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  1. hmm, well I was out of work in September 2014 and they very nicely froze the account for six months, ! found work after three or four months and called them to go back onto my payments, they insisted the account stay frozen and I make a much reduced payment for a year. At the end of that year they turned the card back on, added interest etc, the first I knew was when they started sending lots and lots of automated calls. When I rang them I got a call centre that were clueless and eventually agreed I was not at fault and promised me a refund of the added interest and a £100 for the calls.
  2. Hello all, I have a Barclaycard from way back in the day, i was very slowly paying it off, I was out of work for a few months and they were very nice, froze the account and when i was back in work insisted on converting it to repayment plan at zero interest, great. It got a bit difficult at the end of the first year because they said I should have called them to renew the plan. I found out when their ten automated calls a day machine started which rather removed any goodwill on my side. After all sorts of nonsense they offered to put me on another plan. Rather less
  3. Hello all Not a cheep from anyone on this, I sternly told the only person that ever called me that it was on my file that I was only to be contacted in writing. I got something last week and opened it with a slightly nervous hand to see it was just a statement of account. "if you are behind with your payments, etc etc" So all splendid I assume
  4. Hello again Aye aye, the SAR is already printed out ready to go to the post office to get a postal order Thanks (again) will report back as and when an ungodly pile of paper arrives back Micky
  5. Hello all, I did some bank charge reclaim back in the day and recently some Credit card CCA (excellent) My wife has produced all the original paper work for a NatWest loan from late 2008 for quite a lot of money, I've read a few threads but so far they're all five or more years old and I'm worried things might have changed since then. But the letter from the bank asking for the paperwork to be signed and returned also includes the PPI offer along with their advice to consider what she would do if she was out of work etc? There's a tickbox to indicate agreement that Nat West is not r
  6. Thanks for that Hammy, sorry for the late reply, I've been blissfully getting on with it, not a single scrap of anything from anyone regarding this, nada, which is excellent and I only wish I'd done it a long time ago and saved myself tens of thousands of pounds, ah well BarclayCard are cutting up rough with me now, so about to start the same procedure with them, they were very good with me when i was made redundant, then it all went wrong at the end of a repayment plan, i complained they got arsey about it while still sending me compensation, it's from a very long time ago so I'm very ho
  7. hello again, no significant news, a long blissful silence following the dubious CCA, and then a call from a young lady being a little coy as to who she was, when I realised I said my file had instructions to communicate only in writing, from the MNBA days, and hung up A week later a Statement of Account and this week after that a colourful form asking for my income and outgoings So as per advice I've filed both on the pile of paper in the corner of my desk and will continue to do so until a Claim Form arrives Thanks again Micky
  8. okeydoke but ignore them otherwise? am I obliged in any way to have to answer anything they might send me? thanks again Micky
  9. Hello and thank-you, good So I can ignore anything Link have to say to me in writing on the assumption that they will not go to court, and if they do I tell the court that no valid CCA has been provided? And I promise to gen up on the other threads (and send a SAR to MNBA) Thank-you for your help to date, it's much appreciated Micky
  10. Good morning and thanks for the prompt reply. umm, good, I hadn't noticed that (yet). So the T&Cs they've sent are not those from the time of application and they've added my name and address? It does look like that, I didn't expect my name and address to appear on the T&Cs, have they done that to make it look more authentic?. My signature appears in the expected place on the application slip right at the start. If it has been pasted in how would I ever know? The first page of what I imagine is supposed to the original T&Cs refers to conditions 10, 1 etc when the first pa
  11. Hello again, here's what they sent me in reply to the CCA, with anything resembling a code or barcode blanked, apologies for the first effort and thanks for not letting it go up. As said the original T&C, straight after the slips with me 2011 signature seem to be missing the first page at least, and I can't see any signature from them, there's something hard to make out in the middle of the slip signed by me but it looks like a date stamp of some kind. And presumably those slips are tearoffs from a larger page? Is that significant or can they st
  12. Hello both and thanks They'd need the original what to be approved in court? I appreciate this is all known to you but not to me, thanks.CCA or T&C, they both look to my inexpert eye to be from 2001, although the T7C is missing at least a page As regards a SAR, at the time I was only interested in seeing if they could produce a valid cca, and the question now is whether sending a SAR might extend the time off from action by more months, this place, with all respect seems have become a little less polite than it used to be. I'll edit the pdf and upload over the weekend, thank
  13. Hello all, I sent the demand for the CCA off as suggested not long after my last post, had the standard 'we need more time, about a month' reply and then it all went blissfully quiet and I started to think they couldn't find anything. Sadly an envelope arrived last night with what looks like a copy of the original agreement with my signature from 2001, the copy just about legible and a rather spick and span terms and condition running to a dozen odd pages, I've done no more than skim through it and sigh, and I'm yet to read the doubtless splendid document from this site on what constitues
  14. Well yes but if they're allowed to reconstruct then that's the easy way out surely? I recall getting one from someone, may well have been MNBA and it was a raggle taggle collection of photocopies and whatnot, with my signature on it somewhere, perhaps I might have given it more scrutiny at the time Oh well see what come from this one, if nothing else it's going to put off la Link for w hile I suppose
  15. Thank-you But if they have whatever you originally signed then they must have the original document and if they don't have the original document then what do they have to produce to prove an agreement? (I appreciate you might say this is in the Copies of Docs and Cancellations Notices which I suppose I should read)
  16. I thought the courts now accepted reconstructed credit agreements?
  17. reclaim charges? That's a whole different matter surely and the OFT pretty much put a stop to that anyway didn't they?
  18. Hello all, I've had a long standing MNBA credit card that I've been slowly repaying at ludicrous rates of interest for a very long time, I was out of work for three months in the summer gone, MBNA were very reasonable, froze the account for six months when i got back into work they refused to agree to any sort of payment plan other than a capital sum and essentially insisted on defaulting and selling the debt on. So the seemingly rather notorious Link Financial have now invited me to call them to discuss options. I've just posted the CCA template lett
  19. Thanks for that, always been the way with this forum, finding key documents etc gawd, that all makes sense, I did contract law and the tutor pointing out that almost all contracts we enter in are disproportionate and unequal It be really nice if some bright spark had already run this argument sucessfully wouldn't it I'm really not sure that I'm the man to be the tip of the spear, I presume the banks would defend this argument To use this argument means a revised POC? Or is it a whole new case? Not your problem I know, thanks again Hippo
  20. Thanks Slick I suspect I'm going to call this a day, I did get a few cases settled, just such a shame that I didn't get the ball rolling a few months earlier and get it all done before the OFT stepped in to save me ah well, it was all such fun while it lasted Thanks again to everyone that helped Hippo
  21. I tried hardship when trying to stop a stay way back, their barrister had some very stock objections, I got the impression that you needed to have raised that with them at the time and produced evidence to support that, that you couldn't just say 'hardship'
  22. hey slick, where did two years go? anywhere i can see a thread of that kind? looking around and the forumm threads about bank charges seemed to have died off what sorts of individual circumstances? I rather sobbed today reading how early in the thread I was offered 80% of my basic initial claim thanks Hippo
  23. hello all I have a letter from the court instructng me to proceed or be struck out, frankly I've forgotten everything now and even then I ws doing a template claim Is anyone getting anywhere with their regular charges claims since the Supreme Court decision? Thanks Hippo
  24. Hello again all The court has invited me to do something about it or be struck out The last I ever did on this was almost get to court before being stayed due to the OFT at the last moment frankly I've forgotten everything is anyone pursuing their bread and butter charges claims with any real hope or has it now become a serious business with limited hope of sucess? Thanks all Hippo
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