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  1. Hello JonCris it's nice to hear from you! First thing this morning I telephoned the court office & they managed to stop the N244 going to the judge. Then I dashed in to the city & took the AQ & directions that were sent from Stephensons. It will be interesting to read the engineers report - I'll let you know what he says. Merry Christmas JonCris dotty
  2. surfaceagentx20 - do you know your mailbox is full - dotty
  3. Hi The AQ was due in court yesterday. I completed a N244 to ask for some more time, as the solicitor was on annual leave & I haven't a clue what to put on th AQ form. Stephensons say I shouldn't have done that & have probably have affected my claim. Do you think so? Why would the court office tell me to do that if it affects your claim? Stephensons have emailed AQ & draft directions & say I should sign tham & get them into court today. It's a pity they didn't do that 2 weeks ago when I said I didn't have a clue what to put. What do you think? The engineers report will be good - he inspected the vehicle yesterday & said on the HPI check he's done my vehicle, the actual physical vehicle sitting outside, doesn't exist??!! And I was sold a 'shed' dotty
  4. Hi I received my allocation questionnaire this morning. The certificate for the engineers report has finally been sent over to the solicitors today!! It looks like I'll have to complete the AQ also as the certificate does not cover the completion of any forms. It's just getting ridiculous. dotty
  5. Hello Well I got there (the court) in the end. By a whisker. Thank you so much for your help. dotty
  6. I have the documents but do not know how to load them on here.
  7. Hello JonCris I've done what you suggested - sent a letter to the court, explaining situation, name of solicitor etc. The solicitors have also sent a letter to the court & to BH - they seem to think they won't get an extension. I can't understand why this wasn't done three weeks ago, when tey knew they wouldn't have enough time with 4 weeks delay. Still waiting & now less than a week away. dotty
  8. I found out today, that for certain, a defence will not be ready in time for 3rd December, because of the delay with LSC. Looks like I'll be returning the vehicle without the opportunity of telling a judge what exactly has happened here , Black Horse get away with it all & take no responsibility. It seems to me these companies can cause havoc & walk away once they go into liquidation, & from this forum the finance companies do exactly as they like. Black Horse have had 18 months to try to sort this mess out - they don't want to know either. I've been battling with this for 4 years - too long - life's too short. It's taken up too much time. very fed up dotty
  9. Hello Went to court - it was suspended for 28 days - for me 'to get my act together' & get the defence in if there is one. The representative for Black Horse said they would allow me to keep the vehicle if I continued to pay £470 per month. I said I wouldn't pay £4.70 for the heap of junk I'd got. I aid that really wasn't the point - the catalogue of faults aside - the three chassis numbers were the issue & the wrong numbers on my paperwork. She made a phone call & they instructed her to go for a full recovery of the vehicle. The judge decided against that & suspended the notice for recovery for 28 days. So I was very pleased but it has been very short lived. Rang the solicitor to let them know - they still don't think they'll have the defence ready in time. Finally got a letter for Legal Services Commission (which is where the hold up is coming from) I have to pay £100 per month & sign the form. Then I assume they'll issue the certificate. Solicitors say that they might have to send me back into court again & ask for a further delay. There is no way that would be entertained - the judge made that very clear. I either enter defence by 3rd December or Black Horse get the recovery of the vehicle & I get all costs & charges - Black Horse also won't need to to go back to court for this. It was a nightmare - I don't want to do it again. I'm not very encouraged by your message '69d' that you say your defence should have been put together in 6 weeks & 12 weeks on you're still waiting!! If the defence isn't going to be done in time what on earth should I do? I'd be very interested to hear any views on this. dotty
  10. Hello The court case is going ahead tomorrow - even though the funding hasn't been confirmed - so will be going on my own with no solicitor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. dotty
  11. Hello there I read your post - very interesting! It's an absolute nightmare isn't it? It's been a battle from the day I picked it up - now 4 years. My court date is 4 November - I'm really worried but at the same time furious I've been treated so badly. Do you have a date yet for court? You can't believe these dealers, what they try to get away with. You can't imagine really- people just don't realise what's going on under their nose. I never dreamt that the vehicle I thought I was going to buy - I even wrote the reg number down - would get duplicate plates put on it! It's been a mind bending puzzle that has taken too much of my time!! If you don't mind I'd like to send you a private message. dotty
  12. Hello I'm not over reacting - I'm panicking - Can't help it trying to ascertain the worse case & best case scenarios do you think it could be sorted before the court date or will it now go to court for sure? dotty thank you for replying
  13. Sorry - got that completely wrapped round my neck. The cost of the case is likely to be £9,400. If I have a change in circumstances (get a higher income) I will have to pay that money back. If the case is on & Black Horse does not pay all of my legal costs then the remainder would come out of any money paid to me. Then the letter says if court proceeding are commenced (which I thought they already had) 'then your opponent will also incur substantial legal fees. I can't predict the amount of these accurately, however they will be probably higher than your own costs. If you lose any court proceedings, then you will have to pay your opponent's costs.' 'your opponent will need the permission of the court to make me pay these costs. This permission will be given if you have the ability to pay' Which as it stands now - I don't have the ability to pay. I think what has alarmed me is if I lose I'm going to get a huge bill £30,000 + court costs - what happens then - can I be made bankrupt - even thought there is nothing to take. So the £14,000 I thought I would get back, if I won, (amount I've paid Black Horse) there won't be much change out of it. It's all a horrible mess - why couldn't Black Horse have just sorted it out last year. Consumer Direct said I had to wait for BH to take it to court so I wouldn't end up with the costs - that was wrong then? It's such a waste of money - I'm shocked really. I wonder if there is any chance it could be negotiated between the solicitors to avoid it going to court or is it too late? fed up dotty
  14. Still no clearer as to what is happening. Court date is 4 November. Solicitor is arranging legal aid. Cost of case has gone from £5,000 up to now £9,700! Still haven't actually spoken to the solicitor - don't know what's happening. Received a letter to say there is a chance I will have to pay costs if I win. And poosibly Black Horse costs too! I'm fed up with the whole thing. dotty
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