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  1. Hi folks, really need some help. Halifax have offered me 1062 pounds This is the full amount they owe me but doesnt include 10 pound SAR fee nor 8% interest. I called them today and they are adamant that this is the final offer. The big question is then, if i take this to (NI small claims) court can they contest it and correctly state they offered me the full amount... Anyone have experience of Northern Ireland small claims process. Thanks
  2. Hi folks, I have followed the step by step instructions and now, after one rejected offer, the Halifax are now prepared to offer me the full amount of my claim of 1062 squids. I also claimed 8 % interest which makes a grand total of 1413.75. The bank in their final offer say they "cannot look at this". I want to know if other people claiming against the Halifax have got this interest.... Is it worth pursuing ? The other thing is that they have not mentioned removing default entry from the register. I take this affects my credit rating? Do i need to pursue this as well or should i check my credit rating and with what company? Thanks
  3. Hi there, Found out about this through another website MoneySavingExpert.com ad-free, free to use, Consumer Revenge! I would like to start an action against Halifax plc. One thing i noticed that all the legal references are applied to England, Wales and Scotland. However i am from Northern Ireland. Does anybody know anything about small claims in Northern Ireland? Does the stated process of claiming unfair charges also apply to Northern Ireland. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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