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  1. Thanks, will ignore them all
  2. This may be a silly question, I have a letter from Excel Parking regarding a surprise surprise PCN. My parents over stayed in a 'privately operated car park' which is 2hrs and they stayed for 2hrs 39mins the fine is for £30 and to pay up within 14 days otherwise they will go up to £60 following up from my last one from parking eye. Do I, ignore as usual? pay up? or write to them. I'm not sure do Excel work differently
  3. I have done some searches, but not found anything for 2011 So I'm not sure if things have changed. basically I got a letter from Parking Eye for a PCN, saying my car entered a Permit Area car park and left 20 mins later. As this isn't an overstayed parking, but was in a Permit area car park anything changes? or ignore forever, cos if so, I will just bin them, I will be aware of future warnings, solicitors , threatening letters etc. There are photos on the letter and if you squint hard enough you can see the driver.. sort of Thanks in advance Letter mentions 'T
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