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You can now change your notification sounds by going to this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?/&app=soundboard&module=soundboard&controller=managesounds


You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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  1. I didnt write this letter, but instead made a claim online via Natwests site. Will see what happens.
  2. I did try the booking again. The Website again failed to function at the payment stage. It actually gave an error. The Declined Email appeared half an hour later and after I made the booking with a competitor. Omega are denying that they have done anything wrong. They continue the lay the blame at my feet and are not budging, even with the declined email and the screenshots showing the website failures. This was at the payment stage where the site failed. Surely, at payment if the website fails to function properly, the payment cant be considered authorized can it?
  3. I managed to brute force my way to a manager but ended up getting cut off twice. They did see the declined email and he was a bit surprised it was sent out. like an idiot, I didnt send them the declined mail before. Thought I did. Anyway, they have sent me a mail stating that they are looking at it and to await a "positive response". I made the booking with a Visa Debit card. Im probably way out of date here, but I thought chargeback only applies to purchases over £100 per item made via credit card. Am I that out of touch?
  4. I used a debit card to make the booking so a charge back is not going to work. After sending the declined email with one booking reference and after I made another booking with a different company, I was presented with another email stating the booking was accepted under a different booking reference. I did try to get the site to respond properly. They are charging what appears to be a £30 admin fee per ticket to void the booking, £120 in total. They keep stating its my responsibility for not waiting for a confirmation email and I have entered a contract when clicking the submit button. I cant be responsible for their websites failures. The payment stage is where the booking failed and as far as I was aware, the booking never went through. How can it possibly be authorized if the payment stage failed?
  5. Hi all I'm having a problem getting my point through to Omega Flight Store. Late December, I was planning a family vacation. I attempted to book 4 flights via https://book.omegaflightstore.com. The during payment, the site started to suffer errors and would not complete. I took screenshots of the site errors during my attempts. Eventually I got an email declining the booking from Omega. Therefore, I ended up going to a competitor (and paying more for the flight). Once that flight was booked, I suddenly and unexpectedly got an email from Omega that the booking has been confirmed. At no point during the booking process did the site ever complete the payment process. It literally just errored out every time. I went ahead and contacted Omega online to explain the situation, provided the screenshots as evidence in order to get a refund. As it was the website that was at fault, was expecting some fair play. Instead, the support staff just do seem to read the notes that I put in the case. A phone call later (on the same day as the booking) I managed to get the tickets voided. I only ever got a partial refund from them. They claim that according to the T&Cs I must pay £30 per ticket to void the booking. As the booking was made on Boxing day, Support could not escalate to management until a working day, but was promised a phone call will be made to discuss the matter. I'm yet to receive this phone call. Attempts to get management to call me have been futile. The support staff don't seem to read the comments that I had previously made (they even included that it is my responsibility to void the tickets on the same day as the booking....which I had already done). They wont escalate to management nor will the forward me to the complaints department. Can anyone offer any advise?
  6. Hi all I have a problem with a store that wont provide the goods that I paid for. It was a TV and I asked and paid for it to be delivered. It was a really good deal and the price may have been a mistake, However I have paid for it but now they are saying that they cant get it any more and are trying to force a refund to me. Can they do this?
  7. That is good stuff. I was late for work on monday cos central line train i was broke down or something. To top it off, it was my first day of a new job!:o Manager wasn't very happy.
  8. On many machine, 2 minutes of time is all it takes. However, when i was doing it at work as an engineer, i did actually do it more thoroughly. After a scan is done on a moderately to heavily infected machine, run a quick hijackthis and chances are you will see quite a few things the free scanner (in fact any scanner) has missed. Also, just to note, there are some really annoying crapware that just doesn't want to go, no matter what type of scan you run:-x. These one do require "manual intervention":rolleyes:
  9. sorry, i forgot to give you an update. I have phoned BT, but didn't get much information out of them. They have stated that there IS a Direct Debit Registered to the account. I paid the outstanding amount anyway. In regards to the complaint, the lady could not find the letter, only some brief information about it, specifically about the marketing calls. She admitted that they should have been taken of the marketing list as soon as the account was closed. I explained some of the other reasons about the complaint (change of number, length of time it has taken to resolve it etc) but she could only apologise. She could not explain how this could have happened. She finally said that she will have this account investigated, even though i had asked for it to be investigated a month ago. Will get back to you once this i get any sort of feedback from BT. Watch this space.
  10. The one in the templates section IS the one i used for BarclayCard. As far as im aware, everybody has been using that one for their credit cards
  11. In my opinion, this does sound ok. They are making a profit out of you for unlawful charges, so yes do claim that interest back. I would advise claiming a contractual rate of interest in your case to push you well out of the overdraft.
  12. The Template will do. I've used it with my claim from BCard. BCard will however not honor their duties as they will now send you a letter saying that they will not be able to send them in time. If this happens to you, then tell them that it is not my problem. Send them within the deadline or i will have to ask a judge to order you to send them and you will in turn incurr more costs. That will change their tune.
  13. It may also be that BCard have lost your microfiche statements, and are using this as an escape route. The DPA does state the Personal Data Must be kept accurate and up to date. Its not accurate if they can't show where the £728 came from, and its not up to date if statements are missing. You should also mention the security of using the Microfiche in your case.
  14. That is mighty strange. Push them into revealing how that balance got there. Make sure you record all phone calls for this one. There is a program called EzPhone Recorder. You can use it if you have a dialup modem on your PC. www.ezphonerecorder.com On another note, write them a letter question how this amount got there, and tell them that without statements you will be forced to claim the full sum back.
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