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  1. Hello Priority One- just to thank you for this :...'Liars & Leicester'. I'm over on other board with idiot-style techie ?, but suddenly saw this and laughed out loud. So, in view of your earlier post with this: 'pointing out the incestuous relationship ', why not 'Liars Incestor'? ############# Hi too Battleaxe - Anyone want to be Bootiful Bernie Turnkey-Boy Matthews tonight?.
  2. Many thanks WEZ1211 - This is my only chq. a/c- I do particularly wish to have one-and receives my only regular income which is Incapacity Benefit. It's tight-just over £80 weekly-but I have no borrowings. Travel costs will increase as they have closed down my Branch and I communicate with them only by Recorded Delivery letter. Yes, I think my best course is to show firm but courteous reason with them against which their response may appear churlish and/or vindictive. I will remind them of their own failed committment re: DD's(which should be present in their recordings, if kept)and false assurance of their '5-day flexible drawing period' re: these. It does seem foolish of A&L to persist on this tack, when I took care from the first to write that I am a loyal soul who felt distressed at being forced to take action to reclaim my charges. Hmmm....we'll see. Thankyou again.
  3. Received the (apparently)standard A&L letter over the weekend for closure of my account(14 March or soon after), now that I have successfully reclaimed my charges. I have read the recent articles about the FO declaration on these and subsequent awarding of compensation to those affected. I'm happy to be rebuked for failing to read the threads/site properly, but cannot find the follow-up procedure after several days' hunting. Battleaxe has provided me with an overview on what happens, but a nitty-gritty step-by-step would be useful. ..for me, at least. Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hello PriorityOne, If you have Battleaxe on your case, you're way more than halfway there. You are doing all the right things. Recorded Delivery/witnessed Paper trail is your ammunition. ############################ Battleaxe - my em's to you are being returned by Daemonmailer - is all well? Sorry to do this via Public Forum.
  5. Charge him!(grammatricide is a serious offence). Offer to make available a correctly spelt and phrased copy of his document. Hmm........now where did I find mine? Oh yes, Moneysavingexpert.com and the Consumer Action Group. Gratuit.
  6. Hello, after a month away, found telephone and computer disabled - it's taken 8 days 'til this evening for all to be restored. Would Caro or someone kindly move this to correct place,please. I want to tell the world I have won: A&L cheque(hopefully unbounced, I'll soon know)for £2389.44 received(as Battleaxe, dear lady, heard me screech down my mobile) against claim of £2362.16, on 24 January. Asked at Court if I should return the £17.28 overpayment and was looked at strangely by Clerk. 'No', said she. !!!WON!!! It is so wonderful. I am trying to find my way to making donation, but just get 'You do not have enough privileges'etc note when trying to access other areas. My apologies for any inconvenience I am causing by posting here. BUT, MOST OF ALL, THANKYOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS CONTRIBUTED TO THIS OUTSTANDING SITE WITH HARD FACTS, MORAL SUPPORT AND EVERY POSSIBLE ENCOURAGEMENT. MERCI MILLEFOIS!
  7. They are more likely to try and get away with giving you just half back. INSIST ON THE FULL AMOUNT - courteously of course -with a careful mention of 'a Consumer Action Group which is helping me.'
  8. Have now worked out how to find these latest postings. Thankyou thailand(for message to do so) and bill-k. Don't know how to make soubnd happen, but have watched the Channel 5 news spot. Whatever Photobucket is would be beyond my present capabilities - can't even work the video. bill-k - I'm pm'g you with my address - if that's what's happening next. Merci millefois - all of you good people.
  9. No County Court at Newmarket any more- There IS no longer a County Court @ Newmarket, in case this is relevant for others. Papers will go in Friday, which(Court lady assures me)counts as filed on either Sat 23/12 or 24/12 additionally, either of which suits my 14-day LBA expiry. Bury St Edmunds, Huntingdon or Cambridge are the nearest options.
