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  1. Yes thats very true. I think i will ride this one out with the ignoring then. I will keep you informed. Nadia
  2. Hiya, i dont think i should pay up at all, and i can cope with lots of post etc. but not people hassling me at my door step. Are there many instances where this does happen? Like my DH said "if its going to be a first time, then it will be with you"!!! LOL I await their first letter then. will post back again. Nads
  3. Hello, Ive read quite a bit of this thread with interest and was happy to see that the general consensus is to ignore UKPC. But im wondering if all the stress that ensues from ignoring them is actually just worth paying them the £40 to bugger off. Ive had a hell of a month personally and dont want people harrasing me at my home for months on end. I had a notice on my car yesterday after parking in a Tesco loading bay (next to cashpoints) it did have yellow lines on the floor so i knew i shouldent be there but for a measly pint of milk i just parked up (as i have done for years before). W
  4. Yup barclays settled the wednesday before the court hearing with me, they rang me at home and my dp gave me a number to ring them back as i was in work. he was a lovely guy, very intelligent sounding and personally i would have found it really difficult to negotiate any settlement as he was really good, but luckily for me he offered me what i asked for and even rounded it up etc, i had the cheque on the saturday morning. it was a very daunting time and im prob going to have to do it all again with lloyds next but im worried that they will turn up to thier hearing. Good luck with yours.
  5. Ive had 2 mortgages with halifax in the last 5yrs, one came to an and and the rate shot up so we transfered it to a lower deal. So can we claim back two lots of fees? im assuming when you call the halifax they will have a record of you from your current mortgatge roll number? Thanks
  6. Hi, you say there is a get out clause if they have sent out the "you will be short letter" Well we had ours with an amber warning, but i cant remeber when they sent it out (no date on letter!!), what is the cut off date if they have warned us? edit: just found a date on the letter saying the illustrations have been calcualted at 8/05/06 so is this too long to claim? Thanks
  7. nads75

    Nads V Egg

    I sent Egg a prelim out on the 18th December 06 (along with other institiutions) but had the "your not having it back" response from them a few days later. In the meantime i entered into a court case with Barclays which i finally won but never got onto the Egg charges. Now im finding time to sort out my backlogs. I know im to send the Letter before action now but will it matter that more than 3 months has elapsed since my initial claim? Other letters have always said "we will consider this matter closed if we do not hear from you within x time" but the egg letter doesnt state this so will
  8. HOORAYY I WON!!!!! On the day they get accused of misselling current accounts! lol Had my letter this morning, full payment has been offered, just got to read the letter when i get home to make sure they have calculated everything correctly. Im sooo happy. I was dreading the 26th. Ive had a confidentialiy clause to sign and they will pay the cheque into my barclays account (even though i closed it last year???) Anyone else heard anything? Nadia
  9. So this is instead of actually turning up then Gary? Im assuming this can be done? and that you can still win the case? Sounds promising to me.
  10. Hello, I recently changed energy suppliers for my Gas and Electric fro Atlantic to Npower after a Uswitch search which i tend to do yearly to keep my bills low. This week after the normal transfer over to Npower i have had the final bill from atlantic requesting £19.80 from me. This is fine and i was about to send them a cheque when i had another final bill stating that i owed them £19.80 plus £33.33 which they say is the reimbusment of the loyalty discount that i had with them for being a loyal customer?? Does anyone know if they can do this?? Any help appreciated.
  11. Hi is there anyone who has a court date set for the 26th and March ringing Barclays for an early settlement? and if so whod ya call? Is it still a bit too early to contact them? Nadia
  12. Can i join you all then as i had my letter yesterday saying my hearing was also on the 26th March. Since it arrived ive been really nervous about the whole thing and im dreading having to turn up now! therefore Im very curious about this settling before the hearing dates. Nadia
  13. Advice needed guys, ive been waiting for a response from my local court since they cashed my cheque for the extra £100, now ive had another letter saying the the judge there has ORDERED THAT the case be transferred to the civil justice centre in cardiff. does this mean another £100 for that court and will i still get all the money back, i.e the mcol payment, the local court payment and the new centre? thanks.
  14. Finally, got my statements, they sent the usual "we dont agree with the ombudsman" etc etc. Well why did you send them to me then?? also they were a gesture of goodwill :o (about 3 months too late guys!). They were so thorough i got two copies in different posts. Its not for much but im going after the £75 due to the fact they have been so irritating, all my other claims have at least offered me something but not these guys. Better get on with the claim.
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