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  1. thanks slick, will do looks like I'm busy this weekend ... them bundles look a bit bloody large, never mind the triplicate ah well, serve me right I guess
  2. figures assuming it ain't stayed I'll get it done this weekend and deliver them on Monday Given the post office strike can I deliver Barclay's copy to any Barclays branch or does it have to go to their head office or something? no reason to call Barclays at all then I take it? Deliver mine and turn up on the day? and thanks for the reply
  3. my eye has well and truly been off the ball, the two weeks before hearing deadline for the bundle was last Monday, bugger, guess I'm calling the court tomorrow and hoping it's been stayed although I've heard nothing other than the bank telling me they were going to get a stay ages ago otherwise I'm going to be very busy tomorrow evening and making up some sort of lie about postal strikes I've had nothing in the way of a bundle from them, am I right to think that they just turn up and ask for a stay with no planB? And is it still worth calling them and have a small bluff/li
  4. can you believe when they renewed my overdraft they charged me £15 as a renewal fee 'bank error' they said and refunded it when I challenged it and Edmonton County Court have stayed the case 'pending outcome of test case' stoopid as they're repaid all the charges, all that's outstanding is a little bit of interest and my court fees I pointed this out to Smile to a deafening silence on another tack i'm stuck at home with a fractured shoulder bone, torn chest muscles, very skinned forearm and a medley of bruises and nicks and cuts after a high speed somersaulted over a f
  5. thanks caro I've now been offered £25 for my troubles I've said ok as long as I get my £12 late payment fee charged by the credit card Else I'm going to the ombudsman/thingy person They didn't even say it was ending in 9 months, they say they said they'd review it in nine months time They now say that they should have told me that they'd decided to withdraw the overdraft shock horror! people are being spoken to apparently took me an hour on the phone arguing forcefully and with facts to get them from a polite but firm 'tough ****, that's the way it is an
  6. two long discussions with two separate customer service people today after much argument, mentioning of the banking code, the ombudsman, and the judge at Edmonton County Court, all charges have been refunded and the overdraft restored 'bank error' has been admitted 'nothing malicious' was proffered at one point when I think my secure message insisting the account was in dispute was read hard work but not all bad fun complaint made and apology/compensation for time/stress/embarassment suggested
  7. they've bounced one of my payments saying insufficient funds when there's stacks, of overdraft limit granted, all sorts of odd charges floating around, 11 days overdrawn, no idea how they work that out secure message informs me that they told me in January 2007 that my overdraft would expire this weekend past no message that I can find, although I do now see that they only renewed one of the two accounts' overdrafts last month a furious secure message has gone off 'in dispute', 'ethical' 'in front of the judge' and 'good practice' bandied about on the phone to them tomorrow
  8. que sera and all that, we can only do our best, the OFT decision doesn't seem so far away now anyway I got their copy of their stay application, that same bit about the claimants putting the courts under dreadful strain and the banks and the OFT working together to help things wait and see what happens and crack on with what remains of my credit card claims I guess
  9. a phone call at work from a young, giggling and scatty woman from Cobbets I thought it was going to be a settlement, silly old me 'Did I agree to their request for a stay' I said no, why would I? 'Then we'll apply for one' All very pleasant I still didn't get anything from the court regarding this And indeed nothing regarding Barclays and Smile/COOP's avowed intention to get stays I finally filed all my paper work properly, forgotten loads of the nonsense that had taken place and was amazed at how long this has been going on for I've got six sets of
  10. I forgot all about this one a letter today from one Rachel Claridge, Assistant Vice President blah blah boom boom oft etc etc here's £91 on top of the previous £91 good will cor and you've guessed it, two years statements on the same account as before sigh, best pull my finger out and send something curt
  11. yes yes yes consider me hedgeyied now scarper and play that ray of goodness and positivity over some other needy sucker
  12. aintchoo sweet I've had some advice from a few that have done this course and they all say it's bloody hard work and then some, 'read twice as much as you think you should' was one piece of advice, the very little I've done preparing for the induction has been scary and yes, where did those months go? sigh I swore a fearful oath when I finished my first BSc to never sit another exam ever again, but yes, I can argue for England, I thought I'd been very well behaved and positive on here I suppose the judges are a bit keen to clear the courts of all the nonsense and get
  13. Edmonton Court Natwest wrote me today asking if I agree to a stay, which I assume means the court hasn't given them what they wanted automatically
  14. hey Hedgy, my LLB starts in less than four weeks and I've starting reading the very first cases, the apparently classic smoke ball case of 1834 something so I'm feeling ever so slightly legal already good news in that it's clearly not an automatic stay seemingly, seems like the judge at Edmonton is at least prepared to hear arguments I'll do as you suggest, spec as the good lady wife concurs with your advice what;s the goss on the forum? I've been on hols and generally a bit bloody busy and the impending law classes ain't gonna help on that front is it stays left right and
  15. A letter from Cobbetts today asking me, with reference to the attached letter (not attached) from the court to them in response to their request for a stay, do I agree to a stay in light of the OFT case good news I assume Should I just say no or should I ask for a copy of the letter Is it up to them to ask me to agree or not to their request or should I be dealing with the court on this one? sounds like Edmonton Court are doing the right thing
  16. oops, seemed to been missing this one grand total of less than £200 the lady wife insists it's not worth going after prelim and then LBA sent a letter back from Egg was not the expected offer but a ploite explaination that their charges are fair and yada yada they're apparently calculated by dividing the cost of their administration by the number of contraventions of the account conditions fancy that LBA has now expired so I've now got to decide whether to initiate proceedings principle says yes, ag factor says no perhaps I'll fill out the N1
  17. if you're firm they'll sometimes waive charges, but only once every now and then, so worth a try but try and have some sort of argument some have done their entire claim through secure messaging so it's possible personally and many agree, I'd do it all by letter, and recorded letter, that way you've got formal copies of all correspondence, the secure messaging has a character limit that stops you sending the formal letters in most cases by all means use the SM to send copies and or prompts but I wouldn;t use it as your primary conduit
  18. thank-you caro, I'll be doing my best I could have sent the letter objecting to a stay I suppose but I suppose that can wait until after the hols laters
  19. An AQ (joy!) arrived and got filed under some statements without me seeing it, and off on hols on Sundays, luckily discovered and even more luckily I noticed there's no fee to pay at the last minute off in the post tomorrow the draft directions and the strike out applications ...
  20. they let it go as far as court day to delay settling £100? it's triple the settlement if it went to AQ as well? can I claim the cash advance fees? thanks
  21. you know what they say about the bearers of ill news sounds like my £100 claim is going to all the way to the European Parliament then
  22. erm yes, I did groan when I saw you on here as well grand total of £100 odd with everything claimed, minus interest so perhaps not the one for too much effort, ah well, it might be good fun once the others are resolved/stayed
  23. they were a couple of days late with me, don't forget that if the court forwards it on to you it'll be a few days before you get it by all means call the court to be sure but I think the court will let them get it in as late as a week, I'd go for a judgement at that point for sure I wouldn't get excited until then tbh, they usually get their photocopied pages of nonsense in just in time, it's a good read btw, mix of threats and bluster, half of it utterly irrelevant
  24. Well done dougal, best of luck with all of it including the repossession malarky/divorce/etc it'll get better
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