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  1. have completed my spreadsheet and my boyfriend has very kindly lent me the 80 quid to file the money claim but i cant do this until 1st June as i have a £30 charge going out then and this is on my spreadsheet,so at present it is showing a minus. After hearing about lloyds win my boyfriend wasn't sure whether i should carry on with the claim as i havn't really got 80 quid to waste like that,but my theory was if i win i get 1,300!
  2. Many thanks for that enaid i will tackle this tomorrow as i have to go to work now!
  3. Things have been mega hectic the last couple of months but have continued my battle against Lloyds TSB anyway! The thing is it has been 4 weeks and 2 days since i sent my LBA to them and i have not heard anything from them. Am i still ok to go ahead with filing a money claim even though its been longer than the 14 day suggested time? Also i have continued to receive bank charges whilst the process of re claiming has been going on and wondered if i can add the new charges on to amount owed back to me?
  4. Thanks very much Gary,managed to do spreadsheet and you were right the interest is nearly £100!! Unfortunately because im continuing to recieve bank charges i cannot afford £80 this month,will i still be able to claim next month! Much appreciated xxxxxxxxxx
  5. Hi Gary The charges go back nearly 3 years and the answer is no i hadnt been adding 8% on each amount but i cant seem to get anywhere with the spreadsheets so just been doing a list of charges! I'll have another go at downloading the spreadsheet now!!!!
  6. Not having much luck now! started to file a moneyclaim but its not telling me how much the fee is? and also not sure what to put as reference for this claim,would i just put claiming from my bank? All help is grately appreciated!
  7. Right after a few days off hopefully i have worked it out correctly. The interest i have been adding on is the amount that has been showing on my bank statements which my total amount is £873.34? £24.34 of which is interest. Have it worked it out right? Maths was never my strong point at school!!
  8. Martin that sounds like a perfect idea but unfortunately the heavens have just opened and i have school run to do shortly! at least looking after the kids will give me a break from numbers and revision!
  9. Total charges now comes to £819,just going through the o/d interest on my statements as we speak! Could really have done without all thia agro seen as i have an exam next week for third year of my degree!
  10. I received this letter in response to my LBA,couldnt see it any where so here it is: Thank you for your letter dated the 15 September 2006. I have noted your comments, but unfortunately i cannot add any further information to our previous letter or agree to your request. Since the bank's final response has been issued, i must advise you that we will not be entering into any further correspondence regarding the points you have raised. Yours sincerely Jamie O'Neill Assistant Manager This is now the third letter i have had from TSB, and every time it is from somebody differe
  11. Went onto the link from GaryH reply and had a look about what to do but cant seem to see if it costs and if so how much!
  12. a letter arrived friday saying 'bla bla bla but unfortunately i cannot add any further information to our previous letter or agree to your request' they also say this is the banks final response. Didnt want it to come to this but i guess now is the time to file a money claim? Becki xxxxxxxxxxx
  13. bit of an update,not been on since 17th sept! sent LBA by recorded delivery on 18th sept so the 14days is up monday 2nd October!! Then not entirely sure what im to do?? Also still recieveing bank charges-£90 goes out on the 1st oct which will means i will end up o/d again this month and recieve more charges next month??!!!! They are totally sick! Was thinking about going to my local branch and telling them about my claim and that i will continue to go o/d for the next few months if this is what they are going to charge me?? What does anyone think? xxxxxxx
  14. I thought it was something like that! so how do i work out the interest? Sorry for the 20 questions but i is totally confused and just want to make sure ive got it right
  15. IM stuck with the the LBA and dont know what to put in the part where the xxxxxx are!!!!! "I calculate that you have taken £739.00 plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £XXXXX.
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