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  1. Hi all I was wondering if any one has the correct address for the data controller at Virgin media. To try and keep it brief, I was a Telewest customer and canceled the contract in 2001. When I checked my credit report last week there was an entry from Virgin media that has only just been entered and its showing an account running and shows a zero balance for the last 36 months. I know that this could be a good thing as it is showing that I pay regular but on the flip side its another credit account on my file. The number available on the experian site is just a standard call centre and the
  2. Unfortunately cbd, my team went out in the semis so I have plenty time to sort mine. Surely you could wait till next week.
  3. I am ready to take the court action ims, I am just trying to find a way of getting them wiped off without doing so. I havnt actually paid the charges, they have loaded them onto the loan.
  4. Dont forget cbd, if there was PPI on your account and you successfully reclaim it, then the bank should put you in a position where you would have been without the PPI so like I said, if your account was in credit then no charges should apply.
  5. I am assuming here cbd that for a while your account was running fine. If it was then if you use the same logic that I just posted then not only were you in credit at first so the late payment charges should not apply untill your account for the loan on its own fell into that category. You could also claim that the interest charges on the balance should have been lower if the account was in credit.
  6. You didnt get my point cbd. The first late payment was about 3 years into the loan (notice i said late and not missed), as we would have paid far more than the monthly loan payment in PPI payments then the account was actually in credit all the time if you remove the PPI charges.
  7. Hi ims Thanks for that. I was just wondering if the finance company collections department might just concede once their complaints department agree in writing. The account never actually defaulted but they have put a few late payment markers on my file and the file of a joint borrower. Over the last 7 years they have loaded about £600 in late payment charges. As it was a large loan the PPI and interest was about £8000. As I speak to both the complaints and collections departments of the lender every week, I usually dispute the charges verbally and they seem to acknowledge what I say. It
  8. I was wondering if anyone has tried to reclaim any late payment charges and whether they were successful. The way I see it, if I paid the PPI payment for 5 years and then fell into arrears and the loan company admitted that the PPI was mis sold, then the account was in credit for a large amount. I am thinking of putting a claim in after I receive the offer letter (they have already admitted on the phone) for both the return of any late payment charges and to rectify the adverse records on my credit report.
  9. This is definately a bogus call. I had one today asking for the same details. I refused and hung up then contacted sky. The lady i spoke to said she has been inundated with calls and one elderly woman has given them all of her details including numerous bank accounts. What she told me is that sky will never phone about viewing cards.
  10. Thanks for your answer andydd. I know that houses dont have a credit ratings. I was just saying what the bank manager has said. so far we have obtained his mothers credit report and that shows as fine but I still think we need his fathers and his own to be able to do anything about it. I was just amazed at what the manager said and thats why i posted.
  11. A friends 21 year old son applied to the bank for a loan for a car. Evidently he passed the CRA check but was refused as according to the bank manager the house is showing as having a bad credit history. Apparently my friend assures me that everything they have is paid on time albeit they have large balances. I thought that these days, they had to look solely on the person applying not on the house or the post code. It would seem to me that they have accessed his parents files before making a decision. I will be getting them to access their files this evening but in the meantime any advice wou
  12. Hey Conniff Did you see the programme about him the other night. I dont know about 5 years in prison. He would be better in a secure unit. A right weierdo.
  13. Just take note the next time a car comes flying past you and look at the age of the driver, I bet the percentage of young drivers that pass you will be around 10%. It happened to me this morning on my way home from work coming off a roundabout with 2 lanes. I would estimate the speed at around 50MPH. The woman looked to be well in her 50s. If I had been doing a similar speed as I have 3 more chances, no doubt we would have come together My point is and has always been, why not try and deter all drivers from speeding rather than giving some drivers 4 attempts to kill someone.
  14. Crem I first started this thread to ask advise of which I did get some. I was factual and and to the point. At no time did I try and play down what he had done. At no time did I ask for anyones opinion as to how my son drove then or how he drives now. Surfer has it right. If you do wrong you pay the price and that is what he did. But if going over the speed limit causes someone to lose their licence and have to sit a re test because it could cause death then why does that only apply to a new driver, if you speed after 2 years of driving, does that mean that if you kill someone they are less
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