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  1. my Barclays case ain't stayed (yet) to my horror seven more days to go ...
  2. ah, only saw that for the first time late last night I need to get all my cc cards rolling, they're all in limbo, some want claiming, some part paid, some only sent some of the statements been real busy thanks
  3. I got as far as LBA with Egg and got zip It wasn't enough to go to court on really so I've left it there Maybe they figured it wasn't enough for me to go further on
  4. Thank-you although I've done the advanced bundle now so that's what I'm going with, I'll have some reading to do in the next week though that one looks more or less the advanced bundle anyway I'm just unsure of exactly how much of the linked files in the advanced court bundle page actually need to go into the bundle, there's so much of it, surely no-one is going to read it? Is it all there just in case on the day? I've seen the HL call on CI so that's handy, Just want some actual argument based on it and some argument against a stay, suppose I can hash that up in the comin
  5. that advanced witness statement refers to stacks of cases that aren't in the list of things to print out and include what signifies what should go in? just the stuff linked on the advanced court bundle I assume god knows that enough, got to be over 400 pages of case law alone is that right?
  6. small claims, 15 mins all documents to every other party 2 weeks before original documents signed statements of all witnesses on whom each party intends to rely. This to include the evidence of the parties themselves and of any other witnesses That last sentence is underlined I'm taking that to mean a Witness Statement
  7. I've skimmed that Advanced Bundle Witness Statement and it's good stuff, it made sense, I think I can get conversant with it by the 22nd Consider me Advanced Bundle Have to get my variances in for CI, can nick that from my POC Gonna have to splice in some reasoning for CI and get something ready to splutter about if they ask for a stay although that can wait for next week I guess right, the brave printer/copier has has blasted me out another 198 pages of the case notes, one more set of them and then we can see how it likes copying 6 years of statements, it's the whole
  8. I'm going to go with the advanced bundle, times getting a bit tight If there's such a thing as the latest argument for Contractual Interest that'd be handy, I'm only hoping to get that if the bank doesn't show and I only have to convince a sympathetic judge And something to say if they ask for a stay on the day, something indignant would be nice I have to get this all squared away tonight ...:o
  9. hello again and thanks, no need to apologise for having a life Unless I'm misunderstanding thins that's some sort of appeal for the case to be heard in the small claims court isn't it? I'm already in the regular county court, all I'm after is a basic version of the all singing and dancing advanced witness statement, I've looked and looked and not found anything that fits that bill
  10. umm, if I cant get a witness statement for the basic bundle I'm going to have to switch over to the advanced bundle fairly shortly, no biggy as I've got all the info printed out (I think), I'm just not awfully keen on incorporating the 200 pages of case law and having it copied seems silly to me to be dumping all that paper onto the judge, surely it's all accessible to a judge of all people?
  11. I know for a fact that Smile at least check for debits for the day ahead of credits from the day before anyway as a previous poster has said, DDs often go out early if they fall on a weekend
  12. very good man, that's greatly appreciated
  13. thanks slick I might be wrong but I've read those links already and the Lloyds witness statement, excellent as it is is for the advanced bundle and the thread with some documents doesn't have a witness statement, they've got a correspondence record thing which is almost ok but the arguments at the end smack of it being for an AQ or something, it's a year old and seems to be using the old 'unjust enrichment' argument that I suspect is now out of date and no longer used I'm struggling to resist going with the advanced bundle, I've got the rest of the bundle in place and I can get
  14. yes, I've flirted with the advanced one and there's far too much of it I've got to supply a witness statement, any idea where that be for the basic bundle, the magnificent opus I have is for the advanced bundle I'm leaving the stay argument for nearer the time naturally, is there a useful whatever to help with the in court argument for that, presumably something lively about the bank not being prepared to defend etc etc? and thanks again slick
  15. right, I'm going with the basic bundle, if it does come to legal arguments, I think it'd better be something simple and erm ... basic, I also don't see much point in dumping 200 pages of case law on the judge, the lady wife doesn't think so either charges as of court day are a handful of change shy of £2k, never mind the CI got all the paperwork to hand I think so just a matter of sticking it all in order and filling in the case summary I think
  16. thanks still at work but I've got the case law from that lovely 198 page pdf file and three different t&c, do I need one for when the account was opened or for the various periods the charges was made? I'm going for having a bundle ready for Monday first thing and then have two smart copies made up by one of those high street copy shops, let them take the strain don't laugh, but does sir have to actually read and make sense of everything in the bundle?
  17. erm ... yes I was already on my tod with the kids as the lady wife is off on a country house weekend retreat with her work got some new brushes to fit to the washing machine, two kids parties, swimming lessons/stage school and horse riding for the eldest and general mayhem with the youngest no, I'm not going to the pub with the chaps to watch the rugby steve, you know things, basic or advanced bundle?
  18. to my hazy recollection cash should be available immediately unless perhaps it's paid in late in the day, perhaps I'd get someone there to explain it all clearly, DDs sometimes start to act earlier than you think, I've had some educational explainations from banks about how cheques and DDs 'really' work at the end of such a conversation while you sound somewhere between amazed and shocked and grateful for their time, a goodwill refund is often the outcome 'this once'
  19. not wanting to go all legal but depending on the words used and so on, asking for the full amount in response to the offer might be argued to be a counter offer which effectively closes the first offer, sorry if you haven't, claim the charges properly as per the site step by step instructions, it's not up to the bank whether they pay or not and how much they pay, as much as they like to pretend it is, it's for the courts to decide and even with the OFT case coming up and putting things on hold, everything says they'll have to pay short of some almighty stitch up sorry to hear a
  20. that would make two of us then cheers slick
  21. thanks Slick starting it tonight, got the basic bundle word file and the big pdf of all the supporting documents are there many differences between teh basic and advanced bundles and should someone in a bit of a rush stick to the basic bundle? I've no hope of getting the CI if they make any effort but should I make any effort to argue it in the bundle?
  22. spoke to someone nice at the court just now apparently my NW case for Nov is stayed although I've had nothing from the court that I recall splendidly (some irony here as I haven't done one iota of anything regarding the bundle (yes, I know)) my Barclays case for Monday week is going ahead, apparently B didn't ask for a stay a seed of hope is stirring deep within me ... and my weekend suddenly looks busy busy
  23. I've spoken to a nice lady at the court one of my cases is stayed and one is not, guess which one isn't ... :o B apparently didn't ask for a stay and haven't submitted a bundle, the nice lady has noted that my bundle will be with the court on Monday morning busy weekend ahoy! is this fairly routine stuff, they never make up a bundle do they? will they likely roll up and demand a stay and get one? will I have any argument against that other than the routine lift a stay type one that usually fails? is there any advantage to me that it's seemingly going to go to the
  24. yes I'm not a complete arse, honest Goingto print out the big pdf of documents and the basic bundle at work today on the proper printers, the odds and sods tonight here and then one of them copy shops can do the copies hopefully and thanks again ps, plenty of ink, at most 50 sheets of paper, think I'll be getting some more stand by for numpty, haven't prepared,type questions
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