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  1. I was originally given a court date of 3rd September, as I am on holiday until 27th August I phoned Barclays and asked who would be dealing with my claim. They told me and gave me a direct number to phone on. I asked could it be sorted out before I go on holiday and they said it wouldn't be a problem. I thought I would phone again at the beginning of August if I hadn't heard anything. Then this week I got a letter from the court to say they had brought the date forward to 13th July. After an initial panic, I phoned Barclays and the outcome is..... they are paying me in full!!! Within the next 5 working days hopefully
  2. Phoned Barclays and they reckon it will all be sorted by next week!
  3. Got a letter from the court today to say the trial on 3.9.07 to be vacated and the matter be re-listed for a preliminary hearing on 13.7.07 wth a time estimate of 10 mins. Anyone else had this? What does it mean?
  4. Just phoned Barclays and spoke to Robert Saunders, very nice man!, to find out who is dealing with my claim. He gave me a name and a direct phone number.
  5. Well done for sticking it out, especially with the unhelpful Paul Quinn
  6. Glad you got everything sorted out at last, it must be a huge relief. Best wishes for the future
  7. Have you heard anything?
  8. If there is a phone number on there, could you phone first and say that if they send the charges list then you will send back the letter. Or you could delete that bit and add a note of your own ....
  9. I suppose they must do other things besides bank charges hearings! Maybe they just fit the other things in, as and when the bank cases are stopped
  10. Got a court date of 3rd September
  11. CONGRATULATIONS:) Hopefully mine won't be too far behind yours
  12. What happened today? Did you still go to court?
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