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  1. any advice please, anything i am at my wits end with this
  2. Hi thre, we have had dealings with LBL and it is still ongoing, my OH borrowed £500 (i know i know) and signed the agreement (incedentaly this was outside a shop with 1 man, isn't there supposd to be 2?) anyway, we fell behind with payments and they have taken the car, about 4 mths ago now, have not bothered to contact them as we hadn't heard from them, we put it down to stupidity and got another banger. anyway a month or so later we received a letter stating that the car had been sold at auction for £917 and we still owe £1900 we have been charged nearly all of this on charges, it has now been sold to a company called OPAS who we still have not paid, my hubby is refusing as he is saying let them take me to court, over 2k for a £500 loan is ridiculous, the did not adv the APR at the time - has anyone had any luck with reclaiming these charges?
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