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  1. keep at them kerry n uil get what they owe you ok but uv got t b patient n wait but dont get stressed n angry just byed your time n you will be rewarded ok they dont want to pay BUT they've got to pay LoL
  2. hi there TSB av done exactly the same to me and theyve put £750 in my account i didnt want it but cant do nothing about it iam still taking them to court when i send my mcol off iam still goin to ask for full payment of £2000 its there goodwill gesture not mine il see what happens when it gos to court good luck mate
  3. hello all could sum1 give me sum advice please:confused: TSB av sent me a letter sayin there not goin t pay back my £2000 charges but will give me £750 as a good will gesture iv been to bank tday n theyve put £750 in my account but iam still goin t court t get my charges back
  4. hi all iv not been on for a few days, been working extra hours crimbo nearly here already lol Abit of a struggle but Finally got to send my LBA off (recorded del) on wedsneday 29th nov and safely received n signed for by them LoL so guess il av t wait another 14 days for another awesome knock back letter off Lloyds still tryin t read more threads about claiming online but iam not the brightest star in the sky iv also stated in LBA letter il except a reasonable offer within 14 days if not then court here i come prelim sent 7-11-06 knock back off Lloyds LB
  5. hi mate thank you i was going t do all the court stuff myself cos i cant really afford t pay solicitors n put claim through moneyclaim online is it worthwhile t get a solicitor n expensive?? your helps much appreciated
  6. hi lau if ur not sure you'il be alot better if u open an account wiv sum1 else just incase they try n close it it maybe just a scare tactic to make u bach down try and read more thread t see other peoples thoughts All the best n keep us inform
  7. Hi iv just had another letter off bank (tsb) saying there charges are correct n justified n if i av a problem to take it up wiv F.O.S. Its 2 pages of drabble n woznt worth reading sending 2nd letter tmorro if i can get it t post office in time after work i really hope they like the 2nd letter cos iam goin t enjoy sending it now haha Power to the People against bank charges;)
  8. Thanks for the support all:D iv also received a letter frm TSB tday saying iv gone O/D again cos theyve took last months charges out £130 OUCH i only earn £170 a wk LoL But they are not going to charge me this time aslong as i bring my account into credit in next 7 days??? which i cant do untill thursday wud this none charge be because iv sent letter for bank charges?? Advice wud be appreciated on this matter?
  9. just got reply t prelim letter, what a joke it says there looking into my complaint n will take 2 weeks t make enquiries HAHA There 2 weeks is up tmoro so they are now guna 2nd letter telling them t pay up or see them in court
  10. thanks kingliam and welshuser advice taken i will read as much as i can iv printed the prelim letter n av signed it, its goin in the post 1st thing tuesday morning 7th nov recorded delivery n goin t get proof of posting. If they want t drag there heels then iam guna look forward t a long battle cos il be as stubborn as them sent prelim letter 7-11-06 v LTSB
  11. well iv read all the FAQs think i kno wot iam doin NOT? LoL think its time t start prelim letter to LTSB n see wot happens hope i doin make a mess of it PS any advice wud go along way t destress me
  12. Hi everyone Iam new to all this and iam just starting proceeding to recover bank charges from my bank iv read loads of stuff on here but it still seems daunting to me i avnt requested a charges statement iv gone over my statements via internet banking is this ok to do to find out how much iv been charged any help will be very appreciated thanks:?:
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