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  1. I did apply online but this was 2005 After my application I received a letter off citi saying "Thank you for your application which has been accepted and you will receive your citi card at 23.6% interest" - and it goes on Now I may have ticked a box online but until they had agreed the application I had no way of knowing what the terms would be Then when I received the card it was stuck to the credit agreement which had no signature box on it to sign and return I still have these
  2. Wright Hassall Solicitors are acting on behalf of cabot They wrote to me after i filled my witness statement stating that case law has evolved to include modern methods of signing including ticking the i accept box on an online application form We are currently awaiting a copy of your agreement from our client yet at this stage must inform you that your agreement remains to be enforceable, we intend to proceed to trial on the basis that you freely admit ownership of this debt in your witness statement.
  3. POC The Claimant's claim is for debt(s) arising from consumer credit act 1974 agreements(s) The claimant is an assignee of the following debts, notice of the assignment having been given to the defendant in writing. Citifinancial credit card acc no xxxxxxxxxxxx Despite demands for payment the above sums remain due The claimant therefore claims the sum of #4551.16 interest under s.69 county court act 1984 and costs My initial defence was A regulated agreement is not properly executed unless— (a)a document in the prescribed form itself containi
  4. Original creditor was citi Last payment was 14 / 11/ 2008 Card last used 12/12/2008 Defence At the end of 2008 we were hit with a recession and being in the building trade I was hit hard and needed to get my finances in order. My credit card was near its maximum and I was struggling to make the monthly payments, I was advised to get a copy of my agreement and to see if I had any un-lawful charges or ppi insurance on my account as many of the credit card companies had been adding these. I said I had never signed an agreement and was told that if I had not
  5. I have a credit card debt which i sec 78 in dec 2009, I had never signed an agreement with the company and they never supplied a valid agreement from the sec 78 (I have a my original agreement which came with the card in 2005 but had no signature box to sign) They sold the debt on to cabot and cabot issued court proceedings in dec 2014 which is 6 years from the last payment (5y 9m from default) I have disputed the claim as no agreement was signed and sent in my court defence they have since written to me and said I have now acknowledged the debt in my defence and ha
  6. if you acknowledged a debt after 6 years does the clock start up again ?
  7. Andy Can you offer me any advise on this please, Can I reclaim my charges at this stage, if so how would I go about it?
  8. Ok thanks, I don't really know how to defend it. If I get a ccj, do I have any time to pay it before it is registered to stop it?
  9. I was going to respond to my court claim with either "admit part of the claim" or "counter claim" and write a defence that there is £xxx of unfair charges and interest which i wish to claim against the original sum Is this the best way to go?
  10. They put it on when I opened the card, as soon as I realised I canceled it as I'm self employed and it does not cover self employed
  11. It is for a credit card, now you have got me worried Could you take a look at the attached sheet and let me know if you think i have a claim - It would be much appreciated!
  12. Haha no its halifax I was referring to when they all changed the amount they charged in about 2007 before that they charged £25 per item then it went to £12 per item , I was not sure if I can claim back charges after it dropped to £12 I have received court papers and trying to put together a counterclaim
  13. UPDATE! Sorry its late, I lost track of the thread I followed the instructions and sent for a cca They sent me a cut and paste , I wrote back and told them this was not a true copy but i never heard anything back
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