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  1. Hi all, Unfortunatly I had to the need to take out a payday loan last week, long story but due to a vets bill then the vet going back on their promise of a payment plan (and yes I did ask the vet and made it clear of my finacial position before they treated my pet) they are demanding the payment in full right now, so last week I took out a payday loan with tower capital this was thurs last week, I was accepted and the loan paid out also on thurs, however they did say the loan would take 1-3 working days to credit my account, so today is the 3rd day and no money, I have phoned them and they say the money has been sent, checked my account details again all ok, what should I do now, as the loan is due to be re-paid next fri (25th) and I guess they'll just take payment for a loan I have yet to receive, I am now desperate as I paid the vets with the money I had for my bill's which come out of my account this thurs so i am really worried. have I been scammed?
  2. Hi, No not really, I lost my job a few times so he paid my share of the mortgage, and he transfered me just over £5,000 into my bank, which I can prove with statments, but no legal contract, i.e I will lend you x amount for x,y and z, he also paid for my food and cost of living etc etc, I can prove I never contributed to the mortgage, via statments as he paid all the bills from his sole account. Helen
  3. Hi, I currently owe around £80,000 increasing daily and as I am disabled and only work part-time (but keep getting fired when I get too ill)! I am finding it too hard to go on, today i received another ccj through the post, I am only 24 and need a fresh start, my problem is 6 years ago I bought a house with my partner, I didnt pay towards the mortgage, but instead ran up debts without my partner knowing, I ended up borrowing money from him (£10,000) over 2 years he eventually found out about the debts (then £20,00) and we split up, as he still wanted the house, I just needed to come off the mortgage, so he had to buy me out, there was aprx £25,00 in equity so my intrest was £12,500, so we agreed he would give me £2,500 and keep the house as I owed him £10,000. I moved back with my parents and got ill, so lost my job and the debts escalated with charges and intrest, so I took out more loans to cover it stupid I know so the debt rose and rose, I wanted to go bankrupt a year ago, but I was told as I gave my ex beneficial intrest the official receiver in a bankruptcy hearing would make him give me the £10,000 back I didnt think this fair as he would have to sell his house and that was his money and he paid for everything, so I was told to wait 5 years, But today i was told by the cccs that the official receiver would only go back 2 years for creditor getting beneficial intrest, and also his house is now in negative equity. so I phoned a bankruptcy helpline who said they would still chase him for the money regardless of neg equity and they can go back more than 5 years, so does this mean I cannot go bankrupt, as I will not consider it if it could get my ex in debt and he could lose his home over my stupidity, I'd prefer to be in debt for the rest of my days to be honest. please help. H
  4. Hi, an update, the next day the laptop arrived, so I took it back to store and they have logged it as a return, but wouldnt give me anything to prove return, he just kept saying he'd logged it and thats all he could do, and I would be refunded within 3/5 days, thats passed and still no refund, everytime I ring cpw up I get told the same thing, they will have to email someone called nuno and I'll be refunded, but still nothing is happening, now today I've been told there are 4 nuno's all are diffrent people, so they have emailed another nuno and I'll still have to wait, the advisor today told me it could be up to 60 days, trading standards are now looking in to it, but they even said they cant get refunds, all they can do is tell them to refund me in an acceptable time, could I start court proceedings to get my money, espicially since they breeched the contract?
  5. Hi, I have a very big problem with carphone warehouse, I took a 3 mobile broadband contract out with them, also with the offer came a free laptop, which I havent received, I had a credit check with 3 who passed me providing I paid £150.00 deposite, which was refundable after 6 months, my mum paid this for me, for my birthday, thinking I could get a new laptop, but also as I would get the money back, the next day the moden came (no laptop) so I installed the modem and tried to use it but it would not work, so I contacted 3 who said |I had actually failed the credit check and the contract had never been started and the order cancelled and to return to modem immideatly, which I did, I was also told I would get a refund of my depostie from carphone warehouse, I took everything back to carphone but they are refusing to refund me as the laptop was apperantly deliverd and they are now saying today that I havent even returned the modem, the confirmed that the order was cancelled but say the money has been passed to 3, but 3 say they would have no account for me so cannot refund as Carphone have the money and processed the payment, I have spoke to trading standards who say that I wont be able to prove I didnt receive the laptop and return the items so carphone can keep the deposit, but the deposit was ment for 3 as they requested it, so how can I get my money back? I also signed for the modem, which carphone say was the laptop. anyhelp! Thanks Helen
  6. Hi, My credit rating is terrible, but I wanted a contract phone, so applied for a contract with 3, I didnt expect to be accepted but I was, the next day my phone came but didnt work, so I phoned their useless customer service people up who said they had cancelled my order due to an internal error, and the phone will not work and they basically didnt want my custom, as I had failed the credit check, even tho I was told I had passed! anyway I went to check my bank balance and found that 3 had taken 21... yes 21 payments of their admin charge of £1.95, I phoned them I they say they have not and will not refund me, I have put a cliam in with my bank and they are giving me the money back. anyway today another phone (diffrent to the one I order'd) appeared from 3, I tried to use it and it works, I cannot find any info out as to what contract I have and what I am paying and how many contracts I have, 3 are demanding I send the 1st phone back, which I will do as it doesnt work, but has anyone got any advice of what to do with this 2nd phone, i really would like a contract but I am confused should I send this back too and does anyone know where to get any info about my contract, I have tried the call centre and I'd get more info from a frog! Thanks
  7. Hi, Thanks for that, I have sent him proof of purchase and a seperate letter to confirm change of ownership, which he has received, my partner think it's just a case of buyers regret, as if the item has devoloped a fault then he can just go to pogo as it is still under warrenty, still! H
  8. Hi again! I have just been on the phone to Lloyds and I was told that they were under the impression that they'll be told their charges are unfair, she was really nice and said she felt that people like me (skint) are the people that are getting penialised by these systems and since they changed their rules on bank charges they've actually been making more money! I know this is only 1 persons view but it is intresting! she'll probebly get the sack now!
