officer of the London Borough of **** have reason to believe that on [date]..............
  6. Hi there, I'm trying to use Mindzai's spreadsheet for credit cards to correctly work out the interest paid on charges. I have a quick question which I couldn't see answered elsewhere. There is no column for including the date at which interest was charged on the credit card sheet. The reason for this was explained earlier in this thread as being due to the fact that the interest was always charged at the same time as the charges themselves - which makes sense. However, say for example I get charged a £20 charge in January and then another £20 charge in March, but no charges in F
  7. Hi, I'm about to start on the road to reclaiming charges back from Barclaycard, having successfully claimed from First Direct last year (yes, I know it's taken me ages!). I've refreshed my memory on the whole process and I have all my statements from Barclaycard already. When I claimed from FD I didn't work out the interest taken on the charges - it just seemed too complicated at the time (and the spreadsheet at that stage only worked on estimates). I did claim the 8% interest when it reached the court stage though. Now however, having gone through the process once and given the fac
  8. I will try to contact a local accountant. I guess I can explain the situation to them and see what they say by email. Our company turned over less than £8k in the 2 years we were actually running it - I just wish I could send all the company's bank statements to the Revenue to show them this, but I guess where the Revenue are concerned nothing is ever that simple. Anyway, thanks again for your advice George.
  9. George, many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, right now I am not in a position to get an accountant. As I said, I have just started a new job having been out of work for a couple of months, so money right now is a bit tight. However, I realise this may be a sensible course of action. I don't suppose you know the answers to whether the CCJ against the company will personally affect me or my business partner, or their most likely course of action should I fail with the set aside? Also, one thing that has really annoyed me, is that the contact number for the person at the Inland R
  10. Not sure this is really the right place to post, but I thought I'd give it a go as there are so many helpful people on here! In 2003 I started a limited company with a friend of mine. The company didn't make any real profits (hundreds of pounds, as opposed to thousands), but we always struggled to understand and keep up with various Inland Revenue paperwork. The company, to all intents and purposes, stopped trading about 2 years ago. Anyhow, to cut a long story short, the Inland Revenue have recently taken the company to court for non-payment of Corporation Tax - totalling just under
  11. I have also just been sent a bill with this ridiculous (and unlawful) charge on it as my DD bounced last month. I haven't had a chance to have another look through the contract I signed with them yet, but I wondered whether I could terminate the contract on the grounds that it does not comply with UK law. If anyone has any ideas I would be grateful!
  12. Phoned moneyclaim helpline today to inform them that I wanted to withdraw the action. The lady there was very helpful and asked me if I was sure the money was in my account - she knew exactly what she was dealing with and exactly how to deal with it. In fact, I'd go so far to say that using moneyclaim was an absolute pleasure, with the possible exception of the site's pernickety requirements for the formatting of the particulars of claim. The helpline was helpful and everything was carried out promtly and effectively - makes a nice change from many government run organisations.
  13. Money arrived in my account today. Thanks to everyone for the help/reassurance/advice! Donation on it's way! Now Barclaycard - have you been reading this? You're next. :) P.S - Anyone know how you change thread titles? I'd like to add the word "WON" to the end!
  14. Grrr... Zippy - YOU HAVE MISSED THE ENTIRE POINT. I'm really happy that your financial situation is so good, that you could merely kick yourself when you were charged once - but if you had read some of the posts on this forum you would have seen what effect these UNLAWFUL charges can have on people. Going overdrawn is not about arithmetic; it's sometimes about feeding the kids (although not in my case), or keeping your home - and the structure of these charges is designed to make then snowball meaning that a customer can be charged hundreds of pounds for what could have been a very small
  15. Fax is probably fine to set the ball rolling on the refund - I just sent mine by Special Delivery so I could make sure that they had received it with Track and Trace. However, I also have an irrational suspicion that faxes never work properly for me.
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