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  1. I have recently been contacted by CABOT over an old credit card bill, the first contact was about a month ago. Cabot sent a postcard to my address headed "to the occupier", asking for anyone who knew me to contact a number provided. Unfortunately, i have misplaced this card but i am sure i have it somewhere? On the second occasion i received a phone call and despite their attempts at bullying me i told them i did not know or acknowledge any debt to their company. I requested that they send me a statement of my account including all payments and charges as they are requesting over three times the amount of my credit limit. I was in the process of putting this request in writing, when i received several letters demanding payment for something i was generally unaware of, six over a seven day period. Today, my wife received a phone call stating i gave her permission to talk about my account only two weeks ago, as far as i was concerned i gave the original card provider for my wife to discuss my account as a result of myself working in a telephone blackspot shortly after i applied for the card around 2000/2001. My wife was told that unless i made a payment within 48hrs it would go to another department and i will have people visiting my house to take away my goods. incidently, i received a letter dated 27-07-2007 and received 05-08-2007 offering me a discount of 30% or the option to repay over five years if i respond in the next 30 days i had a credit limit of £200 and repaid all monies and interest and believe the figure requested is made up from late payment fees and charges. i will pay if i owe but i will not pay the sharks who will try to push for more than their due. any advice, much needed mickyn
  2. cheers ICY just got back, Judge Dudley had also received a letter from SHabby stating they are going to settle. suspended claim for 28 days to give SHabby time to settle, made it clear that if abby hadn't settled after 28 days to resubmit claim and he will go for judgement he did iterate that he dint think abbey would not settle mickyn
  3. go for it girl:D they must dread your letters ps thanks for you guidence abbey have settled yet to receive the money yet so will see them in court tommorrow:eek: mickyn
  4. thank GuidoT this case has dragged on for a year and maybe i am being cautious but unless the money is there in the morning I WILL BE THERE mickyn
  5. no problem ill let you know what happens to me tommorrow odds on the same outcome will apply to you im no expert and if anyone has other suggestions they normally let you know but in my opinion the worst outcome can be you turn up at court and there is no case all the best mickyn
  6. received same letter and due in court tommorrow irang the court and was told that they had received a letter stating the vbank had settled, but the clerk hinted that in the unlikely event that the bank doesnt settle i would have to start my claim again therefore i will check my account tommorrow and if the fund are not there i will attend court and make the judge aware of my position this is my opinion and if nothing else my force the bank to pay up quicker as they are still operating an attitude of defiance mickyn
  7. will done unlawful bankers got the very same letter this morning, looks like abbey have realised their in a no win situation thanks everyone for your help donation on way mickyn
  8. sorry lula if i gave the impression of further charges i meant the interest:-? ill just wait and see what happens may thanks everyone for all your help mickyn
  9. cheers diggers iam in the same position as you and my meeting is set for the 25th july, i failed to send a schedule to the court only to abbey i am a bit worried that this may have some effect on my case i have recently submitted my schedule and hope tis will suffice:eek: from reading your experience it looks as if may just delay as i can hand them in at court am i right mickyn
  10. hi pippielou visit my thread mickyn v abbey from the beginning was given alink to various spreadsheets that may help, start your own thread and receive the help that you require are you at southend on wednesday 25th mickyn
  11. hot toddy must have work.lol get a hangover forget the cold yes, i sorted the spreadsheet and sent one to the bank and one to the court rexcorded delivery bit worried though that as i on stated in my n1 form that iwould be claiming interest and did not supply the court with a schedule of charges that this may now be futile am i right in thinking that i still can claim charges incurred or have i jeopordised my whole case mickyn
  12. hi kia i do hope your feeling a bit better will speak to you soon mickyn:)
  13. sorry lula on my n1 form i wrote i am entitled to claim interest under section 69 of the county courts act 1984 at 8 % per annum from the date the charges were first applied to my account until a judgement is made " the claimant asks the court to enter judgement in their favour for the sum £xxxxxxx plus iinterest." mickyn
  14. hi LULA istated on the N1 form that i my claim statutory interest after our conversation last night i thought id get the spreadsheet off pdq looks like i have b***s up again? mickyn
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