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  1. Dont worry Ken, keep checking your account. They paid back my fees in three separate payments. I dont know why though. If they dont pay it pursue it with MCOL and tell them they have only partially settled your claim (i think)
  2. My acknowledement took a few days and then the statements arrived, nicely bound, a couple of weeks later. I guess they're getting busier now as more people realise they can claim back what is rightfully theirs. Sit tight and they should turn up. Then just follow the advice on this site and you WILL win
  3. Good luck. Not that you should need it. All you need to do is work out a way to enjoy the £1000 or so pounds you will recieve back in about 5-6weeks time!!
  4. my apologies. i presumed it was a flat fee. i paid £120 when claiming against Nationwide. i'm still pretty new to this so any advice is greatfully recieved
  5. skintsteve, All the above is valid but you still owe MBNA £5300.... If you can, transfer the balance to a 0% interest card (even if you have to pay a fee to do so). Then at least what you pay is coming off the debt and not just repaying the interest
  6. MCOL fee is about £120 I think. You will get this back when they settle though. And make sure you add your interest on when you fille your claim. Templates for the claim form are in the library. I'm chasing MBNA for the remainder of the £258 they owe me. They sent a cheque for £140 which I have accepted as partial payment!
  7. thanks for the information. I shall try and apply the charges to the claim although i have already sent off my Prelim request letter, accepting the £140 as part payment and asking for the remainder to be paid forthwith. If they do not co-operate then I shall claim the full ammount, with interest through Moneyclaim
  8. The £252.50 is just the amount that they have taken. i've read other threads when claiming from previous organisations and was under the impression tht contractural interest could only be claimed of the claim went as far as the small claims court. I didnt think it was applicable if the organisation setled prior to court? I will double check on the MBNA threads then and see of I can claim some more.
  9. Cheque arrived for £140 today....do I cash this as acceptance of part payment and claim the remaining £112.50 or do I send it back and claim the lot? Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi, Sorry for the delay....had Christmas in the way....back to business now. I recieved my statements back on the 21st Dec and it looks like they have taken £252.50 in Late Fees over the years....not a lot but every little helps. They also offered a goodwill payment of £140....i was going to write back and refuse this...asking for the full £252.50. I was going to write back with my Preliminary request but can I claim contractural interest at this stage or do I wait untill I file a Moneyclaim?
  11. Got an offer back from 1st Direct yesterday. £757.50!!!! Perfect! That's my Christmas sorted then. Usual donation will be on its way to this site and questionare ill be filled in. Many thanks for everyones help one all the threads. For all those people who haven't yet taken the plunge....DO IT! Pursue the banks for the return of all YOUR money!!!
  12. Here we go..... SAR sent off to MBNA today...I dont know how succesful with this one. All i know is that I've had several cards with MBNA over the years and managed to incur charges on most of them. The trouble is I no longer have records of the cards or the accounts as they were closed and paid off when I decided to sort my life and my finances out. I've just asked for a SAR on any accounts I may have had with them....dont know of it'll work but its worth a try!
  13. Sent my LBA off on 23rd Nov and the following day (more by coincidence) I recieved and offer from FD of £601.00. They pointed out a that I'd missed out a refund they'd given me so I double checked my statements and found a charge that I hadnt added! The new figure is £757.50. I have revised my LBA, sent it back to them and told them that I will only accept £601 as a part payment towards this figurre. Otherwise, I shall carry out the threat of court action. Game on!!
  14. Not had time to do it yet but when I do I'm going to send it here: MBNA Europe Bank Ltd Chester Business Park Wrexham Road Chester CH4 9FB
  15. thanks very much. I'll send the letter tomorrow and see how I get on!
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