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  1. my wife switched utilities at the begining of the year and now npower are sending demands for £600 my wife setup the npower paperless billing thing were its all done online , after phoneing them all they say is we owe this money and don't explain anything apart from this is how you can pay it, as we have no paper trail to see if we owe this money any help on the steps needed to find out what we owe if anything would be much appreciated ? i put this post in a the utilities section a few days ago with no replies so repostin it here and hoping for better look thanks in advance
  2. my wife switched utilities at the begining of the year and now npower are sending demands for £600 my wife set the npower paperless billing thing were its all done online as we have no paper trail to see if we owe this money any help on the steps needed to find out wot we owe if anything would be much appreciated ?
  3. A little help needed just been hit with a £35 bank charge, and all that goes into my account is benefits my wifes DLA and my carers allowance and such for looking after her i read the banks can't touch your state benefits but they fobbed me off on the phone banking tonight saying i was talking bollocks, so could use a little help (ammo) if you will any1 help me out on this as £35 basically means we arn't gonna eat.
  4. Thanks for the help so far guys its very much appreciated
  5. Thanks i'm adjusting the non compliance letter to suit my needs i sent the original data request on 29th of august, at what point does the 40 days start so i can include that in the letter,on how many days remaining they have to comply.
  6. Hi i just recieved my statements from halifax after i did the Data Protection Act request and its numbered pages 1-49 and all 49 pages are there, but i'm missing years between 2001-2004 and my wife has a couple of old statements which do not corespond to the ones halifax have sent and have charges missing from them all together do i have to wait the 40 days or can a rattle of a letter to them ? help apreciated :?
  7. k thanks 4 the address ill do a letter to them yeah its press this number if ur not the person but i aint giving them penny of my money, my wife figured out we've had the number for over 5 years now and we've never heard of this person so were qioet baffled.
  8. In the past 2 weeks had a few automated phone usually i hang up but ive listened to a few of them now and seem to be coming from CSL asking for somebody i've never heard of i've had this phone number for a number of years now, so anybody know who these guys are so i can send a nice letter to stop them calling.
  9. Woot Result !!! Today got up all pumped up to have ago at anybody on the end of a halifax phone and 1st person i got to said gimme a sec ill look at your account and she cancelled the charge there and then and i never vented my anger once... the only down side is the next person peeing me off today is gonna get an earfull as it was all stored up 4 halifax... thanks for all the help guys as usual u guys rock
  10. yes the DD was not paid and bounced so the charge is for this, the manager at the bank point bank refused to refund, so do i wait for setanta to pay now or do i go back to the bank and complain on the phone again about it to someone more senior like you suggest ?
  11. i went to my local halifax branch to find it was'nt a branch it was an agency so 12 miles down the road to a branch and the staff had no clue about the dd gaurantee , eventually they go find someonone higher up the food chain in the branch who then proceeds to tell me the money was not paid to sentanta so i can't claim anything back and they won't refund the £39 as they don't trust sentanta to pay them it so i have to chase sentanta for the £39 bank charge now. is this right ? how i did'nt loose my rag today i don't know .
  12. my wife signed up over the phone and after i got the letter from the bank i phoned setanta and asked what the hell is oging on and they said i should of recieved a welcome pack and stuff with all the info on and funnily enuff today i have received the welcome pack after i phoned and it says date of 1st payment was 4th of august which is strange cos bank says it was 6th anyways next payment would be taken on 30th of august but the letter was dated 28th august, so do i just phone bank again and say i want to claim it bank under the dd gaurantee.
  13. hi i've subscribed to setanta sports and they took 1st payment 6th of august, so as i had'nt received a single letter or anything from them i thought the next payment would be 6th of september, today i received a letter from my bank saying they tried to take payment on 30th august, the bank wont do goodwill gesture and there wasnt enuff money in account at the time so £39 charge, im in the process of claiming charges so ill add that on i, read somewere i have to be informed, when dd are coming out of my account and i was'nt in this case, i have an address for setanta to write to is there
  14. sorry but sky customer services dosn't exist until you get to the cancellation department, and then if by miracle these people cant actually sort things out the other 5 muppets can't, they fob you off with as much jibberish as they can spout.
  15. got a letter from wescott today saying they will no longer be pursuing the debt after they got my statue barred letter.
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