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  1. So my first step here is to send the SAR? If they provide the credit agreement i am guessing that i have to pay up, although i can barely make ends meet at the moment?
  2. From digging around i believe Cattle is Welcome.... someone could possibly clarify this... The debt that they are chasing was a secured loan on a mortgage. The £30K is the shortfall on the mortgage. I am basically trying to get all the information on marketing of the property, full breakdown's of costs and trying to ensure that how they marketed and the costs associated are relevant to the claim they are making against me. To be honest, i am dealing with a DCA on that and they are useless, so i am basically going around in circles with them. I'm really screwed.... Also, i have nothi
  3. Thank you. I shall go with the advice and see what happens. If this fails, i think bankruptcy is my only option. Thank you again.
  4. Ok, thank you. I shall get a letter to them. Thanks for your help.
  5. I cannot confirm for definite but i would say that the last payment was made within 3 years. Also, the property was repossessed with an approximate shortfall of £30K, which i am still trying to fight.
  6. Hi, I have received a letter from Mackenzie Hall chasing a Welcome Finance Debt. How should i respond? This is what it states: Dear XXXXX As per previous contact by our client Cattles, you have been made aware that the overdue amount of £19**** remains outstanding. We remind you that you have a legal obligation to repay this balance. Due to your failure to resolve this matter in a satisfactory matter, your account has been passed to Mackenzie Hall Limited. The reason we are now involved is that previous attempts to resolve this matter have been ignored. You
  7. Thank you so much for this. So basically, i would be better to try and get them to drop off if i can rather than going bankrupt as the bankruptcy would be on my file longer than the above?
  8. I didn't get my money either - they said that it had been put against my outstanding debt with them. I can see that the amount has been deducted from my loan as this is showing on my credit file.
  9. Is there some sort of standard letter that i can use for this enquiry?
  10. Right.... here goes.... With regards to the delinquent payment i'm not sure what this is and i can't see this anywhere on my credit file. However, on my file against each of the debts shows a 'status code' - these are all a number 8 and there are dates next to them which i have put below against each debt - these dates i have marked as 'status code date'. Hope that makes sense! HFC Bank Default goes 03/2015 so SB date upto 6 months prior to 31/03/09 Start date: 18/10/06to Default date: 31/03/09 Status code date: 08/04/12
  11. Ok thank you all. Is it ok if I post the dates here on my debt, no personal details obviously for someone to advise me of when they should 'disappear'?
  12. Hi, I have some questions with regards to removal of items on credit files etc. I have tried to research on various websites, but there is too much information and i am easily confused. Right, i have signed up to credit expert so have all the access to my credit report. No surprises, but my credit rating is 'Very Poor'. Because i have alot of unpaid debt and 4 CCJ's, i haven't been able to obtain, nor wanted to obtain any further or additional credit. However, i am now being by chased by various DCA's and want to begin to repair my credit file for the future. Things i nee
  13. Thank you. I shall do that. The strange thing is is that we also had a santander mortgage, so the money they were taking was to fund that i am assuming. I will send an SAR. Many thanks
  14. Hi all, Last week i received a letter from Santander to advise that they were passing 'our account' to DCA Robinson Way Ltd. Basically, the letter is for unauthorised overdraft costs and spend which my lovely ex-boyfriend ran up paying the mortgage and bills when i had left him. The amount is for just over £2500. We never had an overdraft on the account. Is there anything i can do to either a) not pay the debt or b) challenge the debt? I don't know how unauthorised overdrafts works. Obviously at the time i wasn't aware that he was using the account to make payments. I know i am
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