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  1. claim accepted by mcol!!!!! Natwest have 14 days to reply !!!!! Now its time for some readinging and nail biteing !!!!
  2. yeah but when ive searched on mcol its says that 135 bishopgate the post code is different! ive selected natwest an see what happens best of luck to you too! ill keep in contact so we can croos reference! nervous i have to say as going to court with all these new things ive read! i took halifax and they coughed up after 14 days of mcol! some how i dont think natwest will be so eay !
  3. hi guys just fillin mcol in but when ive searched the postcode of natwest it brings 2 companies up natwest and i think royal bank of scotland which do i put on to serve papers ta jonny
  4. got it sorted gonna send a n lba explaining they have 7 days but send it reciepted delivery! then next stage court
  5. soz aint seen where that link is, any pointers please?
  6. thanks hedgey, Royal mail eh would have em!
  7. Thanks nattie, but just worried that if it goes all the way they could turn round to say they didnt recieve any documents from me, which i have no proof of sending! i would love to go to court now, anyone had same senario? ta jonny
  8. Thanks Hedgy for good advise ! Nattie what would you do ? thanks!
  9. right people ive got a problem ! having taken Natties advise i rang natwest. they said they have recieved nothing from me. the recorded delivery i sent for prelim and lba both say on its way by royal mail. so ive no idea whats happened what steps should i now take? start again at prelim? send another lba? go straight to money claim? if i need to send letters can someone sort me the right address as i sent to cust relations borehamwood
  10. Hi every one ive sent prelim and LBA, which was up satuerday but ive had no reply what so ever i even sent 2 letters between prelim and lba to say ive had no reply. Sent both recorded delivery but royal mail says on its way. is this due to the address been a free post? what should i do go straight to money claim? thanks
  11. Well no reply from natwest so LBA goes today, watch this space!
  12. cheers toon that eases my mind about the non signed for ta
  13. Well i waited for over 2 months for my sar to arrive, they said it was due to having no open date on my account (as its now closed) they couldnt find it! sent off my prelim letter recorded but no signature, is this due to it being freepost? so after a week and a couple of days ive just sent a reminder letter with attached prelim, their not getting the better of me im sticking to my time table. hahaha
  14. What a set of bankers!! Just rang NatWest they then gave me a number where all S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) are being looked at which is 0131 6261121 (lorraine cassidy) which told me...wait for it... they sent a letter 18th jan saying they couldnt find my account with the account and sort code i gave them, NO LETTER EVER ARRIVED what a joke. Anyway i asked if it could be found by my address and low and behold it came up delay tic tacs or what! said they could now take up to 14 days to arrive!
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