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  1. I wasn't paying for PPI......... Should I let this be or request that in the absence of CCA the alleged debt be written off? Roscodog
  2. Nearly 8 weeks and I still have had no reply to that letter.......... Roscodog
  3. Got my paperwork from the SAR.................£2700 worth of charges dating back to 1995. Should I claim 8% on this? LBA will be winging it's way soon Roscodog
  4. Greatly appreciated..I'll post this today.. Roscodog
  5. Lewis have just sent me a letter asking for full payment..no mention of the CCA which they have not complied with........should I reply inform them that they are in default and that the account should be regarded as in despute? Any advice would be gratefully recieved. Roscodog18
  6. Thanks for your advice........very much appreciated. If I hear anything back I will let you all know....... Roscodog
  7. Sorry......I have already claimed back the penalty charges.......actually got a judgement against them because they 'forgot' to submit a defense and their systems did not pick this up. If there is no CCA then surley all payments made to Lewis Group/ Morgan Stanley and the interest charged can be claimed back? Is is worth sending a CCA request direct to Morgan Stanley? Roscodog
  8. Sorry to take so long to reply...........house is now sold.........mortgage to Alliance and Leicester and also a secured loan to Kennsington Mortgages have ben cleared so now it is time to hit back. I had almost £6K of early redemption penalties between them......am I correct that these cannot be reclaimed? as for the penalty charges is it the same standard procedure.......SAR, Prelim, N1...... roscodog
  9. Still no response from the Lewis Group............I have cancelled my standing order and 3 payments have now been missed.........clearly the CCA does not exist any more or cannot be located........what should I do now? If Morgan Stanley do not have a CCA can I go after them? Any advice would be appreciated. Roscodog
  10. I have an outstanding cc debt to Morgan Stanley, it was sold to The Lewis Group and I have been paying £50 per month to it by standing order for the last 6 months or so (s/o now cancelled!)........ I sent a CCA request with a £1 postal order on 06/03/09 and have had no response.......including no request for the missed payment. How should I proceed? Any advice would be gratefully recieved. Roscodog
  11. Hi, a stat demand is simply that.....a very official looking letter.......it is one of the cheaper options used by DCA's ( on the instruction of their client). It has no legal basis......if you deny that the money is owed they then have to decide whether to spend money and take further action.....like I said the denial will be difficult to find and usually right at the end of the letter. Roscodog
  12. As for Stat Demands.........very borderline in legal terms. Burried right at the end is a denial paragraph which will be small and insignificant looking.....the rest of the document is designed to make you panic and not read to the end..........sign the denial and the Stat Demand is dead!!!!!!!!!!! I should also say that when a DCA is onto you that they work to targets and will go for the easy victim in order to reach their targets. Make yourself take up their time, ask questions, write letters, request CCA's.....legally they must reply in 28 days to every request.........you will flagup on their computer 'diary' daily as the time starts to run out. If we all wrote letters the entire system would grind to a halt:-) Roscodog
  13. My current partner is a Para Legal debt collector.........Stat demands are sent out by debt collecting agencies by the hundred daily.......( they have targets, 500 a day per person is common!) ....they KNOW that these have them on very shaky ground legally but hope to bully people into paying up.....best thing to do in response is send letters, ask questions, request CCA's.......when targets are involved they will put awkward people to the bottom of the pile and go for the easy targets. just what I have been told from someone on the other side oif the fence.....I should say that she has seen a whole new side to debt collecting since I have shown her this site...... roscodog
  14. Lots more to tell..........bottom line these people are only doing a job so avoid being nasty, cheeky or anything that gets personal!......they are on targets so always go for the easy option......write letters to them as legally they MUST respond within 28 days......don't cover everything in one letter, send several .....if we all did this the industry would grind to a halt with the volume of post .....send CCA's..the more work they have to do the better .......they will ALWAYS go for the soft touch first...so if you appear clued up on legalities you have a better chance of beating them......often they will bend or break the rules.......they know that these debts are often unenforcable but will bully people into paying........industry standard for purchasing a debt is 10p in the pound......if your debt is £5000 it will be sold for £500......often the companies have little or no collection strategy and hope that people will cave and pay after a few nasty letters Roscodog
  15. My partner works in the DCA.......now I am showing her that the people who get these demands are 'real people' not just a number to squeeze for money. She has sent out hundreds of these..........out a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are an unenforcable scare tactic in the hope that the debtor will cave and settle due to the threat of bankruptcy. If you do not reply nothing further can be done. The debt is time barred and is not not in your name..........the only way they can get money from you is if you believe their bullying letters and underhand tactics and give it to them.......no Court would order payment. This is info from someone who knows the DCA systems............. LOT MORE inside info to come.............(wish I had known is years ago!!!!!) Roscodog
  16. £3515 plus interest ......going back to 1994! At date of service including interest this took it to over £8500..........part of Eversheds defence stated that without admiting liability.....blah blah blah they had arange a refund of all charges within the 6 year period.....never arrived then the stay was imposed. I have been looking at my stayed claims again..my marriage after 19 years has ended and the financial pressure applied by banks is a large contributory factor in this. roscodog
  17. No , it was an N1 form....... roscodog
  18. Martin, I banked with Lloyds and had a terminal through Cardnet. Business struggled, Lloyds bounced payments to Cardnet ( usually under £40 because we didn't use the terminal much) and charged me £35 to do it, Cardnet then charged me £35 for the failed payment. I took Lloyds to Court and won for the penalty charges and decided to go after Cardnet who repaid penalty charges and interest (totaled over £400) when I sent them a second (LBA) letter. Roscodog
  19. I have been going through my claims file and have a stayed claim against Barclaycard. It was stayed pending the test case result. Should I apply to have the stay lifted and press on with this? Roscodog
  20. I hope someone can offer advice. I have a business claim currently stayed pending the test case.......should I apply to have the stay lifted? Or sit tight? Thank you Roscodog
  21. The scandal of pet food is not the price but what is in it!!!!!! I switched feeding my dogs to a 100% raw diet 3 years ago and would now never feed any commercial pet food. If you want to be shocked google 'what is in pet food' warning *** NOT for the squeamish*** Roscodog
  22. They buys a large number of irrecoverable, unenforcable debts and bully people into paying up....... Roscodog
  23. The company she works for do a huge amount of work..the biggest client 'buys ' debts then uses the company she works for to collect.....just passed on 10,000 cases!!!!!!!!!!!!! the ironic thing is her company represents a credit card co that I took to Court and they didn't turn up! so i got a judgement......and paid out:) roscodog18
  24. well........after 19 years married my wife left me......combined debts probably had something to do with this.......strange thing is the new lady in my life is a para legal.....a debt collector.......hates her job and she sued her bank for over £2.5K.......way OVER what the true figure was but she knew they would not argue! ( pre test case). Any info I can share I will............ Roscodog18
  25. Just note that if your card processing company have ever hit you with penaltieis you can reclaim them.I did and Lloyds paid out on LBA so I didn't have to push hard for it.......got the interest back as well! I prefer to use cash whenever possible. Roscodog
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