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  1. Thanks very much Bones, I have printed the letters out to Barclaycard and MBNA now and will be posting tomorrow. I didn't sign them, I printed the name and I have enclosed the PO and sent REC Del. I have used the Pavilion Drive, Northampton address though so do I need to change it before posting??? I will let you know the outcome. And I will read up on your post just now. Thanks again
  2. Hi. Don't know if this is of any help but this company was on Watchdog a few weeks ago for sending letters out to people without actually being able to clarify any details etc. I guess there would be more info on the watchdog website as I dont really remember much sorry.
  3. Hi, I am about to send CCA requests out to Barclays and MBNA for my husband but whether its because I've got the kids racing round me like lunatics or its just because I'm having a blonde moment I just cannot find the template letter in the CAG library!!! Would someone please link me to it before I need to go and buy hair extensions! Thanks in advance
  4. I just wanted to say I have read this thread over the last few nights as I am just about to start my own charges case against Halifax and I have been totally engrossed. I cant believe the battle you've had and how strong you've stayed throughout it! I hope I have as much strength. My heart sunk for you when I read about your day in court, I was gutted for you. I cant wait for you to finally get your money off them, your an inspiration to all of us just starting our cases. I had a claim settled way back in April 2007 but now I feel like a newbie starting over again, but I have had 8 c
  5. Thank you. I have found a page on the internet which gave lots of information on it, but I could not find anything to say that Strokes fell into their category. We were told that it was bought on through work, but as yet I still havent filled the form out because apparently it has to be filled out by a Doctor or a proper Cab specialist?? I think we will fill it out, but I wouldn't want them to stop anything my husband is already receiving while they look into it, as it took us such a long time to get the DLA etc in the first place.
  6. My harrassement letter was sent because even after my charges were all given back to me, and my account was paid off, several months later, despite not touching the account further charges started to appear for ridiculous things, and I constantly had to keep going into the branch and calling to sort the matter out. I got very fed up with it, so I just sent them a very curt letter telling them that if it didnt stop once and for all I would be instructing my solicitor to take them to court! It worked and they gave me £100 for the situation they had caused me. Might still have the letter s
  7. I just read in post #4 that you get defaulted if you go onto reduced payments. Is this correct or is it just in certain circumstances. I asked them a few years ago now if I could go onto a reduced payment plan with lower interest as my hubby became ill and I was unable to make the full payments as they requested. Nobody has ever mentioned to me that if I am making reduced payments I am beng defaulted? I'd like to get this checked out please as I could have been being defaulted each month for the last 2 years! Thanks
  8. Thanks Slick. I will try the number on the statement which I think is the collections unit, I think that will be better than even trying the automated line which takes 20 minutes to even get through all the options! It's been a while since I had to look for help as I settled my bank charges cases way back over a yr ago and haven't been keeping up to date with more current developments. I remember the last thing I did was asked for my ppi back but got told to get stuffed lol. I think I left it at that as I have had other things to deal with since.
  9. Hi. I need help with some wording if possible please. I have an old comet card, paid off in full and unused for the last 2 yrs, but last week I sent a letter asking for 3 lots of £15.00 charges that I had occured back in 2006. I printed off my little 3 line spreadsheet. I sent them the letter and chart, and they have sent me a reply basically saying they will refund the difference between the £15 charge and £12 that the OFT deem as fair. Also, they say they are unable to refund interest on the account as my balance was not solely consistent with charges. I have looke
  10. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I keep all paperwork filed neatly away and I have searched through my barclays folder and that particular letter isn't there but I did jot some bits down on one of my statements so I do have a rough idea of when I made the call. I will definately try telephoning them and and seeing what they say, it may take a while as I think I have had difficulties with accents in the past if I remember correctly! Does anyone know if there is a UK based number that I could phone? Re the charges, I don't think there are very many, possibly 3 or 4 at the most. I alwa
  11. Hi all. I'll try and keep this short. I have had my Barclaycard for about 10 yrs now. I currently owe about £3000 on it. i had been making the payments up until the end of 2006 when my hubby fell ill and I had to give up work. I struggled for a few months before phoning them up and asking them if I could have my interest reduced and go onto a payment plan with the lower interest. They agreed and said that I could pay £100 per month and the interest would be 0.01% until December 2012. A couple of months ago I received my statement and they said that they had increased the inte
  12. Hi all, I'm new to this section of the forum as I am posting on behalf of a relative. They rent privately from a Landlord who uses an Agency. They have rented off him for almost 3 years now but they need to renew the contract in the next few weeks but they have been asked to pay £160 again for the renewal. They have already paid it last time they renewed aswell. Is this a standard figure or can they charge what they like? Is it the landlord who is charging it, or is the Landlord being charged by the lettings agency? There have been no alterations to the contract, it is just that
  13. Correct Bookworm After my meeting with the head & deputy on Thursday, which went really well I must say, I am now feeling much more satisfied with what they told me. My daughter is definately getting 15 hours individual help per day, from 9 until 12 noon, she may not feel it is individual due to the fact that she is still in her regular classrooms with other children at the table, but as the head said, it would not be viable to take my child out of class to work soley with her, on her own, for 15 hours a week, she would not get any benefit from this and would probably start to f
  14. Thank you very much for the replys, I have printed the letter and it sounds super, much better than I could have done lol. I think my daughter has actually got a bit muddled when she said that she wasn't getting any 1:1 help, as the sen teacher has now given me a breakdown of what exactly she does get, and what bit of it falls into groupwork. She definately is getting some 1:1 thankfully, although I still need to push for the full 15hrs and I probably shouldnt have just taken my daughters word for it in the first place that she wasnt getting any but i did ask her 3 different times if she
  15. Thank you. Yesterday we were told that X is getting her 15 hours a week help but she really wouldnt benefit from 1-1 help, but the head is going to take reports from all of her lesson teachers and let us know what she is most behind in. He did say that she is a fair way behind what she should be though, which makes me think even more that the work should be 1:1. Then he also said that there are no funds left in the school budget for the rest of this year, and now the school have received another 2 statemented children but they aren't being given any funds for them. I dont know how this
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