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  1. Gandalf, when you understand and have 100% facts in information in front of you then and ONLY then can you make such bold statements as then and ONLY then they will be correct......UNTIL then go back under that slimey stone you crawled out of! I pay all and any of my bills that are deemed to be fair I DO NOT bow down to bullies! Cough cough.....rant over!
  2. Thank you Ell-enn. Yes i did send to local branch. Thanks for the tip can anybody give me a head office address as this was one of the things i asked from the local branch needless to say i've not had that piece of information willingly supplied to me! Ha ha
  3. Thank you beyondhope sadly i did not put a time limit on the letter i can say that my in-laws have not heard in th elast few days however they have still telephoned my husband stating that he has had numerous correspondence from them and that he MUST telephone them by the end of the day AGAIN today another call stating that my husband MUST contact his local welcome branch urgently today......NOT the response we were after! What did they fail to understand about us not corresponding with them anymore! And i'm yet to be supplied with their complaints procedure and head office information! Sorry to rant but one of these telephone calls was received after 8pm in the evening......
  4. At the end of last week i wrote a letter which i sent recorded delivery as then there would be no excuses to not having received it!!! I told that due to their unprofessional approach to dealing with the account my husband would no longer be dealing with them. I asked for their complaints procedure and also a contact of somebody we could talk to in a professional manner!!!! Ha ha As yet i haven't heard......also they have phoned my mother-in-law asking after craig even though they have been told he doesn't live there. I mentioned this in my letter as well saying that he had caused "undue stress". I wonder if or when i'll receive a response......
  5. Please please tonight somehow WF have traced my inlaws phone number and are now calling them!!!! This is not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Please help i am insensed by the total unprofessional way in which WF bully people and other members of their family!!!! My husband made the mistake of having a car from Welcome way back in 2004....... we paid as we should of done usually on time god help us if we ever missed a payment as they were soon on the phone to remind us we had forgotten or onto my husband place of work. We had the usual rubbish from them telling us to increase our payments but we never took any notice from them. We also got duped into paying them by debit card and on two occasions WF even helped themselves to money off of that debit card without our permission which i'm sure must be a breach of data protection and needless to say we went beserk!!!! I have to admit we have moved around a bit and for one reason or another we lost contact with WF (what a shame) but when their compliance team finally caught up with us last year i had great pleasure in asking for sight of the original agreement before i would discuss making any further payments 3 times i had to request this and shock horror one did get sent. I was told we had accrued over £1000 worth of charges!!! After i picked myself back off the floor i asked how these charges were made up.....i was told in letters and phone calls. I said fair enough but a letter could only cost the price of a stamp and even at £10 a letter thats a lot of letters to costs 1K. I also said i wanted evidence from their telephone provider that it cost them as a company £15 to make a call to client. I don't think she liked this as the next call i had from them they were dropping all charges reducing the size of the HP agreement on the condition that my husband re-signed a fresh loan agreement with them as the HP was about to expire. VERY STUPIDLY we re-signed!!!!! We have recived calls saying that our payments would take us forever to pay off and could we pay more and we said no! Over this last xmas we suffered a particularly tight patch (not due to xmas pressies!) and we let slip our December payment by the time we spoke to WF we owed December and January. My husband offered to pay them over a few weeks he re-set up a direct debit with them and we made them an additional payment. The very next week my husband started getting a number of calls at his place of work even to the point of 3 or 4 in a morning. They sneakly got hold of his work mobile number and were phoning it continously even up to 10pm at night!!!! When i answered and told them they had the wrong number.....they have been rude to my husbands work colleagues even revealing personal information about why they were trying to get hold of my husband. The girls in the office have said they find WF very rude in their manner! When the harrassment gets this intense it puts you off speaking to a person..... Eventually my husband has spoken to the branch manager and the conversation ended up with my husband being "offered out". He was told to go down to the local office "where we can sort it out like REAL MEN".. my husband was livid and i had to plead with him to stay in his seat! WF have made a doorstep visit to my husband's parents address saying that he owes them money and this week have written a grubby note to his parents asking for his whereabouts????? This has caused us considerable embarrassment and my in-laws no end of worry!!!!!! By the way they never did set up that direct debit even though they were supplied with all the banking information and did i mention we only owed them £210!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG i want to murder them what if i owed tens of thousands????? I want the calls and doorstep visits to stop especially to other members of the family and i would like to know exactly how they traced my husband to his parents address when he hasn't lived there for over 15 years? Help please. Thank you guys!!!
