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  1. I don't think the police would be interested, or at least I've not heard of the police intervening in this sort of thing before. HBOS know that their tactics aren't lawful, which is why they have settled harassment claims - both the cause celebres of a couple of years back, and no doubt a few that never made the headlines. Though I must say, I'm on good terms with our community policing bod. Really nice bloke, but like he says "my job is arresting people" I suppose an action (injunction) under s3 of the PfHA would have more merit now that the bank have admitted they have no agreement
  2. Quick update... They issued a default notice in August. Which was dated incorrectly (either that or first class post took tens days). It also contains the wrong amount - due to the penalty charges apllied. After a few standard "our charges are fair letters," low and behold I finally received a letter in response.... that was quick! Nearly four months! In the letter they admit they don't have an agreement but claim that even though the agreement (what agreement?) is unenforceable that they can apply for an enforcement order. Does this smell a bit of Rankine? They claim tha
  3. I know I'm being lazy here, but can you quote the reg's on this for me please?
  4. I can only echo your comments Magda. To my certain knowledge HBOS in particular use this tactic. It is a shameful indictment of the moral standards of these companies and the bodies supposedly employed to protect our rights as consumers that this practice continues without penalty or redress.
  5. What will happen? Most probably not a thing. They will continue as before but please do as 42 and HtH say. Record any calls you answer if at all possible. The call centre staff can be fairly abusive, as I'm sure you know and recordings of their language/attitude will be grist-to-the-mill when it comes time to reckon up in a while. If you haven't already, read the press coverage of Halifax's bullying tactics. I did hear a figure of £7K+costs in regard to the Turner case, but can't recall where it came from now. Perhaps someone with a better memory than me will help clarify this. Bank
  6. It's probably best if you can give a bit more information. How old is the debt, when it was defaulted etc., There are a few people here who have fought and won against HBOS, myself included. I've no experience of Capquest, though I do know others have/are dealing with them.
  7. Well, I received a letter from a Mr Greig (hence forth referred to as 'Old Greg') telling me that HBOS had acquitted their responsibility under Section 78 by sending the generic t&c's they seem to be sending everyone these days. They have also continued harassing both me and my father I had given them an 'out' in my last letter - just asking them for the removal of the data which they have chosen not to do. That was sent yesterday. The calls are all logged though we refuse to answer them these days. I would think that they'll continue as they have done - refusing
  8. Just in case you didn't know, this is what HBOS send in reply to almost all s78 requests. It has the same wording no matter when an agreement might have been dated. The interest rates often seem to be random. I've had three, all with differing rates - for one account
  9. I would have thought the same would apply then, though I am no expert. On second thoughts.. why not read the Act; doesn't it say that a default notice should be served if a creditor would wish to enforce early payment etc., .... Best to have a look. Rosie
  10. Hi Alamand If you paid the £100 within the required period then they would have had to issue a second notice.
  11. For those of you who know the battle my OH had (and won with the help of you lot) against this lot, welcome back This fight originated when a building firm retained my credit card details and took money from my account without my permission. The bank refused to refund the money which has lead to a stand-off. Background.... I signed the agreement in my local branch and they duly gave a copy to me. I was in a rush at the time, but recall the piece of paper I signed was almost certainly blank. The "copy" I was given at the time was just a blank sheet of paper with my signature. Of
  12. Par for the course for HBOS is to chance a claim if the debt is over a certain amount - on the basis that most people out there crumble at the first sight of something form the court. I don't know exactly what the figure is, probably a few thousand. The way it goes with them is this: You request agreement they fail to respond and start harassing you for payment You get the illegible copy and write inform them of their continuing default They continue to harass despite this 6 months after your last payment they send an ineffective default notice and a month later register
  13. Rosie says never trust a man who wears a rug http://chrisdale.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/2008-04-e-5723a.jpg
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