  10. :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d this Is Wonderful, Battleaxeno Wonder I Couldn't Reach You On 'phone. Good News From Friday ;fine Start For Monday & Glen. i Am So Happy For You :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d
  11. Re: My Wife v A& L Just to wholeheartedly echo the above post from neathboy2. Don't stop now - also, your interest of 0.02p seems incorrect at 8%. Should be more. Courage as we scale the glass mountain:)
  12. ******************************* 10 P.M. TONIGHT - EVERYBODY - DON'T FORGET TO WATCH 'BANK ROBBERY' -'A tremendous Money Programme' says The Times. *******************************
  13. ******************************* 10 P.M. TONIGHT - EVERYBODY - DON'T FORGET TO WATCH 'BANK ROBBERY' -'A tremendous Money Programme' says The Times. *******************************
  14. Many thanks Caro, I have not attached daily interest at this stage, just added the phrase, 'adjustment pending' after restating the amount claimed at 10 November. LBA sent RD yesterday, to both Ian Wade and Angela Deakin, whose replies I received. Had no reply from Vamp when I asked permission to send my figures for checking, so went ahead after quadruple-checking figures done with Battleaxe. Did own £calcs for a couple which came up as '31 Dec 1899' no matter what I tried. Thankyou for your help - shall phone Nmkt Court now. ************************************************* 10 P.M. TONIGHT - EVERYBODY - DON'T FORGET TO WATCH 'BANK ROBBERY' -'A tremendous Money Programme' says The Times.
  15. Wouldn't think so battleaxe, aside from the no-sign issue which declares them derelict. Was amused, but not surprised, to read somewhere here that A&L don't sign for Recorded Delivery letters per se, but just do a mass stamping to indicate receipt. Poor and unprofessional - do we expect better?
  16. It's just that A&L keep trying to be finished with us. Or finish us off. Trouble is, £75 offered against over £2000 claimed isn't very enticing.
  17. Fingers all crossed in the Botsquat for you Battleaxe. Reading around suggests this a standard response. Another horrible day, but next Monday you have G's arrival to enjoy - Give yourself a great wallop of that stonking courage and encouragement you have generously given on this site to others.
  18. Hello bsia666- I'm at the LBA stage but will be hoping for exemption on Court fee(on Benefit and sight problems worsening despite laser surgery). In view of your own botched op. probs and consequences, did you check out hardship exemptions? Suppose you did, but just in case...Courts over Crimbo shut down for ever and you need to get this part rolling.
  19. Hello Binker(or anyone else who may know)- Which Radio prog was this and when, please?
  20. Which Court, please? Do I choose? I am between Newmarket and Cambridge, with a Cambridgeshire postcode. May I choose to lodge my Court Action with Newmarket instead?
  21. I was away during the 14 days allowed for response to Request for Repayment LBA. Two letters awaited me. One was acknowledgment and an affecting expression of A&L 'concern'; the 2nd offers me £75 and reassurance that no default was recorded and no adverse information registered against my Credit File. I have until 22 Dec. to accept this magnificent offer. I could not send the Court Action follow-up until now. The change in the site since I went away means the Bank Charges Schedule now made available by Martin gives a different(lower figure), by about £300, because I am claiming compounded contractual interest, with thanks to Battleaxe. Martin's schedule does not provide a space to describe each charge. Perhaps unnecessary, but helpful, if a refund shortfall on a particular charge is being claimed. I know A&L have the info., but Vampiress's Google sheets had space for this, so have stuck with these. My Internet Banking is restored, new card and chequebook have been issued. I prefer to keep a moral ascendancy in staying with A&L, provided they don't revoke their decision to keep my account open. My question: I have looked through other posts and FAQ's but cannot find a pointer to this. Do I update the Schedule of Charges which I am resending? Or shall I just apply Battleaxe's daily rate of 0.21% interest at the Court stage? Should I add a sentence to this effect? Thankyou in advance. ****************** Prelims:2 Sept-27 October, 2006 10 Nov 06, Request for repayment of £2187.19. 9 Dec 06, LBA.
  22. Don't be put off tonyevic. You are right - it IS the principle. However, I don't understand your comment : The time has passed for court action- You can claim for any charges up to 6 years back. DO read the Step-by-Step procedure on this site and ask for access to Internet Banking, then see the charges A&L applied. I wouldn't use the telephone as you have no written proof of what was said.
  23. Hi Battleaxe, Just wanted to wish you Good Luck for Monday. Any news on the salary claim front yet? Shall be thinking of you tomorrow en route to Leeds. Nasty weather out there. Go safely.
  24. Excuse the edit, Battleaxe, it's a sore point with me that A&L woman assured me their DD system was flexible to ensure that Benefit receipt and actual dates would not fall foul of each other. 'We operate a five-day window' was her way of putting it. As you know, two letters on 13 October advised: -my 'a/c WILL BE closed on 21 August' -my 'a/c WILL BE closed on 27 October'. It hasn't happened. I repeat this simply to give heart to those who are worried and reading this thread. p.s. noticed you've multiplied your claim by 10, hope they don't see! Enough for a party there, unlimited tea and bikkies for the Wild Ones, wine and spirits for the staid.
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