  9. Hi, An update, I paid for the pogo to be transferred to the buyer, all went well and he was happy, I also checked with trading standards and they say I have done everything required of me now, so again I heard nothing for a while, then today the buyer has emailed me to say he cannot get updates via pogo online and he cannot contact them, I tried to contact pogo and got through straight away, they told me it would be a problem with his computer and nothing to do with the pogo unit, if it was he needs to contact them to sort it out, but he just says he cant get through, what I want to know is do I have any more responsibility to this sale, I did not say it was working, just that it was new, which it was. But I would like to say to the buyer that I have done all I can and he needs to contact pogo to sort out the problems, am I allowed to do this? Thanks again Helen
  10. Ok well I cant afford to refund him, would there be any point him going to court as I am going solvent? (ie have no money) he has refused transfer fee, and not only wants that but £50 for the subcription, I cant afford this nor affor a refund, I ve been told by trading standards not to tell him this........ yet as it would be like a red flag to a bull, there advice to him would be no to pursue me through the courts as it would cost and there is no point pursuing someone who has no money, is this correct, and now how should I deal with this numpty, no offence but he has had 4 months, I am sorry but I did tell him to check everything straight away.
  11. Hi, Well thats a bit of good news! can he still take me to court tho, thats what he says he'll do! but I am skint, I mean going bankrupt shortly skint, so am I right in thinking if he were to do this he would be wasting his time, as that 'debt' would just go into my bancruptcy?
  12. Hi, I have contacted pogo, who say thats it ok to transfer ownership BUT there is a £35.00 charge for the pleasure, which my buyer does not want to pay and neither do I, he now says he wants to take me to court under the sale of goods act..........! if he had contacted me straight away I could have sorted it, grrrrrrrr as for the pogo, I had it because where I live there are millions of speed cameras, and lots of stoopid drivers who tail gate you if you stick to the speed limit, which I have a tendancy of doing, I have never been done for speeding, but my licence is preciuos and you hear storie where peopl are just doing 1 mile extra over the speed limit, which could be because your can is not calibrated right, but its still your fault, better safe than sorry! but to be honest I am always to scared to go fast, so I am one of thoese annoying drivers that slow everyone up!
  13. Hi, Just some background info, I am poor so selling my stuff on ebay, In Jan 2008 (9th) I sold my pogo alert, my partner had bought it me and he said he never registerd it, when I swithched it on it said to register to get updates, well I had an operation so couldnt drive, so sold it, I didnt register it, so sold it as not registered, on the 9th Jan 2008, anyway the buyer received it next day and left positive feedback, then yesterday emailed me (14th April 2008) to say it had been registerd and he couldnt use it as it requires a user name/password etc, which I dont know as I never registerd it, my partner thinks as he bought it through his exsisting account Pogo automatically registerd it to him? confusing! but this buyer is indicating he would like a refund as it was not as described, but it has taken him over 4 months to contact me and well over the 90 day period, so do I have to do anything as I am not a business, I havent got the money to refund him and the main point is that its took him so long, if he had contacted me within 4 weeks of sale I would have refunded him, but what do I have to do if anything!? ebay have said they'll pass on my info, but I dont want an agressive person upsetting me! Any advice! Thanks H
  14. I have also done this but thoes creditors say in min payment of £5.00 is required, I do not know if this is the case or not, but I cannot afford £5.00 per creditor?
  15. Hi, Thanks for the advice, I have contacted my creditors, and they say for me to pay via postal order, but a postal order costs more money and then postage, I pay each creditor between £1.00 and £2.00 each and have aprx 30 creditors, if I was to do this methd I wouldnt be able to afford the £1/2 payment, some creditors are sending me payment books to pay at the bank but only 8 of them, my ccjs are ok, as I have payment slips for thoese, but will thi mean that all the rest of my creditors will have to go for bankruptcy now? I will go bankrupt as soon as I can afford it, I would now but I am in receipt of no benefits now as they have been canceld due to a computer error, so I have to reapply, and then I will only get incapacity so get no help towards court fees, I have tried coop, had 3 strikes so they closed my account.
