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  1. We moved out on 5th May but as we were tennants post 5th April we still had a case? Anyone know? Sadly I don't have the original 'contract' which was just a one page document downloaded from the Internet.
  2. Thanks for the response. I agree with you about the £100 rent issue but i am inclined to want to pursue them for non protection of deposit. Can i submit a claim using N1/N208 solely for the non protection issue, given that all but £100 of my deposit was repaid or do i need to use this non payment of full deposit as a reason for bringing the case?
  3. Hi, Just want a bit of advice on a couple of issues if possible. My partner and i found a short term tenancy (3 months) through a private LL back in Feb 2012, we paid a deposit of £700. On moving out the LL returned £600 and when we queried this, we were told that a deduction was made for additional rent as we stayed '4 extra nights'. This would seem reasonable but for the fact that, when we enquired about staying on for '3 days' the LL said this was 'fine' and could we show prospective tennants around the property. There was no mention or agreement on additional rent, if this had
  4. The FOS told me yesterday that interest was only attributed for one month on each PPI payment, hence why the amount of 'assosiated interest' they pay back seems quite small. I cant work out from my statements whether that is the case or not but explains the levels they are paying if true. Cheers Red
  5. Hi Camdenite, Im also watching with interest having just recieved a similar settlement from MBNA. My PPC repayments and 8% interst figure seem correct but the associated interest figure of £46 on PPC payments totalling £1,450 across 7 years seems strange. Im trying to work out from my statements whether interest has been applied on the PPC payments but cannot get the figure to correspond with the Monthly rate of 2.2071% quoted on my statement, including or excluding the PPC payment for that month. I estimate if contractual interest has been applied including the PPC payments th
  6. Hi, I claimed PPI back form an Abbey credit card (MBNA) at the begining of the year. They of course said no so i referred it to the Ombudsman and had a letter from them last week to say they had spoken to MBNA and they have agreed to refund all PPI + £100 goodwill gesture. My question now is how do i work out how much i should be getting? I have caluclated the charges to about £1500 going back to 2003. The letter from the ombudsman states how the figure should be calculated by reconstructing the account etc but im not sure i understand this. Ive previously claimed back charges
  7. Hi, I wrote to GE Money asking them to refund PPI but as my insurance was taken out in 2000 it wasnt covered by the FOS so they have told me they cannot do anything and refered me to the FLA. Is there any point in going down this route and has anyone had success with them ? I thought i may have a case as i have still been paying the PPI unknowingly until recently and i know that GE were fined by the FSA for their misselling. My policy was apparently sold over the phone and there is nothing signed by me Red
  8. Yes that seems logical, thanks Martin. What is a section 10 notice ? Red
  9. I am going to put in a claim, i also have another for my main account which has been 'stayed' for 2 years so might revisit that one. Back to my initial question though, should i write to them requesting that my account should not have been defaulted or a note made on my credit file as this was in essence due to the charges on the account? Thanks
  10. Hi, yes im back here again seeking some more advice! I have an account with a £500 overdraft limit that i rarely use as it isnt my main account. It has been sittting around the £500 OD mark with charges/interest etc taking it over the limit, i would transfer money in to try and keep it under the limit but then charges/interst would take it over again. Then, in January of all times Barclays decided that because i hadnt made any paymnets into this account for a while and it had frequently gone over the limit they were going to close the account as they judged i had defaulted. They are no
  11. Ok ive now received a 2 page letter from Barclays which basically says that they have investigated my claim and found that the rules have been adhered to and if i didnt want PPI i shouldnt have accepted it. They also sent a signed copy of the agreement. I realise i agreed to it but felt at the time as if this would help my loan application by agreeing to this cover. Dont know what my options are now. Is it the Ombudsman ?
  12. Hi does anyone have a POC i can use for RBS credit card or is it just a generic template. ?
  13. Hi HellHas, What do you think my next step should be ? Do you think maybe an LBA type letter, followed by a claim through MCOL ? Red
  14. They sent me what i think is a copy of the agreement, both the bank copy to be signed and returned and a customer copy to be retained. Neither are signed although i am sure i signed and sent back the original.
  15. Thanks HellHas, Sorry i didnt mention that i requested a copy of the agreement first, although its not signed the figures are as follows :- Cash Loan Amount of Loan £2000 Total Charge for credit £1127.20 Total Amount Payable £3127.20 Premium Loan Amount of Loan £509.27 Total Charge for Credit £286.93 Total Amount payable £796.20 Total = £3923.40 It says the loan is in 2 parts with the premium loan being the single premium payment to purchase Barclayloan protection. I asked for the PPI to be repaid as believe it was misold which is when they sai
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