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  1. Thanks for the contact information, I will give that a try. Yes am aware of memory foam smell, but some I believe much worse and hang around longer, and no did not use as an excuse but under DSR did not think I needed an excuse? Regards Derek
  2. Hi, I ordered two single beds/mattresses from Ikea which were delivered a week ago. After setting up a bed and mattress, we decided they would not be suitable for us and completed a cancellation form with Ikea within 7 days of delivery. They have advised me that they will refund the bed bases but only provide store credit for mattresses as they have been opened! They were opened to inspect and also to check that there were no undue smells, which can be associated with memory foam. The mattresses are unused, there is nothing in their terms and conditions to state that
  3. Please help! My daughter is in process of claiming around £900.00 charges back from Abbey and has received General Form of Judgement or Order from her court (Norwich) which has listed a preliminary hearing (5 minutes allowed for hearing) on 29th March 2007 to consider :- " either to stay the claim pending the decision in a test case involving the defendant or to give directions for this claim to be heard as a test case, and if necessary to reallocate the claim to mult track for that purpose" I have searched forums but have not come across this particular circumstance. Mostly it
  4. Thanks for your help mousewife & michael. We are writing accepting offer but with the provisos suggested by michael. Thanks again Derek
  5. Hi Keith Thanks for your information. Will be very interested to know how matters progress for you. Likewise anything useful that happens with my case, I will let you know. Thanks again and good luck to you Regards Derek
  6. Hi All I have been working on a small refund of charges for my daughter of £111.00 and sent off 1st letter on 18/09. Received offer of full settlement today! However offer letter states - "Acceptance by you of this payment will be in full and final settlement of all claims you may have relating to our charges. However, our Terms & Conditions will continue to apply and any charges that accrue in the future must stand" By accepting offer will she be accepting future charges to the account and not be in a postion to reclaim them? Anyone else received such a letter? R
  7. Koko Thanks for your reply, and and I am sure you are right in that CCA does not come into this. I think perhaps a more formal letter to bank saying we will not be going away and intend to fight legally if necessary might actually make them take the matter a little more seriously, as at present they appear to be showing little if any interest! Regards Derek
  8. Hi All Looking for some guidance on this matter, how to proceed, if we should proceed! My wife and I took out a business loan with Lloyds TSB in 1999 for an amount of £59,500 to purchase a commercial property valued at around £75,000, loan secured on the property. We originally wanted the loan over a 5 year period as we felt able to pay the high monthly costs. Business manager suggested 10 years as would keep costs down and give a little more monthly breathing space. Also there would be no penalty in repaying early if we were able to do so. Fair enough! Would say that at no time was repa
  9. Thanks for your help Karnevil. Will proceed on that basis. Regards Derek
  10. Hi All I am just starting to pursue claim against Abbey on behalf of my daughter and would appreciate a little guidance with first letter. The account currently shows a debit balance of £140.00 which is solely in respect of four charges applied during the last month before my daughter changed banks. There has been no activity on this account for some 6 months. My daughter had asked for the account to be closed but naturally they wouldn't until debit cleared! We are claiming for charges applied over a 6 year period of £672.00 which includes the charges applied above (although not actu
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