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  1. OK, spoken to both the claims company and GE. Loanline no longer trading. GREAT! Second. Was Loanline any other organisation? i.e. RBS under another trading name? Third. As the loan was taken out prior to 15th Jan 2005 it cannot be dealt with under the FSA compensations (or whatever) that it might have been because LL are not longer trading... The claims company are saying thats the end of it, cant help, no go, etc etc. However, you've just made me realise something. If Loanline are no longer trading, and the acct was still running, then they would still be making m
  2. Well, I bottled it. A few months back now I caved and settled out of court. Ironic, as I settled for a lot more (to me) than I could have way back when they first started offering settlements which would have been done before any red marks would have been put on my Credit file! I was getting really stressed and worried I might lose my house etc. So I bit the bullet and called them to discuss a settlement. I still saved myself a few£k but I now have a VERY dented credit file as a result. Funnily enough, it just reminded me where all my money had gone this year! Still go
  3. Hi, I instructed a PPI Claims Specialist to claim back my PPI for me for a loan I took out years ago. Have today received a letter which states that despite several attempts with GE Money (the actual lender), they are refusing to uphold the complaint and are stating that Loan Line were responsible for the sale of the PPI. The letter then goes on to state that as Loan Line were not regulated by the FSA at the time of the application they are unable to forward the complaint to the FOS. WHAT THE HELL? Not impressed, Ive since tried doing my own research for Loan Line
  4. Well, just printing off the letter and List of Docs... Ill upload my List later. Here's the letter Ive sent them:
  5. Im not sure I follow you. Had a look at CPR Part 1 and, err, not sure what youre getting at.
  6. If this thread should be put into the Legal Issues then please feel free to do so mods. Thanks
  7. OK, bit of an update. I submitted my defence in the timescales. See below: Going through the paperwork, I also found TWO DNs! See below: One for the arrears in Nov 2007 and one in Jan 2008 for the excess over limit (the limit was breached as they were charging me out of order fees and interest!) The first one (to me at least) seems to be in order but Im not so sure on the 2nd one. The dates are way too tight, not even 14 days from conception! Also, I now have instructions as per the attached Order: See below. OK, my defence: To be honest, I havent sent in a CPR
  8. Hi Amber, if you look at the initial post on this thread, this was the first thing I did way back in Jan 2007. They didnt send me anything other than past statements though, so Ill send another one I think. GOnna piece together a CPR request too, once I work out which is the most relevant ALso found the paperwork I was missing today. But thinking about requesting a copy of all correspondence from 2006 when this all started. Making sure I have a copy of everything for my case file/reference. Amongst some of the paperwork are claims to owning the debt by at least one, maybe TWO D
  9. Well, just did an all nighter and got a defence together. Think Ill post up later on as Im about to drop it off at the court and then come home and go to bed! Bit surprised I didnt have any comments between this post and the last one tbh, but there you go. I havent been posting as much as some of the similarly started threads, so I guess thats why. I ended up using a couple of defences off of here and making them fit. Lets hope it works out OK. Also wrote a letter to go on my file outlining some of the history about how this came about and why I started with the CCA request in th
  10. Im liking that there ^^^^ Meldrew! Might use that myself! You had any comebacks? I gotta put a defence in tomorrow with the court!
  11. Hey guys. Just had some interesting conversations with National Debtline. They also have some interesting letters on their site too. OK, I got a copy of the POC sent to me by the court. It reads: The guys ar national debtline said I could ideally do with the Data Protection Search thingy (I forget now) - it takes up to 40 days and the creditor have to issue you with everything they have against your account/name. UNfortunatley, I havent done this, so Ill have to base my defence on the basis of unenforcement. He said its a pretty black and white case. So Im feeling sligh
  12. Got to go to work now, so Ill try and do it there later on. Particulars of CLaim I got a copy of last week, Im not sure if I have a copy of the defence submitted, but it was done as a last min thing...
  13. I think I need some professional help now. I cant believe its gone to court. See my thread... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mbna/97485-mbna-cca-received-5-a.html I thought the judge would either throw it out, or let it go to court and Id get my chance to make the solicitors from Optima stupid (theyre still sending me letters asking why Im refusing to pay the debt!) So, who do I use? I havent got as much time as I used to have to go trawling through this forum but I cant afford to lose the lump sum that they'll be wanting (over £7k now with fees/interest/costs
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