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  1. oh good, thanks for that might as well get the letter asking for a stay to be removed all written and ready then I did enjoy a couple of threads about the bank's person turning up utterly unprepared to do anything other than say 'we would like a stay' to a bad tempered and incredulous judge, I'd like a court day like that cheers hedgey, as ever
  2. the lady wife is a barrister and flat refuses to believe that there's such a thing as blanket stays am I right that once there's a court date the application for the stay will be heard at the court date?
  3. Hi hedgey, natty avatar there indeed to the court date and the stay, someone else at Edmonton court was told that all cases go ahead and stays will be reviewed on a case by case
  4. Account clearly only open for four years and sadly seemingly fairly well managed, the princely sum of £100 including the cash advance fees Still, dial it up with the interest due to charges and see I suppose
  5. Howdy all fairly au faite with bank claims and I've been paid off by Coop cards with little or no hassle got statements from Citi this week after waiting for ages, been a bit of a back boiler one for me anyhow, not awfully encouraged by skimming the other citi threads, I take it they're awkward? erm, I can claim the entire charge be it £25 or £12 i take it? I've seen a few threads where people seem to be claiming the difference between £12 and whatever the charge is and can I claim the £5 for cash advances? that seems disproportionate to me just about to wade thro
  6. mine is still ongoing as there's still £300 to go to settle the full claim but I still haven't got a court date so I'm not that far along, Smile have told me that they're applying for a stay I've just written them a letter suggesting they pay the final amount and then we're all done the money I got last week was for the credit card part of my claim which isn't affected by the OFT case and seemingly the credit cards settle relatively easily, the part settlement from Smile was some time ago
  7. jomo, I think I'd call their litigation people and explain what's happened as they're presumably ready to settle, or were you don't want them telling the judge than you refused settlement in full
  8. oh go on, they're easy once you've done one, the advice on the stickies is idiot proof, the associated draft directions and strike out are cool too old salt like you, tsk
  9. oh good, I have no real idea what the AQ is for, it could easily be covered at the N1 stage is seems to me seems just like the sort of barrier to access to the courts that the small claims courts process is supposed to offer what can you do other than play the cards you're dealt with might take longer now with the stays and OFT and so on but we'll all get there in the end and the stat can continue to mount up at 24p a day
  10. the bank cannot stay the case, they can merely ask the judge to do that you can then appeal to the judge to remove the stay, depends on the judge as to your chances of having the stay removed I've had B and NW both tell me they're getting a stay this week if that cheers you up in any way
  11. it was for the amills type that posted after your question
  12. Hey Millem, good to see another Edmonton wallah, thanks for that good news I got my two court dates this week, my NW one only today in the same post as Cobbetts letter asking for a stay Am i right to think that if a person has a court date already, the earliest the stay will be considered will be on the court day and all person need do is take his argument against the stay along with all his other paperwork?
  13. and here's the link for the letter to object to a stay, and indeed it protests about abuse of your human rights http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/17065-application-removal-stay-updated.html
  14. howdy, NW are famous for being a bit late with their defence, good news from the court about the stays although from the little I've read so far the banks get their way if they do it properly keep on with the plan, do what the court tells you to and keep reading and learning from other people's threads, loads of good chaps and chapesses gone before us hunting around for the objection to a stay myself as we speak
  15. I agree the sticky could be labelled more clearly but it is general advice for NW claimants anyhow, you're welcome, sorry if I was curt, tricky day
  16. Congratulations and well done for typing that all out, some of those other claimants do seem to have been slack, the judge seemed like a good egg
  17. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/105227-nat-west-claimants-new.html I'm not being funny but it does pay to read the stickies, they're sticky for a reason
  18. Court date: 9th November for 15 minutes and in the very same post a copy from Cobbett's of their application for a stay rubbish it is too, apparently claimants are responsible for clogging up the courts and the bank wants to save time and cost wasted on litigation
  19. hopefully, it makes sense but I suspect sense doesn't come into it if the coop card had settled before within the LBA deadline they'd have saved themselves a hundred odd quid in stat, not they've got the court fee on top of that so I think they're just going to blanket go for the stay now still, I look forward to a pleasant surprise, I'm all for having one less to worry about tbh, lets hope they are too I think you can legally assume that something has been delivered if posted and I'm amused with their lack of response as their letters to me asked me to acknowledge re
  20. Letter off to PW Kerns pointing out how much they've paid out and how little is still to pay to settle the claim, £1000 ish paid and £240ish to settle I've 'appealed' to their good sense and bunged a copy through secure messaging What does it cost them to apply for a stay?
  21. defence arrived today, I say defence, it just says can we have a stay please and a separate letter telling me that the good will offer still stands, that'll be the one I accepted in part settlement and spent over a month ago then
  22. thanks caz £1000 paid and £300 still to go, my court fees mostly
  23. my coop card have caved, all charges plus stat, shade under £400, well done them as far as i recall they own Smile, who say they don't pay stat so Smile still owe me stat plus AQ fee plus court fee time to jog their arm I think contribution when concluded, promise
  24. defo contact them although NW tend to like to leave it a bit later they might well tell you they're getting stays on everything now nothing to lose, have your bang up to date figure to hand inc all costs and interest
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