  16. I also had an account at abbey but I reclaimed charges so they closed it, I tried to open another one but was declined.
  17. I have had a few accounts in the past, to all the diffrent banks, which I went overdrawn with, these were closed and sent to debt collection agencys, I had a basic account with HSBC all was fine until today I was not paid by the job centre, which they admit was due to a computer error, due to this 4 direct debits were bounced, and I have just been told that hsbc will close this account as I have run it badly (this is the 1st time I have had direct debits bounce on this account, and it was not my fault) now I have no account, but the job centre say they have to pay it to an account, the only account there is is a post office account, but am I right in thinking it doesnt do direct debits? the only way I can pay the majority of my creditors is via direct debit, so what do I do now, I have used all the banks, hsbc, natwest, rbs, yorkshire bank, lloyds, barclays halifax, a&l and nationwide just declined my application for just a basic account, please help, as I dont know what to do.......... I really need a bank account.
  18. Hi. Thanks for that, I have tried the dda act against them, but they say they dont consider me disabled, which again I have proven my disability with doctors note etc, but they say, as I was temp my contract came to an end, and I didnt take up their offer of permenant employment as I didnt come back to work in the allocated time, so as it stands with them (or so they say) is that my temp contract came to end and thats that, which to me is aload or bs, as I have a permenant offer in writing! but no one can help I've tried every disablity help point, cab and my unions, also my old employer told me to reapply when (when being the main point) they have another position, but I have been told if I was offered a job before I do not have to reapply, but again the dwp say they are not aware of that so therefore I cant do that, also to reapply, I have to work in another job for 6 months apparently, so I give up, to be honest, its upset me so much I just dont think I'll ever get another job and keep it, I just keep getting fired and the employer always finds away of getting away with it, sorry to moan so much, I'm just getting annoyed!
  19. helenm1984


    Hi, Thats what I thought but lloyds say it has expired, but the card does say exp end 04/08, the cashing shops just rung me, what do I do? as I have no money at the moment
  20. helenm1984


    Hi, Due to my cicumstances I had to use a cheque cashing shop, I cashed 6 cheques £100 each, my card expired this month 04/08 they cashed 3 cheques in march which all cleared, as my benefit hasnt been paid (sorting) I had no money in my account to cover the next 3 cheques, so they bounced as the gaurentee is out of date, who's to blame and what happens now, as its not my fault they put them in after the card had expired, also the new card does npot have a gaurentee on it, they say this is because we are changing to chip and pin, The other problem is I cannot afford to pay the cheque cashing company back as they charge £45.00 per bounced cheque plus the hundred and I still havent got my benefit sorted! what do I do?
  21. Hi, I have had this problem before, I phoned the dla, they got my money back, I also wrote a letter of appropriation, the dla money is for her care needs only, creditors have no right to take it, I have opened a new basci bank account with a bank I owe no money too, the dwp advised me not to open a post office account as they'd had problems recently, also you can ask dla to pay her by giro, cash it at the post office, the dwp dont like to issue giros but she has the right to be paid any way she likes. I hope she gets it sorted! good luck. Helen
  22. Hi. Update, I tried to get a tribunaral but the dwp had already finished my temp contract and just said they were'nt renuing it, as I had not started the permenant job, they said I did not want it, I am too ill, reapply when your better! after everything the dwp (incapacity) benefit people wrote to me up to say I would not need to send sick notes in as I score highly on the points, but would review it in August 2008, joy! it would seem the dwp want to get disabled people off benefits but dont want to employ them or allow time off for people, what a joke! At the end of the day the dwp should relise if going to work will make your illness/disabilty worse then there is no point going to work, it is stressful for people who are really ill, well for me it was, getting fired, disaplinaries and the horrid looks, I hope one day they realise some people need time to get better, with no hassel I dont think it'll happen!
  23. Thankyou I will do, I'll send one with another fininacial statement, give them 2 things to lose or file under b instead of one!
  24. Hi, They are a real pain in the ass! I have aprx 3 phone calls a day, then they set me up on a repayment plan and phone back two mins later saying I never had that conversation and they cant set up a plan without a income exp form (even tho they've had 3)! and we keep going round in circles! I just tell them I'll pay what I can afford, ccj it I'll dispute it with charges, or they'll accept my offer, so you've just wasted x amount in court charges, as I'll soon be going bankrupt, that usually shuts them up! Thanks again! H
  25. Hi, Thanks for that is it the usual address I send it to, the address on my letter is their normally one. My debt was passed to a collection agency called fredrickson international, they also know nothing about the payment. suprise suprise! Thanks Helen
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