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  1. thanks I rung the court up and they said it is payable:(
  2. I have sent the details of the charges to the solicitors DG and the Northampton court, do I send a copy to my local court that it's been assigned to? I have checked and they only accept cheques so I am going to have to beg a friend to write one as I don't have a cheque account.
  3. I now have a notice of Transfer of Proceedings It says a defence to this claim has been filed. The claim has been transferred to the court covering the area where the claiment lives or carries on business. Please read the accompanying documents carefully. It then says on page 2 it is ordered that the filing of an allocation questionnaire be dispensed with in this case unless the district judge at the court of transfer orders otherwise. Any party affected by this order may under rule 3.3 (5) apply to have it set aside, varied or stayed. Such a party must apply under rule 2
  4. Well I ended up not claiming the overdraft interest. Today the 28 days were up on MCOL and HSBC filed a defence. Do I now just sit tight and await for notice of transfer? I am assuming they will send this via post to my home address. I have read about the allocation questionnaire sometimes not being sent, I am desperate to get everything right so they don't have an excuse not to pay up. I feel like I have read the user guises several times over. Once I have the transfer notice how long does it usually take until the court date? I am often out on the road visiting clients
  5. I am currently helping my friend reclaim her charges from Abbey. On her statement it shows a list of refunded charges of £30 from unpaid cheques. We are able to match them up to where the cheque bounced but cannot see abbey charging her for it. So do we just claim everything else? we don't want to jeopordise the claim by getting it wrong thanks for your help
  6. I have now asked my legal department at work but they don't know. I have rung the council who don't know but suggested it could be one of three courts (Harlow, Hertford or Chelmsford) I have rung all 3 but the phone just rings or there is an answer phone telling me the lines are open 9-5. I need to know so I can file my claim but can't find anyone who can give me a definitive answer. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  7. I now live in Bishops Stortford and although the postal address is hertfordshire the postcode cm23 is an Essex one. How do I find out which County court to use. I have been on http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/HMCSCourtFinder/ListCourts.do?pager.offset=48 but it seems unless you know your county court it''s not much help. Does anyone know which one I should use? Thanks
  8. thank you for your posts. I did not claim overdraft interest, firstly because despite the fact I think the amount of fees charged is wrong it was me who ran my account in a terrible manner and secondly despite being the daughter of an accountant am slightly dyslexic with figures so found the basic sheet hard enough to do. Is it worth trying to get someone to help me claim overdraft interest or is it too late? I haven't let them know the normal interest I am claiming yet. Thanks
  9. I have today written my LBA to HSBC requesting a refund of £4113. Starting to get edgy now and I am not sure why. I have read all the threads several times over but am very worried about going to the court stage especially as my claim including interest is close to the £5k mark. Mr Langdale will have another letter on his desk tomorrow morning. any tips welcome.
  10. Hi new here. Have just written out the request for statements to HSBC. Looked up their official address which is showing as Docklands, I always thought it would be Poultry? Second question do I make the cheque payable to HSBC Bank? Last question is setting up a new bank account, they all seem to need a set amount of money paid in every month but I just want it as a standby, any suggestions? Looking forawrd to trying to get some money back.
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