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    MBNA in meltdown?

    Quick background; I claimed back £550 odd in charges and £600 odd in CCI from MBNA. They paid up in full at the end of March before I had to file in court. I have just received another letter from them offering a further £350 in full and final settlement of my claim. I called their customer care line to see what was going on but the advisor hadn't a clue what the letter was about. (She didn't have a clue, full stop.) She spoke to her supervisor and the department looking after the claims, but she still insisted that the letter was genuine and that I would receive a cheque in due course.
  2. MBNA have just paid out my claim against them in full, including CI. Unfortunately they paid out after my LBA and I didn't have to file a claim, so this is my first filing with CI. Cap1 seem to drag the whole process out as much as they can so I would like to get this right. The difference between CI and s.69 isn't very much in my claim but I'm going to try for it anyway but if Cap1 paid up with s.69 I wouldn't be too disappointed. You should get your claim sorted with MBNA soon; they're usually easy to deal with compared to some. Paul.
  3. Thanks Ang, the POC I had read, had an extra line which went something like; "in the alternative that contractual interest does not apply then the claimant requests interest in accordance with s.69 blah blah blah" Has anyone seen this one or have any comments on it? Paul PS I would tick the yes box for interest.
  4. Hi I've reached the claim stage with Cap. 1. Mr. Udy sent the usual letters offering the difference between the charge and £12. When I refused he sent the "tough, thats all your getting letter." I was filling in the POC using the template when I realised that it did not include claiming for CI. I remember reading a POC in another thread which claimed CI or in the alternative s.69. Can someone please post a link to this thread? Thanks Paul.
  5. Hi Mr. Mugs Northern Ireland Court Service This is the URL for the NI Court Service. Good luck with the claim!
  6. YEEE HAAA!! Cheque arrived yesterday, paid in full, usual wording about not accepting the terms and conditions and reviewing the account. i don't care about the account as there is only about £5 in it and my parachute is fully functional. The wife is already spending the money in her head. Thanks to everyone for their support, especially Battleaxe and Younganfree. Now for Cap One and MBNA.
  7. A quick update. I was able to attach a schedule of charges to my claim as the court returned my claim with the following query: Mr PBWMCA I am unable to process your documentation until the undernoted matters are attended to: Your small claims application requires service in England/Wales. I have endorsed the application with the required certification, which you are required to sign and date before returning. Before you decide to proceed with the application it is important that you are aware of the following factors: 1. It takes longer to obtain a decree as additional
  8. Hi all, Happy New Year. I have let my claim ride over the Christmas period. I've just filed my claim on the NI Courts online small claims service. I have a query that, perhaps, someone familiar with the NI process could possibly help me with. The online system did not allow me to attach a schedule of charges, will this cause me any problems? I can't help but admit that I am now very nervous, this is the business end of the procedure and dealing with the law is something I have no previous experience of.
  9. Great result Battleaxe! Enjoy Christmas with the family.
  10. Don't worry, as Ampersand says, this is standard A&L tactics. You have given massive support to others here so relax and look forward to a very merry Christmas!
  11. This bunch are getting even quicker. Sent LBA on Tuesday and got the usual sod off reply on Saturday! (Letter ref UNFAIR4) I'll give them them the rest of the 14 days just to show them how reasonable I am, LOL. And so (HI HO, HI HO) it's off to court we go. PS. I agree, Battleaxe, sometimes we end up chasing our own tails, trying to comply with the banks. Martin Lewis (The Money Saving Expert) has the right view; it's an adversarial system and we need to fight back. That's why this site is so good, it gives us little folk a fighting chance.
  12. Thanks for the advice Battleaxe and younganfree. I decided to let it ride for the full 14 days. LBA was sent yesterday (Recorded delivery!) with another copy of schedule of charges. I'm starting to get the hang of this, but it's still great to have the backup of the people here.
  13. They were quick off the mark alright. Received UNFAIR2 yesterday, usual wording. Ah well, on we go. Do I wait the remainder of the 14 days or can I send off the LBA immediately?
  14. Sent off my prelim. letter yesterday, but having read some other posts I realise I should have sent it recorded delivery. Is there any chance A&L will ignore it because it wasn't sent RD?
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