  7. Just a quick update as always. Spoke to solicitors last week who have spoken to Natwest who apparently are looking into my figures that i am claiming as they are not convinved that they are all default charges....... Bit late in the day for that i say but i suppose i should be grateful that they have even blinked at it...... Anyway will be calling to chase again tomorrow so i will update you again...........
  8. Hi Guys, Just a quick update...... Rang Cobbetts last Tuesday and chased them up. Spoke to Fiona Carfrey who i have to say is always polite honest a helpful......anyway she said she had chased her client once again and once again they had not responded and were waiting on hearing back from them. I suggested to her that she chase again and her response was "as you can appreciate natwest have lots of these claims going through at the moment". My response to her was "never mind i'll chase you again next week" which seemed to baffle her somewhat.....ha ha ha I'll keep you informed.
  9. Thanks guys, Think i'll take your advice Gary and hold back and see if they breach point 2 of the order that way i'll have more sway. In any case i also think i'll chase Cobetts on Monday. If they can't keep on top of things i'll show them how its done my end. Ha Ha As for applying for that vacant position now there's one firm you wouldn't want on your C.V ha ha ha
  10. Hi there guys! Just to update you i have finally heard back from the Court today after my request went in last week. Judge has said that if i want to make an application i have to in the proper way! Very helpfully though the Court have enclosed the relevant form however i have to pay yet another £35.00 for the privilege! I'm really starting to get annoyed now at how Cobetts can abuse and make a mockery out of the judicial system and get away with it! I therefore telephoned Cobetts and quoted their reference only to be told the person dealing with my case has left the firm! Can't blame them really! Ha Ha Anyway spoke to somebody else who was extremely helpful. She said they had tried to contact me on my home phone after i left the last message but could not get through. I explained to her why but i was somewhat baffled as i have never given Cobetts my telephone number however i know that Natwest have got it...........She said they had gone back to their client and asked for updated instructions but as yet they had not heard back. I have asked her to chase them and get back to me as this situation is getting silly and is accruing daily interest needlessly. I also thought i'd prove helpful and gave her a live settlement figure as at todays date........I also pointed out to her that situation i find myself in at the moment is that her client is currently chasing me for money so as soon as they pay me i will pay them! Simple really when you think about it! Watch this space!!!!!
  11. Well just to keep you updated i posted letter to Cobbetts last week on the 12th giving them one more chance to serve and file their disclosure statements etc etc that letter went by recorded delivery of course. Needless to say as yet i have heard nothing in return but i think i have learnt the painful lesson of how rude and ignorant Cobbetts can be. (Only my personal opinion) In my legal secretarial days i was always taught that it was always polite to acknowledge a persons letter even if you could not deal with their issues straight away........anyway I have my letter ready now ha ha ready to take to the Court on Thursday informing them of Cobbetts non-compliance. I can only hope that this moves things along somewhat. ????????????????????????????????????????????????
  12. Scott, I'm scott chuffed for you. Being a woman its brought a tear to my eye......sorry.... i'm so pleased for you. You give me the strength to carry on................................you've deserved every penny..............just do me one favour??????????????? ENJOY!!!!!! von x
  13. Nattie, understand what you are sying hence i have started a second claim. The current position i find myself in has happened only this year after i strated my "biggy claim" all i am trying to do is stop the debt spiralling out of control but to do that natwest are saying i have to make immediate payment........ maybe we are both saying the same but coming from different angles?????????????????:idea:
  14. I hear what you are all saying and thank you so much for your thoughts i'm so appreciative your support. What you say does make sense but my bank charges claim refund has already been spent on much more important debts. I'm sorry if this does not make sense but my ad gold account is not the highest of my priorities. Maybe to close it down is not an option but can i not at least freeze the account therefore not accruing anymore costs/charges...... Maybe nattie can comment on this for me...... Lol von
  15. Hi Fendy, Thanks for your reply. Its times like this when we need our spirits lifting. I know i'll get there in the end and the banks prey on people giving up the fight.......so i won't and every day that goes past just means more money. Out of spite i think i might just have to start another claim!!!! Von x
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