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  1. OK, filed my MCOL yesterday. Hopefully just sit back & wait now. Do I have to let the moderators know about this, sure I read it somewhere. How do I do this. Can I also just ask, I live in Preston and the Halifax address I am using is in Halifax, but the MCOL have served the papers through Northampton County Court, is this right?
  2. Thanks, much appreciated. Every little helps!
  3. Ok, now i am in the right thread, let me give you a little update. 19th Sept sent prelim letter requesting £444 in total. 3rd Oct received letter from Halifax offering £268 as "goodwill gesture" then in next sentence threatened to close my account! 9th Oct i sent my LBA declining offer but accepting as part settlement and still pursuing remainder. 18th Oct received letter from Halifax saying as i did not accept their offer they will not be refunding me any of the charges i am claiming , and again threatened to close my account. My question is, that i am due to file my MCOL on 23rd Oct and i
  4. Oops, I feel really thick now, actually thought i was in Halifax forum. Doh!
  5. Thanks markt, so has this happened to you? did they refuse to pay then pay up when you filed your court claim? Has anybody on this site gone through the whole process and not got their money back?
  6. Oh my God!!! PANIC...PANIC... Quick update, I sent my prelim letter requesting refund of £444 in charges and just before 14 days was up I received a letter from the Halifax offering as a "goodwill gesture" £268 in full and final settlement and the usual threatening to close my account if i do not manage it properly. I wrote back declining offer but willing to accept it as part payment etc etc. I have now received a letter back from the Halifax saying that as I have not accepted their offer of £268 they will not be refunding me any of the charges i have incurred since opening my account (alth
  7. Hi all, Found this site quite by accident after reading an article on AOL re: claiming back your bank charges. Just like to say what a fantastic job you are all doing for us, the common people. THANKS!!! Anyway, gathered all relevant info and sent off my preliminary letter to the Halifax on 19th September. I received...surprise...a standard letter saying someone will be in touch with me within four weeks to discuss my complaint. Do I still go ahead and issue the LBA in 14 days if I have not heard from them, and if i do hear from them offering say, a small fraction of what i am claiming as
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