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Status Updates posted by barracad

  1. you can't befriend me as you're already my friend, doesn't take much to confuse you, does it?!!

  2. well that's just plain rude!

  3. .. must have been something you said! :p

  4. what is FT???? and if you wrote on my page instead of your own, I would have known you had written something, doofus!

  5. no you pressed the wrong one... you've broke it now! :p

  6. Ah so that's why you wrote on your own page instead of mine! You know what GB stands for, GB! :p

  7. ... well I would have figured that out if you'd wrote on my page instead of your own!

  8. cool... it makes me feel wanted! :D

  9. You already have!

  10. Webby rocks!

  11. Weird having a Facebook-type-thing built into CAG!

  12. Yes... 2 whole friends, aren't I popular?!

  13. Hmmm this is strange, like Facebook only on CAG

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