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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. People in 'low level' customer facing roles - call centres, correspondence centres, etc. often use pseudonyms, for their own privacy as more and more people get named online when they are just doing their job, or even get looked up on social media. If you spoke to somebody in the relevant department they would know exactly who the pseudonym related to, but it is unlikely a head office switchboard would know this level of detail.
  3. Very sorry to hear this sad news. I'm sure that the current site team have very fond memories of Martin as did those of us who were moderators back in the early days of the site. Martin was seemingly available at any time of day or night and could be relied on to provide much laughter.
  4. Registered post hasn't existed for many many years for inland services and at least 5 years or so for international services. I think you may mean Special Delivery.
  5. If I was sending sensitive information like this, I would have enquired to find out what is the most secure service and certainly wouldn't have relied on Recorded/Signed For which is no different from First/Second Class other than getting a signature at the other end. The service is not tracked at all. Clearly this advice is not much use to you after the event... so looking at your claim - what losses have been suffered, exactly? As you have already discovered, Royal Mail are not liable for any losses but even if they were I can't see what quantifiable loss you have suffered? Even
  6. Unfortunately this is likely to be a wasted journey unless the Delivery Office have done something wrong by hanging on to the item incorrectly. The other advice you have been given here is somewhat inaccurate. The best course of action is for the sender to contact the ticket distributors and ask for them to be re-issued, especially due to the tight timescales involved before the festival. One final point to note is that even if the Delivery Office for some reason still have the item (which they shouldn't) then you will not be able to collect them anyway as they are not in your na
  7. If it is Royal Mail, the item will be returned to the sender immediately, not held for a few days at the local office as has been suggested. Your friend will need to contact the sender of the item to make alternative arrangements.
  8. If you refer back to your previous thread, I gave some advice on how to proceed. Have you tried following that? It would be helpful if you could stick to one thread instead of creating multiple about the same thing.
  9. The last post was 7 months ago! It is difficult to follow which threads are current when you have bumped no less than 8 old threads in this sub-forum.
  10. So all this nonsense about RM losing/stealing your phone - and it was addressed incorrectly! How do you expect them to get it to you? Guess the address? If you'd bothered to set up a Redirection then you wouldn't be £200 out of pocket. Chances are it was delivered to your old address, if anybody's stolen it, it will be the people now living there, not RM. I also agree with squad die about the quoted story - it is a load of rubbish. If there was no value quoted it could have been believable, but saying that the items were worth £12k shows it is nonsense. How would he know they we
  11. I assume the company in question is Trojan Electronics? In this instance looking at the addresses, I believe that Royal Mail's address database is not accurate/up-to-date and your claim is being rejected because the details are not matching on their website and the customer service staff (who I assume are part of a national team) have no local knowledge to understand the address in more detail. There are a few points to note here: Unit 8 & unit 12 do notappear on Royal Mail's address database (you can search this for free on royal mail.com by clicking 'find an address or postcode
  12. The key factor here is knowing if the address used was a correct address (or not). Are you able to provide us with the address you used so we can help further? What does the RM website show when you look up the address?
  13. Sounds like the seller is trying to claim the item is lost and get compensation from RM. They're dubious about the claim and are requesting further details to understand if the seller is pulling a fast one (which it seems like he is if you left feedback to confirm you received the item and he's now claiming it never arrived).
  14. Take it to the Delivery Office, ask them to return to sender. They can scan it back in with their machine. So then when the tracking information is viewed online it will no longer say 'delivered' but rather say 'returned to sender - not at this address' (or words to that effect).
  15. Quite feasible. They don't bring the items out one at a time, a van could literally be out making deliveries all day. Simple - contact the seller. It is their responsibility to deal with DHL, not yours.
  16. You could be on to something. According to this FOI request, they do get an additional revenue stream as a result of this. It looks like they could be profiting by an entire penny per item.
  17. Do you have a link to Intercargo's terms and conditions? Are they based in the UK?
  18. How about this... Dear Sirs, You are holding an item for me which has outstanding duty to be paid. I am happy to pay this amount, but rather than just pay it so that you can release the item promptly, I have decided to write this letter to delay the matter further. This way, I can then complain about the delay after the event (which I accept would not have been delayed had I just paid the duty in the first place). Please can you reply to me in the next week or two, confirming what I already know, i.e. that you are holding an item for me with outstanding duty to pay, which c
  19. Dixons have a responsibility to get the item to you, not simply to hand it over to a courier. Contact your credit card company and ask for a chargeback.
  20. O2 Recycle is handled by a company called Redeem. Their address is as follows: Redeem plc Unit C-E Etna Road FALKIRK FK2 9EG If this address is exactly the same as the one O2 gave you, then Royal Mail have made a mistake as this address appears on the address finder on their website, so I would send them a screenshot of this to prove the address is correct. If O2 have given you a different address, then it is their mistake and you should probably take it up with them. If the address is wrong then it doesn't explain how the item got their (although the incorrect address cou
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